How to write a grant application


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How to write a grant application

  1. 1. ByDavid Sylvester
  2. 2.  Pre-Grant Writing check list ◦ Meet all of the grants requirements ◦ Summary statement  Brief paragraph  Who you are, what your project is, money needed ◦ Create an outline  Describe each point of your proposal  Expand on each point as needed ◦ Go back and make sure that the grant funder matches the funds you need  Re-check the requirements
  3. 3.  Form Grant Committee ◦ Get a group of colleagues together to work on the project as a team  Two, or more, eyes are better than one Brainstorm ◦ Get ideas on paper Decide on Goals ◦ Have clear goals and a plan on how you will meet those goals
  4. 4.  Lets the granter know what you are looking for or what you need at a glance  Very Similar to a Cover Letter ◦ At a glance goals and objectives Short and Sweet ◦ Can be as short as a few sentences but no longer than one page Be Complete ◦ Concise and to the point goals that are clearly stated Time to impress ◦ Should be . . .  Well written, concise, and intriguing so that the grant reviewer will want to keep reading
  5. 5.  Meat of your proposal ◦ Where you convince the granter on why you need these funds or resources  State what you propose to do is right and why your organization is the right one to do it ◦ Assume reader does not know about the issue/problem  Explain what the problem is and how it is important  Show them research done to search for possible solutions ◦ The need statement must include stories and data, and be matched to the interests of the granting organization.  Goal is to convince the funder that this project solves an important societal problem, and that the funder should be completely interested in supporting it.
  6. 6.  Explain what your organization plans to do about the problem ◦ Spells out what you hope to accomplish and specific outcomes or results from your project Goals ◦ General or broad outcomes Objectives ◦ Specific steps you will take to achieve those outcomes
  7. 7.  Section where you will walk the grantor by the hand through EXACTLY HOW you will the goals and objectives from the previous slide ◦ This section must be very detailed and go into every aspect and step of the project’s process until completion  Include a timeline along with a who will do what when  Provide Logic Model  Simple Chart of the key elements of the project  Inputs-What is needed to complete the project  Outputs-What will be produced  Outcomes-What will be gained  Impacts-How it will effect the community at large
  8. 8.  Funder’s want to know that their money is going to actually do something so one must decide in the grant writing process how they will evaluate the impact of their project. ◦ Include what records you will keep or data you will collect and how you will use that data  If this process costs money make sure to include that cost in your budget  Many organizations hire outside firms to do this data collection
  9. 9.  Most funders do not like to be the only source of funds so. . . ◦ Show the grantor that you have committed funds from other sources ◦ Also show the in kind contributions you expect  Like, a meeting space or any equipment  Any and all sources you may have gotten funds from  Like  Fundraisers  Other Grantors  Private investors  Etc.
  10. 10.  A few paragraphs explaining your organization ◦ Explain what your organization does ◦ Why it can be trusted to use the resources responsibly and effectively History of your organization ◦ State its mission ◦ The population it serves ◦ Provide overview of past projects and accomplishments ◦ Describe/list other programs Be Complete and describe everything about yourself
  11. 11.  How much will the project cost as a whole ◦ Explains the money your organization will need and how it is going to be used to the grantor  Needs to include expected expenses and income expenses  Expected expenses are. . .  Personnel expenses  Direct project expenses  Administrative or overhead expenses  Income Expenses are. . .  Earned income  Contributed income
  12. 12.  Where you show the grantor all of the additional work, research, and documentation that your organization is trust-worthy ◦ Need such things as  IRS letter showing your organization is tax-exempt  List of your board of directors and their affiliations  Financial statement from your last fiscal year  Budget for your current fiscal year  Budget for your next fiscal year if it is upcoming  Anything else that the grantor requires you to show or prove within the requirements
  13. 13.  This is the first thing that the grantor will see and read about your organization so make it professional but eye catching ◦ This is simply a brief summary and quick and concise needs statement on why your organization needs these funds ◦ Also is a brief and concise statement about your organization and what it has done and what it wants to do This is the thing that will grab the grantor and make them want to continue reading Should be completed last so you know exactly what you want and can state it in a paragraph or two
  14. 14.  The final process to writing a grant is putting it all together ◦ First the grant should be proof read and gone over so that there are no grammatical or analytical mistakes  Need to make sure that you have provided and answered everything that is required for the grantor ◦ Next a Cover Letter and Cover sheet should be added with your organizations CEO’s signature on both ◦ Does not need to be placed into a fancy binder but should be held together as one piece in some form ◦ Make a copy of the grant for personal files ◦ Mail it to the grantor
  15. 15.  After mailing the grant application wait a little while and check in how the application is doing by contacting the grantor ◦ Ask if it was received and complete Keep the grantor informed ◦ Mail or contact the grantor if your organization has accomplished anything new or has been sited in a news article Be patient and wait ◦ The application process can take sometime so be patient and you will be notified if you have received the grant Good Luck!