Lead a better life


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Positive motivation

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Lead a better life

  1. 1.     What do we mean by better life? Simple steps to live our life more deliberately, more joyfully and completely. Let’s decide to live our life by choice rather than by chance, by design rather than by default. Our minimum duty towards society. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
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  12. 12.    “Son, when you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice.”………… Robin Sharma How many lives will you touch while you have the privilege to walk this planet?????? What impact will your life have on the generations that follow you???????? GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  13. 13. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  14. 14.    A meaningful life is made up of a series of daily acts of decency and kindness, which ironically, add up to something truly great over the course of a lifetime. Kindness, quite simply, is the rent we must pay for the space we occupy on this planet. Video-1 GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  15. 15. The tougher U are on yourself , the easier life will be on U. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  16. 16.  Video-2. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  17. 17.    We live in a world of broken promises. We live in a time when people treat their words very lightly. When U don’t keep your word, U lose credibility. When U loose credibility , U break the bonds of trust. And breaking the bonds of trust ultimately leads to string of broken relationships. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  18. 18. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  19. 19.  Govind Jaiswal, the son of a Rikshawala is now an IAS officer. He was ranked 48 among 474 successful Candidates. The father sold his land for 40,000 to send his son to Delhi for preparation while the son struggled in his entire life, bearing 14 hour power cuts. He was working for his grocery store to make money for living. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  20. 20. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  21. 21.  The dream of a lifetime materialised for Prema Jayakumar on 22/01/2013, when the 24-yearold topped the nation-wide Chartered Accountancy exam in her first attempt. Prema, whose father drives an auto for a living, is now determined to use the milestone as a stepping-stone towards providing her parents with a life of comfort. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  22. 22. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  23. 23.  Video-3 GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  24. 24.  Some facts, video-4. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  25. 25.  Video-5 GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  26. 26.  Video-6 GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  27. 27.  Video-7 GIET, BBSR,31/10/13
  28. 28. Let us accept the challenge with a positive spirit. ……………………….Thank U. GIET, BBSR,31/10/13