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Dealer Technology Concepts provides data-driven used vehicle sourcing services to car dealers nationwide.
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Dealer Technology Concepts provides data-driven used vehicle sourcing services to car dealers nationwide.

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Dealer Technology Concepts provides buy-side research, portfolio management assistance and vAuto-driven used vehicle sourcing for retail auto dealers. DTC also consults with dealers on used car......

Dealer Technology Concepts provides buy-side research, portfolio management assistance and vAuto-driven used vehicle sourcing for retail auto dealers. DTC also consults with dealers on used car merchandising strategies and offers training and eBusiness consulting services.

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  • From Dale Pollack’s blog; sourcing as a n on
  • Skill set for this type of operation isn’t necessarily matched to traditional UVM role
  • 1) “Fill by price band then by brand” discussion
  • How do we do this? ; snipers – when to pull the trigger
  • MDS = 100 miles;


  • 1. SourcingOperations
    Powered by
  • 2. “Without question the most important challenge for used vehicle operations in the coming year will be sourcing inventory. Simply stated there will not be sufficient quantities of used car trade-ins, nor will the local auction alone be the solution. Today, it requires a completely new approach and discipline.”
    “I’m confident that dealers will need to dedicate specialized resources to the task of identifying, locating and procuring needed vehicles. I don’t however think that it’s realistic to expect traditional used car managers to spend the necessary time to do these tasks.”
    -- Dale Pollak
    Velocity DalePollak.com
  • 3. Demand Increases for Used CarsSep 1, 2010 12:00 PM, Ward's Dealer Business, By Steve Finlay
    Friday, September 3, 2010  |  Modified: Monday, September 6, 2010
    Used car prices skyrocketing, Edmunds says
    Atlanta Business Chronicle - by Ben Smith Staff writer
    Used-car prices expected to remain high
    September 17, 2010
  • 4. Wallace's World December 29, 2009, 2:13PM EST
    The U.S. Auto Market Is Running Out of Used Cars
    Auto dealers have survived by selling used cars, but inventories are shrinking and prices are up. Will uncertain consumers resume buying new models?
    By Ed Wallace
    Friday, February 12, 2010  
    “Used-car shortage raises prices, hinders dealers.”
    The Used-Car Conundrum
    by Laura Youngs
    Mar 01 2010
    Want to buy a brand-new car? Easy pickings, lots of choices, plenty of inventory. But used-car dealers say the opposite is true for them, which affects the engine of their business.
  • 5. Used cars in high demand, command premium prices
    November 10, 2009|By Steven Cole Smith, Sentinel Automotive Editor
    The Web’s fastest growing resource for professionals and business leaders
    Fewer New Cars Today = Pricier Used Cars Tomorrow
    By Jim Henry | Feb 17, 2010
    Used-vehicle value index still rising
    Arlena SawyersAutomotive News -- March 5, 2010 - 2:56 pm ET
    DETROIT -- The monthly Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index continued to rise in February as a result of tight used-vehicle supplies and robust retail sales of used cars and trucks.
    The Hunt is on for used cars.
    Sep21 2009
    For the first time in decades, new-car dealers are pounding the pavement in search of used cars to sell. They're critically short of stock at a time when used-car customers have begun to stream onto their lots
  • 6. The mission of the Dealer Technology Concepts vehicle sourcing operation is to apply Velocity-based principles to used vehicle acquisition in order that dealer clients may succeed in today’s Internet-driven used vehicle marketplace. By combining our experience with a proven, disciplined process, DTC is able to use data, technology and specific knowledge to research, acquire and deliver desirable used vehicle inventory.
  • 7.
  • 8. If you understand and agree with Velocity principles, subscribe to the vAuto suite of tools and have a desire to rise to the top in your used car market, you have to challenge yourself to answer these questions -
  • 9. Pre-Purchase Activities
    DTC’s sourcing service applies modern processes to your
    search for just the right vehicles:
  • 10. Tactical Search
  • 11. Stocking Analyst Role
    Guided by management’s “inventory engineering” approach, our stocking analysts seek out the most desirable inventory at the best possible price.
    Each analyst is trained in our search methodologies
    In addition to pricing parameters, vehicle condition standards are designated and tracked
    Close collaboration with management allows for oversight
    and the application of sensible buying strategies
    Continued training and education are
    essential in order to raise our sourcing
    effectiveness and grow to meet the
    challenges of an ever-changing market
  • 12. Applied Velocity
  • 13. Pay for Performance
    Market Days SupplyAcquisition Fee per Vehicle
    0-40 days $215
    41-80 days $200
    91+ days $185
    DTC sourcing services are billed based on the
    Market Days Supply (MDS) of the vehicles we purchase
    on your behalf. A monthly fee of $570 or a minimum of 3 monthly vehicle purchases applies.
    At the time of purchase, your designee will receive purchase receipts, available condition
    information, our invoice and a notation of the transportation charges.
    To further increase your velocity, DTC can optionally add purchased vehicles and available
    photos to your vAuto Photo Management module. This allows your vehicles to be online and
    for sale on your website and the classified sites from day one!
  • 14. Sample Clients
  • 15. Principals
    Scott Wood
    A former General Motors and Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealer, Scott has a thorough background in sales, dealership technology , Internet operations and business management. After two years in the outdoor industry, Scott’s most recent role was running Internet and Sourcing operations for a dealer group. Watching & refereeing youth soccer along with cycling and trail running take up his time away from the office. Scott is a graduate of The Citadel.
    Jeff Parker
    Jeff’s automotive background ranges from Service Management to Internet Sales and Sales Management. Most recently, Jeff founded and operated his own non-auto related business and managed, via vAuto, all sourcing activities for a dealer group. Between road & mountain biking Jeff knows nearly every trail and back road around Asheville, NC, which is where you’ll find him when he’s not online building buy lists and sourcing used cars.
  • 16. Working with Dealer Technology Concepts will help you acquire the fastest moving vehicles in your market and align your inventory to the demands of actual buyers — everyday.
    We also commit to:
    • Align our efforts with your company’s marketing & merchandising objectives
    • 17. Keep up to date on the constant innovation surrounding the retail & wholesale used car markets
    • 18. Share our knowledge of “best practices” to help your used car operation reach its potential
    We welcome meeting with you anytime to discuss ideas and philosophies and to answer any questions -
    Scott Wood
    Dealer Technology Concepts
    Asheville, NC
    (828) 553-0316