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15.1 The Road To War
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15.1 The Road To War


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. The Road to War Objective: Analyze the events that lead to the beginning of World War II
  • 2. The Causes of WWII
    • The Treaty of Versailles was too harsh Germans were angry about reparations, lack of military
    • League of Nations was too weak
    • The rise of Totalitarian governments (dictators)
    • Nationalism and Imperialism
    • Militarism
  • 3. Rise of Dictators
    • Benito Mussolini (El Duce)
    • Fascist leader of Italy
    • Believed nation and race were more important than the individual
    • Used ruthless tactics to destroy his opponents
    • Became a totalitarian dictator controlling all aspects of Italian life
    • Italy invades Ethiopia League of Nations does nothing
  • 4. Rise of Dictators
    • Adolf Hitler (Führer)
    • Stop following the Treaty of Versailles
    • Begins building a huge military
    • Appeals to German Nationalism tells the German people they are the “Master Race”
    • Germany enters Rhineland in 1936 then took Austria
    • League of Nations does nothing
  • 5. Aggression of Dictators
    • In Japan, military leaders made all important government decisions
    • 1931 Japan invades Manchuria for resources and later invades other parts of Asia
    • In 1941 General Hideki Tojo becomes a dictator
  • 6. Prelude to War
    • 1936 Italy and Germany form an Alliance called the Axis Powers
    • 1940 Japans joins the Alliance
    • In 1938 Hitler states all German speaking people must form one country
    • Hitler invades Austria and then part of Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland)
  • 7. Appeasement
    • Appeasement: giving someone what they want
    • Neville Chamberlain thought he could make peace
    • Chamberlain makes a deal with Hitler and returns to Britain with “Peace in our Time”
    • Six months later Hitler conquers the rest of Czechoslovakia
  • 8. Hitler’s Next Move
    • After taking Czechoslovakia
    • Hitler wanted Poland
    • Hitler signs non-aggression pack with Soviets
  • 9. The War Begins
    • Sept 1, 1939 Nazis invade Poland
    • Two days later Britain and France declare war
    • WWII begins
    • Blitzkrieg--- Lightning War
    • Making quick, surprise attacks using tanks and airplanes
  • 10. Review
    • What is appeasement?
    • Ans. giving someone what they want
    • Germany signed a non-aggression pack with whom?
    • Ans. Soviet Union
    • This agency put people to work fighting soil erosion and building parks
    • Ans. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)