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Dustin wagner

  1. 1. AMANDAPPALMER AMANDA ALMERAMANDA PALMER pianist, and is an American singer,is an American singer, pianist, andand Is an AmericanShe is known as the “social composer. singer, pianist,composer. She is known as thethe “social composer. She isof rock and roll” and the media queen known as “social “eight foot bride”.media queen of rock andand roll” and the media queen of rock roll” and the “eight foot bride”.“eight foot bride”.AMANDA PALMER
  2. 2. DURING HER SPEECH, TITLED“THE ART OF ASKING”Amanda discusses her values and lessonslearned through being a public performer bothoff and on the stage, and how she connectedwith her audience to drive her career forward inways she never anticipated.
  3. 3. Her days spent as a “dollar inthe hat” street performereventually led her to pursue abusiness approach in which peoplerelate more to a humble musicianmore interested in socializing with herfans than sales figures.
  4. 4. She began a projectwith the goal of earning amere for her band to fundan album release…
  5. 5. …. Amanda and the band received enough to do a WHOLE lot more!
  6. 6. This amount is the highest pledged goal achieved on Kickstarter to date!
  7. 7. Amanda explains that throughout her life on the road,she connected with her fans in multiple ways. Socialmedia was merely a vessel to allow her to network withpeople in ways she never could. The individual becamemore than just a “fan” and she was just as excited tomeet them as they were to meet her. They were the onlyreason she could continue her art.
  8. 8. She even performed for freespontaneously in a publiclibrary after meeting a group She considers herself more of aof her fans there. nomadic entertainer than a “celebrity”. This is what identifies her more with her fans than other artists.
  9. 9. AS YOU CAN SEE..Amanda went above and beyond to engage theaudience throughout her speech by including multipleslides of her life on the road and literally “throwingherself into the trust of her fans”. Her passion forentertainment shines through in her discussion. Her fans took note of her humble lifestyle and were far more interested in funding an artist who “asked” for their contribution to her music rather than insisting on it.
  10. 10. Dynamism rating 5/5Amanda spoke from theheart and related to theaudience throughhumor, humility, andwisdom. She presentedher beliefs in a clearand entertainingmanner by includingvisual aids andheartwarming proof ofher beliefs.
  11. 11. Amanda’s speech was very animated andlively. Her personality was just asimportant to her delivery as were hervisual aids. The slides presented matchedthe ideas she conveyed to her audienceand were consistent with the ideals ofNancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds.
  12. 12. Both Sir Ken Robinsonand Amanda Palmerhave taken a stance intheir speech byconcluding that thestandardized ways inwhich a societalprocess has evolvedare non-conducive tothe majority of peopleinvolved. Even though Ken’s speech was on education and Amanda’s was on the entertainment industry, both have an opinion that just because this is the way things have been done for a long time, does not make it the best way to do them.
  13. 13. Ken’s opinions are founded largely upon bythe research and conclusions of others beforehim. His stance on education opposes theissue that affects almost everyone in thestandardized education system – one thatinhibits creativity in an attempt to focus moreon an academic indoctrination of our youth.
  14. 14. Ken’s time spent as a college professorplays a significant role in how he cameto his conclusion. Ken was part of asystem that was largely responsible forconvincing youth that interests outsideof academics were to be less favoreddue to their unlikelihood to lead to acareer.
  15. 15. During Amanda’s speech, she speaks of how sheherself has experienced the effects of the issuesSir Ken Robinson spoke of. While Amandaattended a liberal arts school, she herself statedthat she gained more from her experiences as astreet performer and that this was morebeneficial to her career than her collegeexperience. Both Amanda and Ken foundthemselves changing their opinions of a societystandard based on what they witnessed andexperienced.
  16. 16. The most successful musicians areusually the ones who performbecause they are passionate aboutmusic. A presenter should discussa topic that is near and dear totheir heart, as they are most likelyto give a better speech aboutsomething they truly admire.
  17. 17. Thanks for viewing!!!