Introduction to the scroll saw


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Introduction to the Scroll Saw brought to you from Deb's Workshop.

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  • Introduction to the scroll saw

    1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO THE SCROLL SAWBrought to you from Deb’s
    2. 2. Topics: Introduction to the Workshop Safety Scroll Saw and its main parts Blades Basic Operation Materials Techniques Pattern Application2
    3. 3. Workshop Safetywww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com3
    4. 4. Safety Tips Protective Eyewear Always wear protective eyewear as there is a very finedust that is thrown by the scroll saw blade and this couldcause serious injury if it penetrates the eye. Mask over mouth and nose The scroll saw makes very fine saw dust that should not beinhaled. Especially if working with exotic woods. No jewelry or loose clothing Nothing should be worn that could be caught by the sawblade. Hearing protection Ear plugs or ear protection of some kind should be wornany time you are working with loud power tools.www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com4
    5. 5. Introduction to the Scroll Sawwww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com5
    6. 6. The Scroll SawEssential parts to a scroll saw On/Off Switch Variable Speed Control Blade holders Tensioner Adjustable Table Safety foot Dust collection Air for dust dispersion Depth – 16” for example Drawer to hold bladeswww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com6
    7. 7. Key Parts of a Scroll Sawwww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com7
    8. 8. Basic Function of a Scroll Saw The blade moves vertically up and down,cutting on the downward stroke The teeth on the blade always point down The blade is held by a clamping device topand bottom The top can be released to thread the bladethrough pre drilled holes for internal cutswww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com8
    9. 9. Scroll Saw Bladeswww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com9
    10. 10. Scroll Saw Blades Made to cut various materials such as: Wood Metal Corian Horn Plastics Teeth are measured in TPI – Teeth Per Inchwww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com10
    11. 11. Examples of Some Scroll SawBladeswww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com11
    12. 12. Scroll Saw Blades Skip Tooth Blade Every second tooth is missing which providesmore space between the teeth (gullet) whichkeeps the blade cooler Reverse Skip Tooth Blade – For use withPlywood The same as the skip tooth blade except the lastfew bottom teeth point upward. This prevents tearout or splintering on the bottom of the cut.www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com12
    13. 13. Scroll Saw Blades Precision Ground Blades These are skip tooth blades with small teeth that havebeen ground to shape. They are sharper, cut straightand leave a very smooth surface. These blades arevery aggressive and not recommended for thebeginner. Spiral Blades This is a group of blades that have been twistedtogether so that there are teeth all the way around.You can cut in any direction with this blade. Theblades are to be used for specialized applications onlyas they are very hard to control and do not leave asmooth finish.www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com13
    14. 14. Applying a Pattern to Woodwww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com14
    15. 15. Applying a Pattern to Trace with carbon paper Use spray on adhesive to stick pattern to wood If removed as soon as the piece is completely cutout, the pattern usually peels right off. Anyresidue can be removed by sanding. For stack cutting or compound cutting on twosides, apply the patterns to the wood andadhere with clear packing tape. The blade cutsthrough the tape effortlessly.15
    16. 16. Scroll Saw Techniqueswww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com16
    17. 17. Scroll Saw Techniques Cut Out Fretwork Compound Cutting Stack Cutting Intarsiawww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com17
    18. 18. Cut OutScroll saw isused to cutout a shapeby cutting anoutline all inone piece.www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com18
    19. 19. FretworkScroll sawused to cutout basicshape andinternal cutsthat adddepth anddetail to thepiece.www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com19
    20. 20. Compound CuttingScroll saw isused to cut 3dimensionalshapes bycutting top tobottom andside to sideof the pieceprior toremovingany wastewood.www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com20
    21. 21. Stack CuttingScroll saw isusing aFretworktechniqueapplied tostackedpieces ofwood cut withthe table setat about a10% tilt.Certainsections canbe removedand replacedin theoppositepiece toprovidecontrast. www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com21
    22. 22. Intarsia (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)Sroll sawused to cutindividualpieces ofwood ofdifferentkinds andthicknesses.The piecesare thenrounded offandassembledagainst abacking asyou would ajigsawpuzzle. www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com22
    23. 23. Things You Can Make with a ScrollSaw Art you can hang on the wall Chess Pieces Clocks Letter Openers Plaques and ornaments Key holders Bowls Boxes You name it, you can make it on a scroll saw!www.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com23
    24. 24. Thank Youwww.woodworkingtipsforwomen.comFor more information, please comevisit me atWWW.woodworkingtipsforwomen.com24