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Jobs Opening at Ahmedabad completed 1 year successfully and we are announcing Careerworkz - The Social Interactive Job board a one of a kind unique job board which is completely driven by social media and networking.

A highly user managed portal focusing on helping change the traditional methodologies of hiring process and job search. A new breakthrough in Job search, Job Posting, hiring process and resource finding. This presentation gives you idea about the initiative standard and transformed to Careerworkz.

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Careerworkz - The Social Interactive Job Board

  1. 1. Jobs Opening at Ahmedabad Celebrates its 1st Anniversary The premier Job board on facebook
  2. 2. Welcome We would like to welcome all the members who have supported the group to grow to this level. Started for personal benefit turning out to help 100’s of job seekers and companies Initiative to change the traditional trend of hiring and job search making it more transparent and lucrative for marketJobs Opening at Ahmedabad The premier Job board on facebook
  3. 3. Facts & Figures • Highest Jobs posted are from IT Industry • Jobs posted from 32 different domain and sectors • Average 50+ members joining every week • More than 183 HR consultants already joined • Over 400+ companies posting job requirements • An average of 5 new people join everyday looking for job • More than 25 job requirements posted everydayJobs Opening at Ahmedabad The premier Job board on facebook
  4. 4. Growth 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 Members Companies HR ConsultantsJobs Opening at Ahmedabad The premier Job board on facebook
  5. 5. and the result members in 1 yearJobs Opening at Ahmedabad The premier Job board on facebook
  6. 6. Restrictions • FB doesn’t allow to submit jobs in applicable mode • Tracking of resumes is not possible • Knowledge sharing is not possible • Resume search is not possible • Resource documents cannot be posted • Resume Repository cannot be managed • Job Offerings cannot be located easilyJobs Opening at Ahmedabad The premier Job board on facebook
  7. 7. Solution New Facebook Page Submit Company Resume Job Search Resumes Listing Search Training HR Agency Expert Institutions Listing Guidance Video Online Resume Quick Job Resumes Interview Repository PostingJobs Opening at Ahmedabad The premier Job board on facebook
  8. 8. We are not done yet!!This is just the beginning….
  9. 9. Connect your job hunt, job post and resource pool We proudly announce first ever Social Interactive Job Board
  10. 10.
  11. 11.  Post Resume Online with easy to access formsNEW  Share resumes to multiple social networking siteNEW  Multiple Selection of Professional resume templatesNEW  One click resume sender to multiple job postings  Benefits for Job Seekers Regular direct mail updates of selective job posting  Professional resume making guidance from expertsNEW  Presentation style resumes promoted via slidesNEW  Stylize resume, Info graphic style with psychometric analysisNEW  Video Resume with compressed sharing facility
  12. 12.  Post Jobs Online with one form  Manage Job posting duration with easy upgrades  Multiple job postings “NO CHARGES”NEW  One click job posting to more than 1000 job sitesNEW  Benefits for Company Manage Resume Repository onlineNEW  Conduct Online Interviews with Video InterviewsNEW  Get psychometric analyzed report of candidates interviewedNEW  Conduct Campus Interviews at ease  Resume Database search and regular updates
  13. 13.  Agencies can put up their offerings on boardNEW  Can post multiple jobs “NO CHARGES”  Can manage their online resume repository  Connect with job seekers directly and connect to repository  Benefits for HR Agencies Send service offerings to companies directlyNEW  Get contracts e-signed online with companiesNEW  Get secure Rdrive to securely manage Resume DatabaseNEW  Connect with other HR’s to share resumesNEW  Send proposals to tons of companies with one click
  14. 14.  Online Directory for Universities and InstitutionsNEW  Expert Guidance from different streams  Training Institution can post course offerings  Separate section for Internships posting and listing  Other Benefits Professional resume formats to downloadNEW  Self testing Online Interview sessionsNEW  Connect with friends across the globe with resumesNEW  Automated self assessment tests  Participate in active discussions
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Thank YouWe look forward to your ongoing contribution and support in helping the community grow Contact Details Subhasish Sen (9825027042) |