PLTW EDD: Unit 1, Lesson 2 - Documenting Process
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PLTW EDD: Unit 1, Lesson 2 - Documenting Process



Documenting Process

Documenting Process



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  • What is the difference between process documentation and outcome documentation?[click] Process documentation involves recording the process involved in taking your project from conception to implementation. Every idea, task, discussion, research finding, sketch, decision , etc. relating to the project is documented in order to show a clear and indisputable path for the design.[click] Outcome documentation is intended to demonstrate the outcome of your work. It is generally taken from the process documentation but is not intended to show every minute detail of the process. Outcome documentation highlights the major components that contributed to the final product and is geared to the audience to whom it will be presented.
  • An engineering notebook is an example of process documentation – it describes the process through which a problem is solved.“The purpose of an engineering notebook is to offer a time-sequential written documentation of the efforts of its author on a project. It is the equivalent of a technical diary and has many functions.”
  • As computers become more portable, as digitalconcept drawings become more common, and as it becomes common practice for engineering and design teams to work together from a distance, engineering documentation will also have more digital aspects. Digital documentation should be carefully documented to protect ideas and the process.Items that do not seem to be directly related to the project and seem unimportant now may become important in the future. Keep everything that is remotely related to the project.
  • A portfolio is an example of outcome documentation. It describes the outcome of a design process. A portfolio is much different than a three ring binder. A portfolio is created to portray a specific project or highlight best work. A three ring binder in a PLTW course is a way to organize all materials from the course. A course portfolio could be created for a course using some of the three ring binder contents. However, highlighting a student’s best work from a course would not include every item from a course, particularly those items that are not original work.

PLTW EDD: Unit 1, Lesson 2 - Documenting Process PLTW EDD: Unit 1, Lesson 2 - Documenting Process Presentation Transcript

  • Documenting the Process
  • Documenting the Process Presenting your work in a clear, coherent fashion… Process Documentation Outcome Documentation versus Recording and documenting every step of the journey… versus
  • Why Document? What happened and when? – Whose idea was it? – Who can corroborate? – What research was done? – What experts were consulted? – Documentation can be your best evidence for proving that an idea or discovery was yours and when you had the idea. – Documentation is the best way to communicate your ideas and thought processes to others. “If it isn't written down, it didn't happen.“
  • Process Versus Outcome Documentation Process Documentation Engineering Notebook – A book in which an engineer will formally document, in chronological order, all work that is associated with a specific design project. every idea… every research link… every interview… …dates …times …places
  • Process versus Outcome Documentation Process Documentation Digital Files – Relevant digital files should inserted into the engineering notebook. – All digital files should be stored in a secure and organized location. – Digital files should be regularly backed up. “Everything Else” – Everything else that has been printed, copied, or is a hard copy should go into an organized three ring binder. – Class notes and material not specific to your EDD project can also be organized in the three ring binder. every idea… every research link… every interview… …dates …times …places
  • Process versus Outcome Documentation Outcome Documentation • Mostly derived from the work and documentation of the process documentation • The format and components of the outcome documentation are dependent on the audience – Your peers? – A panel of reviewers? – Investors? – Trade journal article? – Patent office? – Customers? “Tell me how you got from A to Z, how you made decisions along the way, and what you have learned…” Microsoft Clipart
  • Process versus Outcome Documentation Outcome Documentation Common elements of most outcome documentation – The problem and the solution – Sketches and technical drawings – Models / prototypes – Research • Specific to the problem and design • Market research – Test procedures and data – Expert input
  • Process versus Outcome Documentation Outcome Documentation Common forms of outcome documentation – Project portfolio – Trade journal article – Website – Trade show – Formal/juried presentation – Three panel display – Research paper Note: Combinations of the above and others also are used. Microsoft Clipart
  • Documenting the Process • Why Document? • Process versus Outcome Documentation Questions or Comments?
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