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Early Governments In The U
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Early Governments In The U






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Early Governments In The U Early Governments In The U Presentation Transcript

  • Objective: What: Cover the early governments of the U.S. How: by guided note-taking via PowerPoint
  • Colonial Governments
    • By 1753 Great Britain ruled 13 colonies
    • Colonists voted for representatives to write laws in their legislature
    • The King would chose the Governor
    • Democracy in the colonies was very similar to Great Britain’s
  • Colonial Governments
    • Many colonies believed in Natural Rights
    • These include life, liberty, and property
    • Colonist wanted the government to protect their rights
    • Every man who owned land in the colonies could vote
  • Revolution and Independence
    • 1760 King George becomes Britain’s new king
    • Britain spent large amounts of money during the French and Indian war
    • Britain won in 1763 and King George wanted to tax the colonies to help pay for the war
  • The King’s New Laws
    • Stamp Act- a tax paid on all newspapers, books, even playing cards
    • Quarters Act- forced colonists to house soldiers in their homes
    • Tea act- placed a tax on tea
    • Colonists felt it was unfair to be tax without representation
  • Boston Tea Party
    • Colonist were angry and through the King’s tea in to Boston Harbor
    • The king closes the harbor
    • In response the colonist form the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia
    • They decide to stop all trade with Britain
  • Problems Become Worst
    • King George refuses to negotiate with the Colonist
    • Colonist decide to form their own army
    • In 1775 the Second Continental Congress meet in Philadelphia
    • By now the delegates wanted independence
  • Declaration of Independence
    • Delegates ask Thomas Jefferson to write Dec. Independence
    • The document included the ideas of natural rights and that the government gets its power from the people
  • Articles of Confederation
    • Was the first attempt at a national government
    • It gave most of the powers to the states
    • The central government was very weak
    • It could not collect taxes
    • Raise an army
    • Also each state printed its own money
  • 1787
    • Many people recognize the need for change
    • Delegates meet to discuss changes
    • And instead decide to start over from scratch…