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  • 1. P.A.C’s and Interest Groups Objective: Analyze the role that special interest plays in the nation’s agenda
  • 2. M.A.D.D.
    • Cindy Lighter founded M.A.D.D. (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) after her daughter was killed by a drunk driver
    • She worked to have stronger laws passed at offenders driving drunk
    • People across the nation gave her money to support her fight
  • 3. Purpose of Interest Groups
    • Interest groups are organizations that people form in order to change or make laws that benefit their interest
    • There are 4,000 PACS in Washington
    • There are 3 common types of groups
    • 1. Businesses activity
    • 2. Private interest groups
    • 3. Public interest groups
  • 4. How do They Influence Government
    • Interest groups hire people to influence Congress to vote their way
    • They are called lobbyists and there are 34,750 of them in Washington
    • That’s 65 lobbyist for each member of Congress
    • These lobbyists bring information to the members of Congress on important issues
  • 5. How do They Influence Government
    • They use media to get their message out to the public
    • They write letters to newspapers and citizens to get them involved
    • They provide members of their interest group with information about issues affecting them or about who supports them in Congress
  • 6. Why do Interest Groups form P.A.Cs
    • To help candidates win elections
    • Collect money for campaigns from members and others
    • PACs can only give 5,000 dollars to each candidate
    • But it can run it’s own campaign for a candidate and spend as much as it wants
  • 7. Does Special Interest Help the Government
    • Some people believe they are harmful, because of the pressure they can bring on Congress
    • They fear the possibility of corruption
    • Others believe they are good and can help bring Congress’s attention to important issues
    • They view special interest as a source of special information
  • 8.