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Road To Revolution
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Road To Revolution


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Road To Revolution
  • 2. Back Ground Information Of The Revolution
    • 1215 nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta
    • First set of laws to limit the power of the king
    • Allowed nobles to help write laws
    • This was the start of Parliament
  • 3. Parliament
    • Men who had the right to vote voted for representatives
    • England had a representative government because of Parliament
    • In 1668 Parliament forced King James II to leave England
    • Ask William and Mary to become new monarchs
  • 4. English Bill of Rights
    • William and Mary had to sign English bill of rights
    • Only Parliament could rise an army
    • Only Parliament could tax the people
    • Citizens right to bear arms
    • Trial by Jury
  • 5. Colonial Government
    • Made its own laws separate from England
    • Each colony had an assembly
    • Consisted of two houses (upper and lower)
    • Lower house control taxes and money
    • Upper house chosen by the governor of the colony
    • By 1750 most men who owned property could vote
  • 6. 1760
    • King George III takes power in England
    • Takes a more active role in colonies
    • One reason for this was the cost of fighting the French
  • 7. French and Indian War (1754)
    • French settled West of the Appalachian Mountains in the Ohio Valley
    • English settled on the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains
    • English begin to move into the Ohio Valley the French and Indians attack
  • 8. French and Indian War
    • Many Indian nations fought with the French
    • Only the Iroquois fought with the English
    • A 21year old Virginia soldier would be called to fight his name was George Washington
    • Washington gains much military experience
  • 9. French and Indian War (1759)
    • British capture key cities, Quebec and Montreal
    • French Surrendered
    • Sign Treaty of Paris
    • France loses all its land in North America
    • Spain French Ally loses Florida
    • Everything east of the Mississippi is now English
  • 10. Problems after the War
    • King George III write the Proclamation of 1763
    • Stop settlers from moving west into the Ohio Valley
    • Something for which they fought and died for during the war
  • 11. Problems after the War
    • Parliament begins to pass more taxes
    • England needed money to pay for the war
    • Colonist believed Parliament had no right to pass taxes
    • “No Taxation without representation”
    • Parliament disagrees
    • American’s begin to unite
  • 12. Road to War
    • Colonist began to think of themselves has more American then British
    • Form groups like the Sons of Liberty
    • Begin to boycott English goods
    • Boycott hurts the English and Parliament repeals some laws
    • Other Americans turn to violence
  • 13. Boston Massacre (1770)
    • A group of men and boys throw snowballs at British soldiers in Boston
    • Soldiers response by opening fire
    • Killing five colonist
    • A Sketch was made and spreads to the other colonies
    • Turns many Americans against the king
  • 14. Boston Tea Party (1773)
    • British pass Tea Act
    • Sam Adams plans the Boston Tea Party
    • Sneaks aboard a British ship and dumps tea overboard
    • King is furious
    • Closes Boston Harbor until tea is paid for
    • Americans call this the Intolerable Acts
  • 15. Colonies Prepare for War
    • 12 protest leaders meet in Philadelphia
    • First Continental Congress
    • Write letter to king outlining problems
    • Decide each colony would raise a militia
    • Would meet again in May 1775
  • 16. Shot Heard Around The World
    • With in a month militias are formed call minutemen
    • Massachusetts begins stockpiling weapons at Concord
    • Sons of liberty learns of British attack plans
    • Paul Revere rides
  • 17. Shot Heard Around The World
    • The next day minutemen stand ready
    • Engage British forces at Lexington
    • Eight minutemen killed
    • British march toward Concord but are beating back to Boston
    • The Revolution had begun