Murakami presentation (Baker).


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Murakami presentation (Baker).

  1. 1. Murakami Takashi
  2. 2. Biographical Info.• Born and raised in Tokyo• Arguably the most famous Japanese artist of all time• Painter, Sculptor – But also works in fashion, merchandise, + animation• Coined the term “Superflat”• Widely considered to have among most desired art in the world• “Andy Warhol of Japan”• Incorporated his operations at KaiKai KiKi Co. Ltd. Located in Tokyo, NY, and LA.
  3. 3. Biographical Info. (Cont’d) • As a child, avid follower of anime + manga - (pg. 55 purple book) • Attended Tokyo University of the Arts – eventually receiving a Ph. D. in Nihonga – but still maintained his passion for contemporary culture • Felt disappointed with contemporary art in Japan – sought to create his own artistic style • To do this, he would first establish himself as an artist in the Western world, then import himself back to Japan, bringing with him a rejuvenated art market. • This art market would not only maintain its “Japaneseness”, but also be valid internationally.
  4. 4. • Artistic movement founded by Murakami Takashi, has become an inspiration for many of today’s anime and manga artists• The “Superflat” has also gained attention in the U.S.• Murakami Takashi’s definition• Another definition (pg. 71 purple book)
  5. 5. Mr. DOB• Created in 1993• Murakami’s primary signature characters – others signatures included mushrooms, smiling flowers, Buddhist icons, sexual complexes of otaku culture, and more.• “alter ego” of Murakami• Circular head –Letter ‘D’ on left ear, ‘B’ on right ear, face the shape of an ‘O’ – Hence, D.O.B.• DOB also comes from the saying “dobojite, dobojite, oshamanbe!” which he used in much of his work. (pg. 31 purple book)
  6. 6. Mr. DOB (influences) (pg. 64 purple book)
  7. 7. Do u see the influences?
  8. 8. Mushrooms!! • Title - “Army of Mushrooms” • 2003 • Why Murakami uses so many mushrooms in his work?? • 6ft X 6ft acrylic paint on wood canvas • Over 400 variations of mushrooms in his art
  9. 9. “Mushroom DOB”, 2008
  10. 10. “Mr. BIG Mushroom”, 2011 • 2011 • 83 inches tall! :0 • Highly polished metallic penis, coated with aluminum and gold leaf • Thoughts??
  11. 11. Smiling Flowers!!! • 2001-2006 • Made of fibreglass, iron, acrylic plates, lacquer, oil paint, and resin • Displayed in Palace of Versailles – A big deal in Japan and for artists alike! • Over 10 ft. tall • 3rd contemporary artist to have work displayed here • FIRST Japanese artist to ever have an exhibit“Flower Matango” in Versailles.
  12. 12. “Flower Matango” (Brooklyn)
  13. 13. Kaikai Kiki News • 2002 • 47in X 47in • Named after Takashi’s company • Modified version featured on Google to celebrate the Summer Solstice in 2011 • (pg. 148 purple book)
  14. 14. Buddhist Icons • Oval Buddha Gold • 2007-2010 • 22 feet tall! • Made of bronze, gold leaf plated • One side features a smiling face, and the other a more menacing look – a feature present in many of his works • Smaller silver version built – 18 ½ ft. tall and 6,613 lbs.
  15. 15. “Dragon in the Clouds” • 2010 • Two 60ft. gigantic paintings – “Red mutation”, “Indigo Blue” • Both comprise of 9 panels
  16. 16. Sexual Complexes of Otaku Culture • Miss Ko2 • 1997 • Life-size (74 inches) • Displayed in Palace of Versailles • Sold at auction for $567,500!!
  17. 17. “Hiropon” • 1997 • 81 inches • Feature a female anime character, mid-skip, with enormous lactating breasts forming a jump rope • Sold at auction for $427,500!! • Thoughts?
  18. 18. “My Lonesome Cowboy” • 1998 • Definitely one of Takashi’s more controversial pieces • 9 ½ ft. tall • Features a masturbating male anime character whose semen swirls around him like a lasso. (pg 71 purple book) • Sold at auction for $15.2 million!!!
  19. 19. Why is Murakami Takashi’s art so expensive?• As you can see from the detail of his art, the materials are very expensive, and the labor is very difficult and time consuming.• His expenses are very high• He employs about 200 people for his operations• He even lives in a small apartment, doesn’t live the life of a famous artist
  20. 20. Recent Works • In 2002 Murakami started designing bags for Louis Vuitton fashion brand • Very expensive – made with exotic skins • Designed an entire series still available today
  21. 21. Collaborations In 2007, Murakami provided cover artwork for rapper Kanye West’s Graduation album
  22. 22. Art for Sale, Current Exhibitions• Much of Murakami’s artwork is for sale online (but quite expensive)• Feb. 2012 – opened an exhibition in Doha, Qatar – Murakami-Ego• Gagosian Gallery Exhibition in Hong Kong in 2013• His artwork has also been, or is displayed in Rome, Brooklyn, and the Palace of Versailles
  23. 23. Other Works “Jellyfish”
  24. 24. Second Mission Project Ko2
  25. 25. “Mr. Pointy”
  26. 26. The EndSchimmel, Paul. Murakami . 2008. Los Angeles,CA.