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Eliezer "Eli" Ganon Background and what DTG Does

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  1. 1. dtg design technology group dtg ideation and imagineering Eliezer “Eli” Ganon Chief Imagination Officer (CIO) eliezerganon@gmail.com +1 310 295 7964 ©dtg&eliganon2012
  2. 2. dtgideation and imagineering…about us… Powered by designtechnologygroup  Products and Services:  Technology + Strategy + Transformation  Technology Management  Clinical Informatics Systems  analytixDna“Big + Small” Data Analytics  Market Research  Research and development  Business Development  Business Identity and branding  Medical Devices  Regulatory Compliance  Interim Strategists, CIO’s, CTO’s, COO’s, Director of IT’s and Project Managements  Sectors Served: + health care + oral care + pharmaceutical + life science + manufacturing + medical devices ©dtg&eliganon2012
  3. 3. dtgBiography… Powered by Eli Ganon Founder and CIO design technology group dtg[1993] Columbus, Ohio, USA What people say about me: "1. Innovative Ideas, 2. Creative and Analytical Thinking, and 3. High Energy.” Fluent in English, French and Hebrew ©dtg&eliganon2012
  4. 4. dtgDomain Expertise… Powered by Eli Ganon + Technology + Strategy + Transformation + Creative + + Health Care + Oral Care + Bioinformatics + Informatics + Analytics + + Market Research + Medical Devices + IP Law + + Business Development + Research and Development + + Marketing + Branding + Copy Writing + Publishing+ Regulatory + + Bioceramics + Megatronics +  Application System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)  Data Science “Sense Making” the art of creative generation of Dashboards, Graphs, Reports and Presentations  Clinical Informatics: eHR + Practice Management + RIS/PACS + Education  Revenue Cycle Management  Compliance Healthcare are and Health IT regulations HIPAA, Security Rule and Privacy Rule, and HITECH, healthcare fraud and abuse laws  Analytics – ICD 9 and ICD 10  Medical Devices FDA + EU Regulated ©dtg&eliganon2012
  5. 5. dtgEducation, Certifications, Committees and Advisories… Powered by Eli Ganon Education and Certifications, Committees and Advisories :  Member of the ADA Clinical Informatics and DICOM NEMA Committees  Advisory Board inside Dental Technology (iDT)  Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics and Aeronautical Engineering, The Ohio State University  Industrial Engineering, MRI  Statistics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Languages  Microsoft Engineer and HP VoIP Engineer ©dtg&eliganon2012
  6. 6. dtgCareer Highlights… Powered by Eli Ganon  Interim COO, Navarro Orthodontix – 12 Orthodontic Offices, 250 employees, 22,000 patients and $25M in revenue. Deployed Cloud based VoIP, EHR and Practice Management  CIO, NGX – Concept to Market Medical Device Think Tank  Director of Research and Development, PureChart a Cloud based EHR  RIS/PACS – Shina System a Cloud based 3D Clinical Imaging  Technology Consultant, 3D Virtual Treatment Planning – Tactile and Med 3D  CTO, GPI Technology, GmbH and Rebel 3D: Developed a 5Axis CNC harmonic and 3D Virtual Treatment Planning  CTO, Joseph Stand, DDS – Beverly Hills, California  Strategy, 3M ImtecHytech – InOffice Oral and ENT Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)  CTO, CynoPro – Developed a 3D CAD/CAM to Prosthetics Medical Devices  CIO, Vidente GmbH Multi Specialty Surgery Center – Baden-Baden, Germany. Deployed Imaging Diagnostics Center, Digital Dental Lab and Wireless Video Transmitting  Director of Research and Development - Da Vinci Studio: Digital Manufacturing Medical Devices  Technology, Consultant, IGS Energy – VoIP Call Center and Data Center  Cardiology, Inc. – Dr. Stephen Berger  Technology Consultant, Ohio Cardiology, Inc. – Dr. Bruce Aurbach: EHR, VoIP, LAN and Imaging and Diagnostics Center  Technology Consultant, Dr. Richard Scheets: Surgery, Imaging and Diagnostics Center  Practice Management Consultant - Physician Offices – Health Care and Oral Care  Technology Consultant, Hospitals - Grady Memorial Hospital: Local Area Network  Director of Operation: Majestic Paint and Resin – Developed RDBMS MSDS and Resin and Paint Batch Formulation  Industrial Engineer, RG Barry Corporation: Automated Bow Tie Machine  MTS, Litton: Target Imaging Recognition (TIR)  MTS, TRW: NASA Hubble Space Telescope- Developed Orbital Mechanic Occultation Algorithm and Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) – Trajectory Analysis and ICBM Interception ©dtg&eliganon2012
  7. 7. dtgPublications and Honors… Powered by Eli Ganon  ”Cloud Computing”, Inside Dental Technology [February 2012]  Dr. Francois Duret’s “Father of Digital Dentistry” IP + Lifetime Research Gift and Partnership [ November 2011]  “Golden Cup” Gift and Award presnted by Makoto Nakao, CEO , GC Japan at IDS Cologne, Germany [March 2011]  Oral Care and Health Care “Digital Dignitary”, Inside Dentistry [2007]  Paul Feuerstein, DMD ”CAD/CAM I & II Dental Lab Product [2007]  “Virtual Impression Articles”, Inside Dentistry [Feb & Mar 2007]  Paul Feuerstein, DMD “Cone Beam Tomography and the Future of Implant Planning” Inside Dentistry [March 2006]  Paul Feuerstein, DMD “Ive Got You Under My Skin”,Dental Economics [June 2005] ©dtg&eliganon2012
  8. 8. dtgResearch and Lectures… Powered by Eli Ganon  Big Data in Digital Health Care - DTG  Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Mining - DTG  “Big Data” Analytics Platforms: Hadoop and Draw To Scale - DTG  Human Resource Information System (HIRS) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS) - DTG  Virtualizations and Storage Platforms - DTG  Informatics and Bioinformatics - DTG  3D Medical Imaging Data Storage RIS/PACS - DTG  3D Visualizations Development Platforms – Danaher  CT Scan Appliance – DTG, Rebel 3D and GPI Technology, GmbH  Electronic Health Record (EHR) – DTG  Cloud Computing – DTG and iDT  Collaboration Platforms - DTG  Mini Diameter Implants Clinical Study – Dr. Henriette Lerner, Baden-Baden, Germany - DTG  Biometric – 3D Body Scanners - DTG  Digital Healthcare Lab of the Future – Da Vinci Studio  Healthcare Office of the Future - DTG  In Office Dental and ENT Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) – 3M and GE  Industrial 3DX Computed Tomography (CT) – 3M  None Destructive Testing (NDT) – 3M  Image Guided Surgery – 3M  In-Office & InLab Virtual Impression - DTG  CAD/CAM Technologies - DTG  3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing Technologies - DTG  3D Intra-Oral Virtual Impression - DTG  BioCeramics: Zirconia and Alumina - DTG ©dtg&eliganon2012
  9. 9. dtgideation and imagineering…Clientele… Powered by designtechnologygroup AnaxDent, Bicon, BioCad Medical, BioCompare.com, BioParts, BioHorizon ILS, Breuckmann GmbH, Carestream, Computer Age Dentist, Conebeam.com, CynoPro, Dale Dental, DaVinci Studio, Daily Services (iforce Services & Surge Staffing), Denpax (PACS), DentsplyProsthetics and GAC Orthodontics, Digital Dental Lab, Drive System, Envisiontec, GeoDigm-National Dentex, GC Japan,GPITechnology GmbH, iConfident, iDent, IGSEnergy, ImageWorks, Henry Schein (Zahn Dental), Impact Direct Sybron International, Keystone Dental, LaserDenta, Medical Modeling, Merlin Securities, Nemotec , nSequence, NuBrace, OmniPACS, OrthoSpace, PracticeWorks, Space Maintainers, Videnti, UBS, XCPT, MED 3D, 3M 3D Oral Care, 3M IMTEC/Hytec, 3D Systems and etc. ©dtg&eliganon2012
  10. 10. dtgideation and imagineering…Sectors Served… Powered by designtechnologygroup Aeronautics, Analytics, Automotive, Biotechnology, Bioceramic, Bioinformatics, Biometric, Chemical & Petroleum, Communication, Construction, Oral Care, Environmental Management, eCommerce, Financial, Healthcare, Health/Clinical Informatics, Health IT, Forensics, Green Energy, Insurance, Intellectual Property Law, Legal, Life Science, Logistics/Supply Chain, Manufacturing - Additive & Subtractive, Market Research, Medical Devices, Retail POS, Regulatory and Staffing. ©dtg&eliganon2012