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  • Last October 2010 we announced Office 365 as “a new service that brings familiar applications, including Office desktop software and Office Web Apps, together with SharePoint, Exchange and Lync in the cloud, for the first time”, so let’s talk about our new cloud offering. Microsoft® Office 365delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping to save time, money and free up valued resources. Office 365 combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Office 365 is simple to use and easy to administer – all backed by the robust security and guaranteed reliability you expect from a world-class service provider.Microsoft Office 365 Includes:Microsoft® Office Professional PlusThe world’s leading productivity tool now seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services – for the best productivity experience across the PC, Phone and Browser.Exchange OnlineCloud-based email, calendar and contacts with always-up-to-date protection from viruses and spam.SharePoint OnlineCloud-based service for creating sites to connect colleagues, partners and customers.Lync OnlineCloud-based instant messaging, presence, and online meeting experiences with PC-audio, video conferencing and screen sharing. Key Microsoft Office 365 Benefits:Anywhere-access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly any device Work seamlessly with Microsoft Office and the other programs your users already count on everydayBusiness-class features including IT-level phone support,  guaranteed 99.9% uptime, geo-redundancy, and disaster recoveryPay-as-you-go pricing options which give you predictability and flexibility for all or part of your organizationLatest version of Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), which has millions of business users today
  • Microsoft delivers this vision of productivity first and better in the Windows platform but we are committed to delivering it across the major platforms and devices available in the marketplace. PCStay always productive, online or offline with familiar Microsoft® Office applications your employees demand, available for PCs and Macs. Office for Mac is the #1 software sold for Mac OS. PhoneRead, edit, share documents & take notes from the Office Hub on Windows® Phone 7. Access mail, contacts, calendar, & SharePoint sites from Nokia, Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Key proof point to our commitment to cross platform is our announcement of OneNote availability for iOS.BrowserView and edit documents from anywhere with Office Web Apps available across a broad range of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari & Chrome)We have the broadest vision for what productivity actually is. Productivity is not about desktop documents. It’s not about word processing and spreadsheets. That was twenty years ago. We believe modern productivity combines the things you see at the bottom of this slide in a very seamless experience.Enterprise Search: We believe modern productivity means enterprise search, great people search, finding people inside your company.Collaboration: It means great collaborationECM: It means enterprise content management. Why do you have different publishing systems for your intranet, and your extranet, and your Internet? You want people to use the office tools they’re familiar with and integrate those with your single enterprise content management system.BI: We believe in self-service BI. Excel, SharePoint, and SQL Server. Making it incredibly easy for you to visualize data, democratize data within your organization. UC: And of course we believe modern productivity means unified communications.
  • Tervo systems

    1. 1. West Orange Chamber Small Business Expo September 20, 2012 1 of 11
    2. 2. Small Business Technology Solutions About UsTervo Systems offers small businessesenterprise-class technology solutions suchas: Internet Security and Anti-Virus Solutions Email and Collaboration Tools Hosted PBX and Voice Over IP Phone Systems Our goal is to treat our clients as fellow business Cloud Data Backup and Recovery owners and entrepreneurs, not as tech-support cases and problems to be fixed. We‘re dedicated E-Discovery and Archiving Solutions to the success of each business. www.TervoSystems.com 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 2 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems
    3. 3. Our ProductsOur inCloud Data Backup service AVG CloudCare allows you to Get one complete phone systemensures that you data is backed manage all your Anti-Virus, for multiple officeup to the cloud to protect Identity Protection, Firewall and locations, mobile and remoteagainst disaster, equipment Content Filtering from a secure, employees. Take advantage offailure, theft and corruption. online interface. advanced call routing features, Internet fax, andinCloud uses the strongest Choose from a managed service voicemail with email delivery foravailable encryption technology where we monitor and maintain all your employees.so your data is secure and all of your PC settings and alertscompliant with HIPAA, PCI and or you can manage your PCs RingCentral Office is flexible andother industry requirements. through an intuitive self-service grows as your business grows. web portal. And since it’s cloud-based, it never gets outdated. 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 3 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems
    4. 4. Our Services WordPress Development and Consulting Services. WordPress is the most popular web content management system today. Contact us for a free analysis of your existing website and to find out how WordPress can improve your online presence. Web Hosting and Maintenance. Our hosting plans include monthly backups, patch applications and version control. Choose from Shared Hosting, Cloud Server or Virtual Private Server plans to meet your specific needs. Network and PC Maintenance and Support. Ensure that your network and PCs are running smoothly with our managed services offering. Remote support, patch and security updates, managed anti-virus and online backup all included in one affordable package. 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 4 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems
    5. 5. Microsoft Office 365Enterprise-Class Security and ReliabilityOffice 365 delivers online versions of Microsoft email and collaboration systems that businesseshave been using for decades, all designed for the reliability, availability, and performanceneeded by smaller organizations. Helps protect your email environment with always up-to-date antivirus and anti-spam solutions built-in. Helps safeguard your data with enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery, thanks to multiple geo-redundant datacenters and a strict privacy policy to provide the highest level of physical and digital security. Financially-backed Service Level Agreement with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 6 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems
    6. 6. From the BlogSeptember is National Disaster Preparedness Month–Does Your Business Have a Plan?The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared SeptemberNational Disaster Preparedness Month. FEMA’s goal is to help the publicbetter prepare for emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, chemical andbiological threats and radiation emergencies.According to the Insurance Information Institute, up to 40% of businesses affected by a naturalor human-caused disaster never reopen. Even if a business can continue, significant downtimehas serious negative effects on the bottom line such as:• Delays in delivering products or services to customers• Reduced employee productivity• Inaccurate or out-of-date financial information• Insufficient data for mandatory reporting requirementsAlso, many larger customers may require that their vendors demonstrate a solid preparednessplan in order to ensure that their supply chain is uninterrupted. They have disaster recoveryplans and they expect their suppliers to have one as well. Read more at TervoSystems.com… 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 9 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems
    7. 7. From the BlogPrepare Your Business for Hurricanes and Other Natural DisastersNow that tropical storm Isaac is threatening the Florida coast, it is a perfecttime to review your disaster preparedness plan to ensure that your businesswill be least affected by inclement weather and naturaldisasters. Hurricanes and tropical storms are unique in that we get to watchtheir track several days in advance in order to better plan for potentialdamages and outages.In order to protect your business, it is best to take a few cautionary steps asa hurricane draws near. Stay Informed Verify and Test Backups Power Off Non-Essential Equipment Protect Physical Assets Communicate With Your Employees Learn From the Event Read more at TervoSystems.com… 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 10 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems
    8. 8. Cloud Computing for Small BusinessThrough the power of Cloud Computing, small businesses are able to implement powerful andaffordable systems to manage their business and increase productivity. Here are just a few ofthe reasons why you may benefit from moving your company to the cloud: Instantly drop your overall IT expenses by 50% or more No expensive hardware to maintain Your data is held is a secure environment that is virtually impossible to replicate in a small office environment Access your data and applications from multiple locations without expensive network configuration and setup Reliable service managed by a team of system administrators 24/7 Affordable per-user pricing No patches or system updates to install 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 11 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems
    9. 9. Contact Website TervoSystems.com E-Mail contact@TervoSystems.com Facebook facebook.com/TervoSystems Address Twitter 221 N Highway 27, Suite E twitter.com/TervoSystems Clermont, FL 34711 YouTube Phone Youtube.com/TervoSystems (352) 432-TECH (8324) 221 N Highway 27, Suite E www.TervoSystems.com Clermont, FL 34711 contact@TervoSystems.com 12 of 11 Phone (352) 432-TECH (8324) Facebook.com/TervoSystems Twitter.com/TervoSystems