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6.3 The Reconstruction Of The South
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6.3 The Reconstruction Of The South


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  • 1. The Reconstruction of the South Objective: Analyze the years following the civil war and the reconstruction of the south
  • 2. Lincoln’s Plan
    • Reunite all of the states and rebuild country
    • Southern states can rejoin if….
    • 1/10 of voters pledge an oath of loyalty
  • 3. Radical Republicans
    • Hate Lincoln’s plan
    • Want to punish the south
    • They become furious when former Confederate leaders are elected to Congress
    • Outraged at passing of Black Codes which severely restricted the rights of newly freed African Americans
  • 4. Radicals Respond
    • Pass Civil Rights Act 1866
    • Said Blacks have equal rights under the law and are citizens
    • Passed 14 th Amendment
    • 1. Said anyone born here is an American 2. States can not pass laws to take away rights 3. States had to give people Due Process
  • 5. 1867 Reconstruction Act
    • 1. Any Government under Lincoln’s or Johnston plan will not be recognized
    • 2. Confederate leaders can not vote or hold office
    • 3. All White and Black men can vote and be elected
    • 4. Southern states must write new constitution that guarantees Blacks right to vote
    • 5. Southern States must ratify 14 th Amendment
  • 6. President Johnson
    • Tries to vetoed Reconstruction Act
    • Congress overrides veto with majority vote
    • Radicals Use High Crimes and Treason
    • Try to Impeach Johnston
    • Fail to impeach by just 1 vote
  • 7. Ku Klux Klan
    • Domestic terror group
    • Founded by southern whites
    • To suppress Blacks and keep them from using their new rights
    • Responsible for beating and killing many blacks and white sympathizers
  • 8. Freedmen Bureau
    • Gave clothes, food, medical care to poor blacks and whites
    • Open over 4,000 schools
    • Many hospitals
    • Several universities
    • Despite effort many blacks still poor and jobless
  • 9. Sharecroppers
    • Rented farmland from owner
    • Paid by giving over share of crops
    • Had to pay for tools, seeds, and farm animals
    • Very little was left over for family
    • Started cycle of poverty
  • 10. Gen. Grant As President
    • Grant wins election thanks to the Black vote
    • Grant is a poor President
    • Plague by many scandals
    • 15 th Amendment passed
    • Can not deny a citizen the right to vote based on race
  • 11. South During Reconstruction
    • Three main groups Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, and Blacks
    • Carpetbaggers abuse power to become rich
    • Scalawags white republicans, small farmers, who wanted the power old plantation owners had
    • Blacks smallest group in government
  • 12. Compromise of 1877
    • Election of 1877 was very close
    • Hayes becomes President after many concessions to the Democrats
    • Remove federal troops from the south was a condition
    • Use federal money to rebuild southern railroads