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9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold
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9.1&2 Progressivism Takes Hold


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  • 1. Progressivism Takes Hold Objective: Analyze the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and Progressivism
  • 2. Teddy Roosevelt the Man of Action
    • After graduating Harvard He entered politics
    • In 1881 won election to N.Y. state assembly
    • On Feb. 14 th 1884 in a twist of fate his wife and mother died suddenly on the same day
    • Devastated he left politics for the Dakota Territory to run cattle
  • 3. Teddy Roosevelt
    • After 12 years he returned to politics and held various positions including Assistant Secretary of the Navy until he resigned to fight in the Spanish American war
    • After the war made him a hero he was chosen to be McKinley’s V.P.
    • After fifteen months as V.P. events would lead to another twist of fate
  • 4. The Assassination of President McKinley
    • As McKinley shook hands with Leon Czolgosz he fired two shots
    • Leon was an anarchist with an impulse to kill a great ruler
    • Leon was electrocuted within a month for his crime
  • 5. Teddy as President
    • Roosevelt was the first modern President
    • He would put Progressive ideas in to action
    • He was also known as the Father of Park System
    • He established five new national park systems
  • 6. Supervising Big Business
    • Roosevelt was known as trust buster
    • Use Sherman Antitrust Act to bust up Big Business
    • His programs of reform was know as “The Square Deal”
    • Pushed the Meat Inspection Act and Pure Drug and Food Act in Congress
    • Established the Food and Drug Administration
  • 7. Taft as President
    • Prosecuted twice as many trusts as Roosevelt including Standard Oil
    • He also expanded our national forests
    • Also supported laws requiring mine owners to increase saftey
  • 8. Wilson as President
    • Entered politics with a firm set of morals
    • Wilson believed societies elite should run government not the common man
    • Wilson reformed tariffs, banking, trusts, and rights of workers
    • Wilson reduced tariffs by 50% of 1890s levels
  • 9. Wilson as President
    • He established the Federal Reserve System to act as a central bank for the entire economy and require banks to maintain a cash reserve
    • Worked to pass the Clayton Antitrust Act which broadened the Sherman Act of 1890
    • Established the Federal Trade Commission to stop unfair trading
  • 10. Protecting Workers
    • Wilson signed the first federal law regulating the use of children as workers in factories
    • Wilson saw himself as a crusader who used federal power to protect common citizens
    • Wilson’s toughest challenges lay ahead of him on the battle front of western Europe