Phalanx paws article submitted 10132010


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Phalanx paws article submitted 10132010

  1. 1. 2011 MORS Awards and MORS Prizes Being recognized by your boss is always a terrific thing. Hopefully there is a raise, somenew perk, or maybe even cake. Another opportunity for recognition is a MORS award or prize.Annually MORS bestows its top honors upon the most deserving recipients in recognition oftheir service to the society and their analytic contributions to the field of national securityoperations research. The 2010 Award winners are listed in the September 2010 edition ofPhalanx or online at MORS presents five awards the Clayton J. Thomas Award, Vance R. Wanner MemorialAward, the Wayne P. Hughes Junior Analyst Award, John K. Walker, Jr. Award, andMOR Journal Award. Some of these awards require nominations, while others are determinedthrough continued excellence or a journal article which stands apart with distinction. The Clayton J. Thomas Award is an annual award recognizes an individual that has through theirinvolvement in the field of military operations research have exhibited sustained outstandingperformance, shared their knowledge and talents to others in the field and provided technically soundoptions to defense decision makers. The Vance R. Wanner Memorial Award is recognizes a military operations researchprofessional who has played a major role in strengthening the profession. Winners havedistinguished service over time to the profession of military operations research anddemonstrated sustained excellence as a leader and a manager in the conduct of militaryoperations research, resulting in important contributions to national security.
  2. 2. The Wayne P. Hughes Junior Analyst Award is a relatively new award, first awarded in2007. This particular award is a great way to recognize a new operations research analyst andenhance their resume. The 2010 Hughes Nominations for the Thomas, Wanner and Hughesawards are requested to be submitted by 1 April 2011. The John K. Walker, Jr. Award acknowledges the author(s) of the best technical articlepublished in PHALANX, The Bulletin of Military Operations Research, during the previouscalendar year. The MOR Journal Award recognizes the authors of the best article in the journalMilitary Operations Research. No nominations required for the Walker or MOR Journal award,just keep submitting the outstanding papers to Phalanx and to Military Operations Research. In addition to the five prestigious MORS awards discussed above, the Society alsopresents two highly coveted prizes annually; The Rist Prize and The Barchi Prize. The Rist Prize prize is given to recognize outstanding research leading to importantapplication. The award’s criteria include originality and ingenuity, as well as the importance ofthe problem and the impact of the solution. Authors can self-nominate. Nominations mustinclude a three page abstract and a letter from a senior Government/Industry officialdocumenting the value of the implemented solution. Finalists will present at the 79 th MORSAnnual Symposium which will be held at the Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA, andwill be judged by MORS Sponsors. Nominations are due Thursday, January 14th, 2011.
  3. 3. The Barchi Prize is presented to recognize the best paper presented at the 78 th MORSS.It rewards methodological advances as well as groundbreaking applications. Each 78 th MORSSWorking Group, Composite Group, and Special Session Chair was asked to nominate candidatesfor this year’s award. Nominees have been notified and asked to submit a full paper by the 30December 2010 deadline. The papers will be judged by a panel comprised of MORS BoardMembers and outside experts. The winner(s) will be announced at the 79 th MORSS inMonterey and give an encore presentation of their work during the Symposium. With all the great analysts in our organizations and the tremendous work they are doing insupport of Homeland Defense and National Security we are expecting and hoping for tens ofnominations/applications for these awards and prizes. While this makes extra work for theAwards and Prize Committees, we look forward to reviewing and recognizing the exceptionalaccomplishments of our friends and colleagues. Recognition of our colleagues requiresmembers of MORS to takes time and effort by each of us to contemplate and compose anomination/application for what people have done recently and over the course of theirprofessional careers. When one of your friends, co-workers, MORS acquaintance or mentors isacknowledged as attaining a milestone it should warm your heart. This is a wonderfulopportunity for a co-worker or a supervisor to forward one of their outstanding analysts forrecognition or for anyone of us to thank our mentor by submitting them. More information can be found on MORS Awards and MORS Prizes at the MORS web site( Click on the folder labeled Our Heritage and follow to the Prizes and Awardssub-folder. If you have MORS Awards questions that need a more personal touch, please
  4. 4. contact Dr. Dave Spoerl ( If you have MORS Prize questions that need amore personal touch, please contact Dr. Jerry Diaz ( You may alsocontact Mr. Eric Hamp ( of the MORS office for information about MORS Awards orMORS Prizes.