Rivers Edge Park Concept - Silverthorne, CO


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Rivers Edge Park Concept - Silverthorne, CO

  1. 1. Introduction and Project Overview Introduction and Project Overview: The town of Silverthorne is maturing as a tourist destination as well as a year-round community. Establishing the town’s character and creating amenities that focus on the scenic natural resources available within Silverthorne are important goals as we look towards the future. The creation of Rivers Edge Park as an entrance feature to the Silverthorne Town Center fulfills the town’s Vision Statement. Vision Statement: “Silverthorne, a vital community of residences and businesses in the Lower Blue River Valley, is dedicated to protecting its spectacular natural resources, enhancing its sense of place, and creating a diverse, stable, and sustainable economy.” Park Vision: Draw people to the Town Center and welcome them to Silverthorne. Goals: 1. Connect pedestrian circulation with the Town Center and Blue River Trail System. 2. Provide a visual marker for the Town Center. 3. Open view corridors along the Blue River. 4. Provide physical access to the river for fisherman, visitors, and residents. 5. Create a magnet of activity for pedestrian traffic. 6. Create a welcoming entrance presence to Silverthorne for vehicular traffic along Hwy 9. 7. Emphasize the unique mountain vernacular here in Summit County.Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 1
  2. 2. Existing Conditions Map Path to River Pedestrian Bridge Farmers Stand Bike Path Blue River Bike Path Town Center Sign Bike Path Underpass Open SpaceDesign Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 2
  3. 3. Existing Conditions 1 2 3 1. Looking towards the Silverthorne Pavilion from the bike trail 4 5 running through the proposed Rivers Edge Park. 2. Looking into the open space property along the river from the north. 3. Looking northeast at the river from the bridge overpass on State Highway 9. The outlets stores and bike trail are located on the opposite side of the river. 4. Looking southwest at the large flat open space located adjacent to the Silverthorne Pavilion. The Outlets At Silverthorne can be seen the the distance. 5. Looking west at the large flat open space. Buffalo Mountain can be seen in the far distance and the temporary fruit stand can be seen in the foreground.Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 3
  4. 4. Conceptual Analysis Study Fishing Access River Access Paths - - Pathways to - Bike Trail Possible Kayak Park Put In Temporary Parking Park Parking Kayak Park River Bike Path Seating Areas Take Out Access Gathering Kayak Park Area Blue River Put In Views Boardwalk Covered Learning Trails Shelter Views Ecosystem Learning Areas Bioswales Picnic Areas Landscape BufferDesign Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 4
  5. 5. Increase Circulation ConnectionsInside Park:Rivers Edge Park will create a welcomingrest area along the trail. The diverse parkuses will give cyclists, and walkers agreat place to people watch and enjoythe river. The bike path will move throughthe space while a more narrow mulchedpath will give people on foot a chance HWYto explore the trail, the educational 9stations, and the connections to the riverbank. Bike Path Landscape Native Buffer Wetlands Blue River Park Path Trail Circulation Section View Connections: Attracting existing pedestrian circulation is one of the main goals of the park. Through proper connections to existing trails and signage this will be achieved. Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 5
  6. 6. River AccessFishing:Several miles of the Lower Blue River river is a main goal of this park. In particular,running through Silverthorne have been barrier free construction will open at least one areadesignated as "Gold Medal" waters by along the waters edge to all anglers.the Colorado Wildlife Commission. "GoldMedal" designation is given only to Kayaking:waters offering outstanding angling The creation of a put in and take out for kayakersopportunities for large trout. Providing expands the multi-disciplinary aspect of the park.access points for all anglers along the The 500 long kayak park allows another user group access to the river. The ample viewing areas available for spectators make it an ideal situation for future competitions. Viewing Areas: View corridors of the river throughout the park are important. In addition, creating usable spaces that access the river and take advantage of the surrounding scenery will enhance the user experi- ence. Places for people to access the river, simply to enjoy the view, or observe others interacting with the river are a pri- ority as well. Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 6
  7. 7. Gathering SpacesLarge Gathering Areas:Creating a gathering space in such a on this site will help to enhance events such as theprominent park creates a sense of Blue River Festival that celebrate the lower Blueidentity and entrance to the town. It River, one of Silverthornes most valuable naturalattracts the attention of vehicular traffic resources.and gives them visual cues that theyhave just entered a community. The Picnic Areas:gathering space can serve as an area The views from the park and its location along thefor parties, celebrations, and fairs. This bike path create a perfect area forspace can stand on its own or act as a people to relax and enjoy a break. The picnicsupporting role to celebrations, concerts, areas will accommodate small and medium sizedand other events held on the pavilion groups and allow multiple users to enjoy the parklawn. A farmers market, artists fair, flea simultaneously. The ease of access and themarkets , and other events can be held proximity to the town center, create an idealin this area. A gathering space setting for the use of these picnic areas. Seating Benches: Benches, and informal resting areas provide places for people to enjoy the park and take a break. Benches and seating areas are designated throughout the park to encourage people to spend time in the space rather than simply move through the space. Observation and spectator areas will be a priortiy for seating options. Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 7
  8. 8. EducationEducation:The creation of an Another aspect Silverthorne could addresseducational walking path in this park is how people and history havewithin the park will provide interacted. Possible “stations” include howplace specific learning. the Ute Indians used certain plants, howInterdisciplinary educational the dam was created, and how people instations might include natural covered wagons crossed rivers,etc.history, ecology, geography, Exploring the connections betweenand the history of settlers in the nature, history, and humans in an outdoorarea. Possible informational or setting can help stimulate and promoteinterpretive “stations” include further interest in the natural world.tree rings, bioswale, fishhabitat, Gore Range mountainpeak names “viewing tubes”, Bioswale Wetlandetc. Blue Runoff from River Buildings and Streets Bioswale Runoff Bioswale Section View The view of a mountain from a “viewing tube”. Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 8
  9. 9. SignageExisting Signage: Entrance Signs:Signage is important to the success of Following the town standard, an Entrance Sign withthe park. This park is part of a larger the name will help identify the Park.recreational system. Signage is importanton three levels: Informational Signage: Rivers Edge Park is a key area in the connection ofVehicular: the existing Blue River Trail System. While the park isWelcome people to the Town of visible from the highway, pedestrian connectionsSilverthorne and let them know they are are not as apparent. Informational signageapproaching the Town Center. Also, the including directional signs, a map of the trail system,park serves as a great location to and possible walking loops showing distances andadvertise local events. landmarks will help users feel more comfortable with the park and more willing to explore various walking options. In addition, internal informational signs will be incorporated into the educational walking loop. Signage promoting walking loops, distances, and landmarks can help promote a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging people to use the trails begins with helping them understand different walking/biking loop options. People will be more willing to explore and get exercise with proper informational signs. Proper signage can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 9
  10. 10. Landscape Concept Fishing Access Pedestrian Bridge River Access Paths Possible Kayak Park Put In Temporary Bike Path Parking Park Bike Rack and Parking Park Sign River Seating Areas Access Kayak Park Slope Take Out Restoration Event Fishing Access Area Kayak Park Put In Blue River Boardwalk Covered Learning Trails Shelter Ecosystem Learning Relocated Areas Sign Bioswales Small Pedestrian Bridge Picnic Areas Landscape BufferDesign Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 10