Reaction And Revolution

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  • 1. Bell Work
    • This person discovered gravity and proposed that the universe was predicable and ran like a machine
    • Sir Isaac Newton
  • 2. Reaction and Revolution Objective: Cover the Congress of Vienna to rise of nationalism
  • 3. Congress of Vienna
    • After Napoleon’s defeat the powers of Austria, Prussia, Russia, and England met
    • They wanted to restore the old order in Europe
    • Members use the principal of legitimacy to restore monarchs deposed by Napoleon
  • 4. Congress of Vienna
    • Members also rearrange European territories to form a new balance of military and political power
    • The arrangement stopped the forces set loose by the French Revolution
    • This gave rise to a political philosophy called conservatism
  • 5. Conservatism
    • Is based on tradition and social stability
    • Obedience to traditional political authority
    • Believed organize religion is important to society
    • The congress of Vienna would continue to meet to keep the balance of power in Europe called Concert of Europe
  • 6. Liberalism
    • Based on principals of the Enlightenment
    • Protection of basic rights of people
    • Free from government restraint
    • Support religious toleration
    • Separation of church and State
  • 7. Nationalism
    • Arose out of people’s awareness of belonging to a community with a common institutions, traditions, language, and custom called a nation
    • Citizens owe their loyalty to the nation
    • Favored a strong central government
  • 8. Revolutions of 1848
    • Conservatives feared the nationalists
    • They move to suppress the nationalists
    • Nationalist and liberals unite to fight the conservatives
    • This causes revolutions in France, Germany, Austria, Italy
    • All of these failed and conservatism continued
  • 9. Breakdown of the Concert of Europe
    • Eventually the nationalist have their day and defeat the old order conservatism in 1871
    • Germany and Italy were unified
    • The Crimean War ended and Russia and Austria become enemies this ends the Concert of Europe