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WWI WWI Presentation Transcript

  • Bell Work
    • What caused the Boxer Rebellion?
    • Resentment of foreign influence in China
  • World War I Objective: Cover the major events of the first world war
    • The Alliance System
    • Triple Alliance or Central Powers:
    • Germany
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Italy (At Start of War)
    • Triple Entente or Allied Powers:
    • Great Britain
    • France
    • Russia
    • I. Nationalism : The feeling one has for one's nation or homeland.
    • II. Militarism : The building up of armies and navies.
    • III. Alliances : A strategic friendship between two or more nations
    • IV. Dissent within Nations: The Spark that starts WWI : The assassination of the heir to the throne of Austria started the war. WWI will last four years and millions will die.
  • Outbreak of War
    • Arch Duke Ferdinand was killed by a Serbian Terrorist
    • Austro-Hungarian ask for help from Germany and then declare war on Serbia
    • Serbia is backed by Russia When war is declared on Serbia Russia becomes involved
    • WWI is a total war meaning a complete moblizati0n of people and resources
  • Outbreak of War
    • Germany tells Russia to stop mobilizing
    • Russia refuses and Germany considers it an act of war
    • Germany declares war on Russia. Since France is an ally of Russia Germany declares war on France also.
    • Germany invades Belgium and Britain declares war on Germany
  • Western Front
    • Germany’s Schlieffen Plan attack both Russia and France
    • Germany sweeps through Belgium and is stop in France at the battle of Marne
    • Front turns into a stalemate neither side can gain ground
    • Trench Warfare begins
  • The Great Slaughter
    • Trenches on the western front included massive tangles of barded wire, Machine gun nests, gun batteries, and heavy artillery. Soldiers lived in holes in the ground
    • The territory between the two sides was called no-man’s land
  • The Great Slaughter
    • Military leaders are not use to fighting a trench warfare type of war
    • They throw massive waves of infantry at the enemy. Only to be cut down by machine guns and artillery
    • Millions died in these attacks
    • The battle of Verdun 700,000 men are killed in ten months
    • WWI becomes a war of attrition
  • Eastern Front
    • War was far more mobile
    • Russian Army invades Germany but is pushed back
    • Russians push Austria-Hungary out of Serbia
    • Italy switches sides an attacks Austria-Hungary
    • Germany comes to Austria aid and together defeat Russia 2.5 million Russians are killed
  • Causes Of WWI
    • A) Modern science and technology produced weapons of great destruction and killing power (the machine gun, artillery, airplane, submarine, poison gas, the tank )
  • Expanding the war
    • Because the war was bogged down both sides try to gain new allies
    • 1914 Allies declare war on the Ottoman Empire
    • 1915 open a third front in the Balkans
    • After a disastrous campaign the Allies withdraw
    • 1918 British forces defeat Ottoman Empire by using soldiers from Australia, India, and New Zealand
    • Allies begin seizing German colonies around the world
  • Weapons of WWI