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16 Political Parties And Voters
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16 Political Parties And Voters






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16 Political Parties And Voters 16 Political Parties And Voters Presentation Transcript

  • Objective: Analyze the rise of political parties in America and understand the American voter How: Guided note-taking via PowerPoint
    • A political party is a group of people with broad common interests who organize to win elections, control government, and influence government policy
    • In a one-party system the party, in effect, is the party
    • These are usually found in nations with authoritarian governments
    • These parties often come to power by force
    • Theocracy is a government dominated by a religion
    • Two main political parties,
    • The Republicans- believe in less government, less taxes, are considered pro business
    • and the Democrats- believe in more government, more taxes to provide more programs for people, are considered unfriendly towards businesses
    • 1. They set goals for the nation called a party platform
    • 2. in order to carry out the platform parties get involved in the election
    • 3. They inform the American people about the candidates and the platform
    • 4. By helping their members into Congress and state legislatures they put their platform ideas into action
    • 5. They keep an eye on the other party to make sure they are doing what they should be
    • Began more than 200 years ago
    • The Framers and George Washington were against political parties
    • They felt it would lead to fighting in the government…..Boy were they right!!!!
    • Federalists wanted a strong central government
    • Anti-federalists felt it gave too much power to the federal government
    • The nation has smaller political parties called third parties
    • Third parties start for three reasons
    • 1. They have a different idea about how to run the country
    • 2. They form to support one issue
    • 3. Sometimes members of the major parties will quit and form their own party
    • Every citizen can join a party there are no dues and age requirement
    • Political parties depend on volunteers to do much of the work
    • Who can vote?
    • People must meet four requirements
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have American citizenship
    • Must live where they vote
    • Must register to vote prior to election day
    • There are several reasons people don’t vote
    • 1. they feel they don’t know enough about the issues
    • 2. people feel their vote doesn’t count
    • 3. they don’t like either candidate
    • 4. Some don’t care
    • 5. Don’t feel a strong tie to a party
    • 6. People want to vote but they can’t get their
    • The average voter is usually more than 35 years old, white, married, and has more education and income then nonvoters
    • Voters are often party members
    • They believe their vote is important
    • Ways to become informed is by watching T.V. news, read, and watch the debates