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26 Clinton And Bush Administrations
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26 Clinton And Bush Administrations


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Clinton and Bush Administrations Objective: Analyze the presidency and policies of Clinton and Bush
  • 2. Bill Clinton
    • President 1992-2000
    • Defeated Bush Sr. over economic issues
    • Unsuccessfully tried to promote a major reform of the Health Care System
    • Faced impeachment for obstruction of Justice
  • 3. New Family Dynamic
    • ¼ of all children raised in one parent households
    • Mostly female headed homes
    • Why is this a trend?
  • 4. Other Trends
    • Over 40 million people 65 or older
    • As Baby Boomers retire social security will go bankrupt
    • This means no social security for you!
    • More women in the workforce
    • 2 income families are the norm
    • More Americans settling in the south and west
    • Family farms are on the decrease since the 1960’s
  • 5. George Walker Bush
    • President 2000-2008
    • Was President during Sept. 11 th
    • Attacked Afghanistan to get Bin Laden
    • Attacked Iraq over fear of WMD’s
    • Work to stop Iran and North Korea from developing nuclear weapons
    • Passed No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) to improve education
  • 6. September 11 th
    • Terrorist spent years planning attack
    • 19 terrorist hijacked four planes
    • Killed 3,000 Americans
    • 2 planes hit the World Trade Center
    • 1 plane hit the Pentagon
    • 1 plane crashed in an empty field in Pennsylvania (Flight 93- fought back)
  • 7. In the Wake of 9/11
    • The attacks on 9/11 caused a major change in U.S. foreign policy
    • Filled many Americans with anger and grief
    • It also focused the world’s attention on terrorism
    • This event would led to attacks oversea
  • 8. Al Qaeda (The Base)
    • Was formed in 1989 by Osama bin Laden
    • Osama became a hero during war in Afghanistan against Soviets
    • 1996 Taliban takes over Afghanistan
    • Allows Osama to setup bases
    • Trains thousands of terrorist
  • 9. War on Terror
    • President Bush orders Taliban to turn over Bin Laden
    • Taliban refuses
    • Oct. 2001 U.S. goes to war
    • U.S. joins with the Northern Alliance to destroy the Taliban
    • Bin Laden escapes to Pakistan
  • 10. Preventing Future Attacks
    • The Patriot Act is passed in Oct. 2001
    • Gives increase power to Law Enforcement
    • Jan. 2002 Dept. of Homeland Security is formed to protect America
    • The dept. collected 22 other agencies from other depts. Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Secret Service
  • 11. Review
    • Clinton defeated GHW Bush because of?
    • Ans. An economic downturn
    • Clinton failed to reform what national system?
    • Ans. Health care
    • What President survived impeachment on perjury and obstruction charges?
    • Ans. Clinton