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Gangs In Schools
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Gangs In Schools


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Published in: Sports

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Gangs in Schools: a survival guide for parents
    • 2. What Is A Gang?
      • A gang is three or more people, who share a unique name, mark of symbols, who
      • Associate together on a regular basis
      • Has a chain of command
      • And engages in antisocial behavior
      • Unlawful or criminal activity
      • To further the gang’s social or economical status
    • 3. Level Of Membership
      • Apprentice stage - wannabe, peewee, baby gangster
      • Emulation stage - associate, peripheral
      • Membership stage-gangster, soldier, Baller, high roller
      • Hardcore -boss, Veterano, O.G.,Original gangster, shot caller
    • 4. Signs To Look For
      • Adoption of a favorite color generally red or blue
      • Gang graffiti on books, binders, backpacks, etc…
      • Spends increasing time away from family
      • Listens to gangster rap (which promotes criminal activity)
      • Gang pictures or drawings
      • Use of hand signs in personal pictures
    • 5. Surenos
      • Sureno street gang members often identify with the symbols XIII, X3, 13, and 3-dots.
      • 13th letter of the alphabet "M" which stands for Mexican mafia.
      • The gang identifies with the color blue and the words Sureno, Sur and southerner.
      • Other symbols include a black hand, la Eme (meaning 'the M' in Spanish) and MM (Mexican mafia).
    • 6. Sureno Symbols And Tagging
    • 7. Sureno Symbols And Tagging
    • 8. Sureno Symbols And Tagging
    • 9. Nortenos
      • Norteno street gang members often identify with the symbols XIV, X4, 14, and 4-dots
      • Fourteen refers to the 14th letter of the alphabet "N" which stands for Norteno or the Nuestra Familia
      • The gang associates with the color red and the words Norteno, Norte and northerner
      • Other symbols include a 5-pointed star, symbolizing the "north" star and the Huegla bird, the symbol used by the united farm workers association--these two tattoos (star & bird) must be earned through committing an assault or murder on their enemies, the Surenos.
    • 10. Nortenos Symbols And Tagging
    • 11. Nortenos Symbols And Tagging
    • 12. Nortenos Symbols And Tagging
    • 13. Nortenos Symbols And Tagging
    • 14. What Can You Do?
      • Communicate
        • With the school regularly about attendance, behavior, and grades
        • With the parents of your child’s friends
      • Monitor
        • Who your child associates with
        • The music they listen too
        • Computer activity
      • Search
        • Their room and backpacks
      • Educate
        • Yourself about gangs, drugs, etc...
    • 15. You Only Get One Chance
    • 16. The End Any Questions?