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Viral and Buzz Marketing

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A presentation on Viral and Buzz marketing using examples, techniques and descriptions.

A presentation on Viral and Buzz marketing using examples, techniques and descriptions.

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  • 1. Topic: Viral and Buzz Marketing (WOMM)
  • 2. Google.com -> Simpson's Test What Character are you?
  • 3. YOUR RESULT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS Not 100% accurate.
  • 4. Tell your friends!
  • 5. OR… Use email or AIM
  • 6. This would be the simplest form of viral marketing Benefits to The Simpson’s: -Increased interest in show -Increased knowledge of characters -Possible merchandise purchases What are the benefits?
  • 7. MySpace.com & Facebook.com Stalkers welcome…
  • 8. Janet Jackson Super Bowl “malfunction” One Sunday afternoon…
  • 9. Results “Nipplegate” In March 2004 (2 months after Super Bowl), Jackson released her eighth CD, Damita Jo, with a debut at number two and opening week sales of nearly 400,000 copies. Janet became the most-searched for person on the Internet in 2004. Jackson was also the most-searched of 2005 on Google.com. Controversy = $
  • 10. Ethical Concerns -She violated the trust of her employer, MTV in order to engage in blatant self-promotion. -She was dishonest, disloyal, and displayed no concern for any of many parties -100 million viewers were affected by her actions. You think she cares?
  • 11. Overview Step 1. A very successful word-of-mouth promotion creates buzz. Step 2. Buzz generates a highly intense and interactive form of word-of-mouth referral that occurs both online and offline. Step 3. A marketer has successfully created buzz when the result is everyone talking about or purchasing the product or service. Steps to success
  • 12. By Definition: Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM), is a marketing effort designed to stimulate consumers by verbal means such as recommendations What is it exactly?
  • 13. Techniques Viral Marketing Buzz Marketing Blog Branding Guerrilla Marketing Community Marketing 5 Different techniques
  • 14. Viral Marketing Viral marketing is creating interesting and entertaining messages that spread exponentially, usually through methods such as the web and email, to large numbers of people. Pretty simple really…
  • 15. Viral Marketing Methods •face-to-face communication •phone conversations •text messages •online profile pages •blog posts • message board threads, •instant messages •emails Many different ways…
  • 16. Blog Branding Blog branding is blogging about your product or service in an effort to create an open window on your offerings. Becoming part of the blogosphere community in an effort to be transparent to people who enjoy writing and post comments. Time to blog
  • 17. Example: BrandingBlog.com Blogs for blogs
  • 18. Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing is a way to market and get the message of an product out on a low profile. Similar to the warfare
  • 19. Amusement Park in Brazil - Example That’s a long escalator!
  • 20. Community Marketing Online, niche communities and publications that create lasting relationships between community members and brands Hobbies are the main one.
  • 21. Community Marketing •Connects customers with prospects •Connects prospects with each other •Connects a company with customers/prospects •Connects customers with customers There are two types of community marketing: 1. Organic (created by users with no company intervention) 2. Sponsored (fostered and hosted by a company) Different types
  • 22. Example: Yahoo! Groups Which group are you?
  • 23. Buzz Marketing World Top Buzz Marketing Companies: •Buzzoodle (Buzzoodle.com) •BuzzMarketing.com •Caffeinenow.com Buzz Marketing Guru’s •Seth Godin •Jay Levinson Buzz Marketing Books: The Guerrilla Marketing Revolution The Big Red Fez Additional information
  • 24. HALF.com Convinced city in Oregon (Halfway), to change its name to Half.com, Oregon. This created a buzz. It cost $100,000 and delivered $4 million in publicity. Half.com sold to eBay for 300 million dollars. College Books etc.
  • 25. -Retails to the college crowd, creates and lives by fake controversies. -Company creates a storm of controversy around the brand name, apologizes (or not) for any offense then sits back and watches as curious shoppers react." -Created Wong Brothers shirt, market reacted by buying a lot of T-shirts. Cool people clothes…
  • 26. Sony Ericsson -Hired “hip” actors to be around tourist destinations. -Tourists would be asked to take picture with phone -Subliminally using phone that “cool” people are using Old phone…
  • 27. Thank you