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WWII WWII Presentation Transcript

  • Bell Work
    • Mein Kampf expressed the political views of who?
    • Adolph Hitler
  • Objective: Cover the events that lead to the start of WWII
    • Adolf Hitler believed that Germany could build a great civilization
    • To do this Germany needed more land
    • His plan to enslave the Slavic people of the eastern Soviet Union
    • Hitler stops following the Treaty of Versailles and the world does nothing
    • March 1936 Hitler sends troops into the Rhineland
    • This area was suppose to remain demilitarized
    • France and Britain does nothing
    • This was the beginning of the policy of Appeasement
    • Hitler gains new Allies
    • Bento Mussolini new fascist leader of Italy
    • Mussolini and Hitler sign treaty to form Axis Powers
    • Soon afterwards Japan joins the alliance
    • By 1937 Germany is a powerful nation and annexes Austria
    • The world does nothing
    • In 1938 Hitler demands that the Sudetenland be given to Germany
    • World Leaders at the Munich Conference give in to Hitler’s demands (Appeasement)
    • Neville Chamberlin British Prime minister declares “Peace in our time”
    • He believes Hitler is going to stop invading countries, he is wrong.
    • Six months after Munich, Hitler takes the rest of Czechoslovakia
    • Hitler then signs a Nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union
    • Hitler then offers eastern Poland to Stalin
    • September 1931, Japanese soldiers seized Manchuria for iron and coal resources
    • Japanese stage a fake Chinese attack to justify invasion
    • League of Nations condemns attack but does nothing
    • Chiang Kai-shek tries to appease the Japanese by letting Japan occupy northern China
    • In 1936 Chinese and Japanese forces clash south of Beijing
    • Japanese seized the capital Kai-shek refused to surrender
    • Japan planned to invade Siberia and divide its resources with Germany
    • The Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact changed that
    • Instead they plan to invade Southeast Asia, they were willing to risk a strong response from the U.S. and Europe
    • In 1940 Japan demanded the right to invade Southeast Asia and then invaded
    • U.S. responded by imposing sanctions until Japan withdrew from Southeast Asia
    • Japan badly needed oil and scrap iron from the U.S.
    • After a long debate Japan decided to launch a surprise attack on the U.S.