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The Nation’S New Constitution
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The Nation’S New Constitution






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  • this is not about Southern and Northern states, that comes later, decades later. More accurately it is a compromise between populous states and not-so-populous states. The Virginia plan had advocated states with larger population have a larger share of legislative votes . . in BOTH houses of Congress
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  • Agreement on legislative power in Congress was already established
    it was the Virginia plan offered by Madison that first suggested a bicameral legislature
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    The Nation’S New Constitution The Nation’S New Constitution Presentation Transcript

    • The Nation’s New Constitution
    • Articles of Confederation
      • Establish Federal Government
      • Modeled after Iroquois Nation
      • United the colonies under one government
      • Allowed them to sign Paris Treaty
      • Passed Northwest Ordinance
    • Problems with the Article of Confederation
      • Weak central government
      • Could not collect taxes
      • Had no army
      • Did not have a central currency (one type of money)
    • Shays Rebellion 1786
      • Poor farmers couldn’t pay taxes
      • Daniel Shays led an army of angry farmers
      • Burn down courthouses
      • Private business had to hired soldiers to end the rebellion
      • Show the nation a stronger government was needed
    • Constitutional Convention
      • Trashed Articles of Confederation
      • Started over
      • George Washington was President of the Convention
      • Agreed to have a representative government
      • Studied Athens, Magna Carta, Glorious Revolution, Jewish and Christian Virtues
    • The Great Compromise
      • Agreed Congress should make laws
      • Established two houses
      • Senate based on equal representation
      • House of Representatives based on population
    • Slavery Compromise
      • Allowed slave trade until 1808
      • 3/5 compromise slaves would be counted as a 3/5 of a human
    • The Six Principles of the Constitution
      • 1. Government gets its power from the people
      • 2. Federalism power to be shared or divided between the states and federal government
      • 3. Believed in limited government
      • 4. Separation of Powers between the three branches of government
      • 5. Checks and Balances
          • Example: President picks a judge the Senate approves
      • 6. Flexibility- The Elastic Clause
    • Ratifying the Constitution
      • Delegates worked throughout the long hot summer of 1787
      • Need nine out of thirteen colonies to sign to make it law
      • Some delegates argue to include Bill of Rights
      • Federalist Vs. Antifederalist
    • Bill of Rights
      • Ratified 1791
    • The End