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FireBug And FirePHP
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FireBug And FirePHP


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Why you should use Firebug and FirePHP if you're a PHP programmer.

Why you should use Firebug and FirePHP if you're a PHP programmer.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Firebug Extension for AJAX Development Zend_Log
  • 2. • If you’re not using Firebug when coding for the web, you’re missing out... • And making it harder on yourself... • For no good reason
  • 3. • Debugger • Real-time HTML/DOM editing • Real-time CSS editing • Request/Response/Network Analysis • Interactive Javascript • Great Plug-ins, like FirePHP and YSlow
  • 4. • Getting Started • • Inactive • Active
  • 5. Interactive Console
  • 6. • Network Analysis
  • 7. Drill-down
  • 8. • Real-time HTML editing • Was not working for me when I tried it, but I have done it before. It should work. • Real-time CSS editing • Also not working when I put this together • But, normally they work and are AWESOME!
  • 9. Interactive JS Debugger Breakpoints Watch List Variable Inspector Stack Inspector
  • 10. FirePHP Firebug Extension for AJAX Development • Getting Started •
  • 11. FirePHP Firebug Extension for AJAX Development • Two parts: • Browser plug-in • PHP API
  • 12. FirePHP Firebug Extension for AJAX Development • Standalone Library • Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug • Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug • Other Integrations: Agavi, BIGACE, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, eZ, Joomla, Kohana, Nette Framework, PEAR, PRADO, Probus, Project Zero, REDAXO, Seagull
  • 13. Standalone Library
  • 14. Standalone Library
  • 15. That’s the beginning Member variable filters Log your classes, but hide sensitive data automatically
  • 16. Exception Handling
  • 17. Exception Stack Trace
  • 18. Error Handler
  • 19. Assertion Handler Assert fail still shows warning...
  • 20. Message Groups
  • 21. Log Tables of Data
  • 22. Variable Dumping (var_dump ++) Where is it??? In the Server part of the Net request:
  • 23. Zend Framework • Doesn’t require you to download the standard library • Protocol is built into Zend Framework • Use it with Zend_Log • Use it with Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug
  • 24. Zend Framework
  • 25. Zend Framework • Zend_Log works using the Observer pattern • Log writers are added to Zend_Log • Each writer can log different levels, to different places, using different methods • i.e., file, database, Twitter, or FirePHP
  • 26. Zend Framework • Create your writer • Add the writer to the Zend_Log object • Do this in your bootstrap before dispatch
  • 27. Zend Framework • Zend_Log lets you set your own logging levels and map those to FirePHP log types • $logger->addPriority('ULTRA', 8); • $writer->setPriorityStyle(8, 'TRACE'); • $logger->ultra('Ultra Message - With trace');
  • 28. Zend_Log • Logging exceptions happens automatically • Just pass the Exception object and FirePHP will show the exception and stack trace • Zend_Log, like log4j, lets you set up multiple writers, with global or local filters, formats, etc • One log call can result in many logs in many places if that’s what you want
  • 29. How it all works • FirePHP sends data using HTTP headers • It detects FirePHP running. If it’s not there, it sends nothing • Sniff the wire in IE. Nothing there.
  • 30. With great power... • FirePHP logging is very powerful and very useful. • If someone is looking at your site with FirePHP installed, they will see your messages... unless...
  • 31. A couple of options • Turn off logging in production • $writer->setEnabled(false); • Turn off logging in production, but enable if users who should be able to see this stuff are logged in • Allows developers to “debug” in production • “Debugging” in production requires smart logging
  • 32. Smart Logging • Logs can help you track down exactly what happened • Or they can be confusing and useless • File logging is a must when you need to track down problems after they happened and reproducing the problem is difficult, expensive, or impossible
  • 33. FirePHP Logging • FirePHP logs are temporal • More detail can be useful for FirePHP logs than would be practical with file logs • Zend_Log means you don’t need to make more than one log call • Use filters/priorities to determine if you want FirePHP, file logging, or both
  • 34. Questions? • Email: • • •