Boundary Waters

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A presentation of the Boundry Waters Canoe area for a group traveling from Detroit

A presentation of the Boundry Waters Canoe area for a group traveling from Detroit

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  • 1. Boundary Waters
    Canoe Area
  • 2. What is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area ?
    1,000,000+ acres set aside in 1978 by an act of congress
    Restricted logging, mining, and most motorized access
    A pristine, yet rugged wilderness
    The lakes are cut from granite and surrounded in old pine growth
  • 3. US / Canadian Waters
    The park is made up of 2 halves, on the US side is Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and on the Canadian side, Quetico, park of Ontario
  • 4. Where is Boundary Waters?
  • 5. Why Plan Now?
    You want to ensure that a permit for the date you desire to enter on and for the entry point you wish to embark from.
    Most importantly, you want to make sure you are well prepared with proper gear, know-how, and plan to enter the wilderness.
  • 6. What is the Best Time to go?
    If the prime purpose of your canoe trip is fishing, consider late May, early June or September. There are fewer people during the months of May and September. Also there are fewer bugs after late July.
    BLACKFLIES: Memorial Day to the third week of June.
    MOSQUITOES: Mid-June to the later part of July. They are very easy to repel.
  • 7. How to get there
    Travel by car from Detroit area to Ely (E-lee) Minnesota , 15 hours
    Travel by air to Duluth 2 hours, then 2 hours by car to Ely (E-lee) Minnesota, 5 hours
  • 8. Fishing
    Eat what we catch or Catch and Release
    Small Mouth Bass
    Lake Trout
  • 9. Type of Trip
    Travel to multiple camp sites
    Travel to one camp site and stay at that lake
    Travel to one camp site and plan day trips to different lakes
  • 10. Length of trip
    How long of a trip, 3-4 days in the BWCA?
    By car 1 day travel each way
    By air and car, half a day each way
    1 Week?
  • 11. Wife Reasons
    Stress reducer
    Last time I took 1 just to get away
    I just want this opportunity
    This is a life goal
    All the guys are doing it
  • 12. Value
    Round trip air travel to Duluth late June, approx. $350, travel to Ely from Duluth???
    By car, 915 miles (gas 18 MPG, $1.85 per gallon) $94.00 each way