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15.2 The War Begin
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15.2 The War Begin


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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  • 1. Objective: Analyze the shooting war between the Axis and Allied powers
  • 2.
    • After invading and conquering Poland with Stalin
    • Hitler makes quick work of Denmark, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway
  • 3.
    • France builds the Maginot Line
    • Germans bypass the line by passing through the Ardennes forest
    • Cut off Allied soldiers had to escape they use the French port of Dunkirk to cross English Channel to Britain
    • Paris falls in June 1940
  • 4.
    • Hitler felt Britain would surrender
    • Churchill refuses
    • Bombed England day and night for 10 months
    • People sleep in subways to avoid the bombs
    • RAF fought around the clock
    • Defeats the German Air Force
  • 5.
    • Starts the Selective Service (Draft)
    • Destroyers for bases Act- gives Britain 50 old destroyers for leases to bases in British territory
    • Roosevelt believes America must be the Arsenal for Democracy
    • Signs Lend-Lease Act- Gives supplies to the Allies
  • 6.
    • Roosevelt and Churchill both wanted to stop Hitler
    • They both agreed on a set of common principals establishing their goals for a postwar world
    • Including a nation’s right to choose its own government free from fear or aggression.
    • This would lead to the establishment of the United Nations
  • 7.
    • Japan continues to aggressively expand
    • Fueled by victories over China and Russia
    • American responds by applying economic pressure
    • FDR places an embargo on the sale of scrap metal to Japan
    • When Japan continues to invade other countries, FDR expands the embargo to include oil
  • 8.
    • Despite mounting tensions the U.S. continue to negotiate to find a solution with Japan
    • Japan however had other ideas
    • Yamamoto’s Plan was to launch a surprise attack against the U.S. Navy fleet at Pearl Harbor
    • Taking the U.S. out would allow Japan to rapidly expand while the U.S. rebuilt it’s fleet
    • Japan believed the U.S. would not fight to regain lose territory
  • 9.
    • What was the purpose of the Lend-Lease Act?
    • Ans. Gives supplies to the Allies
    • Who believed American must be the Arsenal of democracy?
    • Ans. FDR
    • What was the founding document of the United Nations?
    • Ans. Atlantic Charter
  • 10.
    • Who as the founder of the Back to Africa movement?
    • Ans. Marcus Garvey
    • American culture was spread to other nations by?
    • Ans. radio and movies
    • What invention led to the spread of urban sprawl?
    • The Auto (car)