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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Team 8. WISE Software in the Content Areas (science / mathematics) Comprehensive Software Solutions서 은 . 조지수 . 김아연 . 신현진 . 임은지
  • 2. Chapter 13 Content-Area Tools Ⅰ. Software Evaluation Ⅱ. Software in the Content Areas Social Studies Language Arts Science Mathematics Ⅲ. Comprehensive Software Solutions
  • 3. Chapter 13 Content-Area Tools Ⅰ. Software Evaluation Ⅱ. Software in the Content Areas Social Studies Language Arts Science Mathematics Ⅲ. Comprehensive Software Solutions
  • 4. Objectives1. Students who attend this class can use 2 or more technologies in science class.2. Students who attend this class can use 2 or more technologies in mathematics class.3. Students who attend this class can explain pros and cons of software and Solutions of this.
  • 7. Science Tool Contents Science MathematicsInquiry-Based and Problem-Solving Approaches Virtual Labs and Simulations Models and Demonstrations Science Software for Young Learners
  • 8. Mathematics Tool ContentsScience Mathematics Skills Practice Modeling Software Simulations Problem-Solving Applications Calculation Tools
  • 9. Science1. Inquiry-Based and Problem-Solving Approaches● Engaging students in investigating a situation or problem.● Including information for students to consider and asks them to make decisions based on the information.● Students use debate techniques or jigsaw strategies● Rely on contrived situations or real data ◀ ex) Science Court
  • 10. Science2. Virtual Labs and Simulations● Engaging in lab-based activities that would be difficult or impossible in the regular classroom.● Chemistry labs can be carried out safely on the computer.. ◀ ex) Roller Coaster simulation
  • 11. Science3. Models and Demonstrations● Software that demonstrates otherwise-inaccessible phenomena.● Measurement in Motion allows students to analyze those motions as well as to see particular kinds of motions. ◀ ex) Cells Alive!
  • 12. Science3. Models and Demonstrations <cellsalive>
  • 13. Science4. Science Software for Young Learners● Software that concentrates scientific processes -the means ofapproaching problems● It focuses on introducing students to such scientific activities as observation and hypothesis generation. ex) Sammy’s Science House ▶
  • 14. Mathematics1. Skills Practice● Math skills software that helps students learn why (to understand Whyrather than just to know).● skills software should provide students with opportunities to trydifferent answers, to see multiple representations, and to move beyondsimple recall.ex) Piggy in Numberland
  • 15. Mathematics 2. Modeling Software●Mathematical software allows students to create and manipulate eitherdata sets modeling or representations of their problems, so they canexplore various features.●These manipulations can range from simple explorations of theproperties of shapes to more this category allows students to work withfractions in ways that are impossible with paper and to analyze data fromtheir own data collection efforts.ex) Java MathWorlds
  • 16. Mathematics2. Modeling Softwareex) Tinkerplots Dynamic data exploration
  • 17. Mathematics3. Simulations● This engage students in a gamelike atmosphere where they run some kind of business.● students can improve math, problem-solving, communication skills.● teacher has to structure the activity to focus on the learning goals students should meet. ex) Hot Dog Stand ▶
  • 18. Mathematics ▼ ex) Concert Tour Entrepreneur3. Simulations
  • 19. Mathematics4. Problem-Solving Applications● Helping students develop problem solving skill than on developingfurther mathematical skills.● In this Software, students are provided with a contextualizedmathematics situation.● Students are responsible for determining what the problem is thatthey’re trying to solve, what information is important for solving it, andwhat mathematical operations they’ll need to use. ex) Zoombinis Logical Journey Math Mysteriesz ◀ex) Zoombinis Logical Journey
  • 20. Mathematics5. Calculation Tools● Not only calculate but can be used for analysis and modeling as well.● Although using calculation tools is controversial, these can often be used to enhance math classes.● Teachers have to determine whether these tools would add to thelesson or detract from it. ex) Excel Graphing calculator Texas Instruments Calculation ◀ex) Graphing Calculator
  • 21. Mathematics5. Calculation Tools ▼ ex) Graphing Calculator
  • 22. Comprehensive Software Solutions● Comprehensive Software Solution states standards in each of the contentareas and provide management tools for teachers to gauge their students’learning.● However, it has flawed, they show merely that students improved frombeginning to the end of the academic year. They don’t consider that otherforms of instruction took place.● Teacher will have the opportunity to determine when and whether thesetools may be appropriate for your classroom. ex) ClassWoks ▶
  • 23. Comprehensive Software SolutionsClassWorksoverview
  • 24. SITUATION Situation 1.Tom is a physically challenged person. One day, math teacher hand outhomework, which draw graphs after solving the problem. Tom could solve the problemeasily. However he couldn’t draw the graph because of his physically disability.If you were the teacher, how can you help Tom? what kind of software can support Tom? ① Piggy in Numberland ② Java MathWorlds ③ Zoombinis Logical Journey ④ Hot Dog Stand ⑤ Graphing Calculator
  • 25. SITUATION Situation 2.Eric really hates biologics class.This time he learned about the process of cell division. Although all of his friends wasfun, Eric is not fun. Because this is difficult to understand.Eric has been very bored in biologics.If you were the teacher, How can you help Eric? What kind of software can support Eric? ① Science Court ② Cells Alive ③ Sammy’s Science House ④ Roller Coaster simulation
  • 26. SITUATION Situation 3. What should be considered when teacher use “Comprehensive Software Solutions“ ?① determine when and whether these tools may be appropriate for your classroom.② Instruct students to overuse this program.③ Even though it is too hard to students, Say “Just do it!”④ Teacher doesn’t try to support students.
  • 27. Team 8. WISE Thank you