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Wipro deepak

  1. 1. WIPROApplying Thought
  2. 2. Applying Thought
  3. 3.  Azim Hashim Premji: Chairman of Wipro Technologies; Richest Indian for the past several years; Honored with Padma Bhushan in 2005. He is an icon among Indian businessmen and his success story is a source of inspiration to a number of budding entrepreneurs.
  4. 4.  Born on July 24, 1945, Azim Hashim Premji was studying Electrical Engineering from Stanford University Azim Premji took over the reins of family business in 1966 at the age of 21.
  5. 5. Services:BPOSoftware serviceEmployees1,31,730 (September 2011)Wipro Consumer Care & LightingWipro EcoEnergyDIVISION:Wipro Infrastructure EngineeringWipro GE Medical Systems LimitedToday, Wipro Technologies is the largestindependent R&D service provider in theworld.
  6. 6. †Vision : To offer services based on world-classinfrastructure, industry expert skills, provenprocess-oriented service operations that arebacked by principals to ensure the worlds bestway of delivering IT infrastructure managementsolution.“†Mission: "To serve customers with integritythrough innovative, value for money solutions, byapplying thought day after day"†Values: Human values , integrity, Innovationdrives us
  7. 7. The History Of WIPRO‍WIPRO is one of the largest IT services companies in India. Established in 1980 as subsidiary of WIPRO limited listed on New York Stock Exchange. WIPRO was initially set up in 1945 with main product of producing sunflower Vanaspati Oil and different soaps. At that time Company was called Western India Vegetable Products limited with representative offices in bangalore and karnataka states of India.
  8. 8. Con’d‍During 1970s and 1980s it shifted its focus and begin to look into business opportunities in IT and computing industry which was at nascent stages in India at that time. WIPRO was the first company which marketed the first indigenous homemade PC from India in 1975.
  9. 9. Key Dates:1945: Wipro Limited is incorporated.1947: An oil mill and hydrogenated cooking medium plant isbuilt; Wipro goes public in India, for roughly $30,000.1966: Founder M.H. Hasham Premji dies.1968: Founders son, Azim Hasham Premji assumesleadership of company.1975: Wipro begins to manufacture hydraulic and pneumaticcylinders.1980: Wipro employs information technology services.1985: Wipro begins to manufacture toilet soaps, PCs, anddot-matrix printers.1989: General Electric and Wipro create a joint venture formedical systems.1990: Product software business is discontinued; softwareservices begin.1992: Lighting business is established.1999: Wipros software business receives prestigious SEILevel 5 Certification; company restructures to address theInternet market.2000: Wipro debuts on the New York Stock Exchange.
  10. 10. AWARDS• Wipro won the Golden Peacock Innovative Service Award for effective service delivery using state of art technology in 2001.• Wipro was awarded the India Manufacturing Excellence Award for its factory in Pondicherry in the large enterprises category by Frost & Sullivan.• Wipro was awarded the prestigious ASTD BEST Awards for 2005 by the American Society of Training and Development.• Wipros Global Command Centre won the Marico Foundation and Business Worlds Innovation for India Award in 2006.
  11. 11. CSR• Wipro has been actively working towards in the field of social and community development. Their primary focus is on education. It believes that education is the fundamental enabler of social change. To fulfill this mission, it works on three different mechanisms:• AZIM PREMJI FOUNDATION• Applying Thought in Schools• Wipro Cares
  12. 12. Product Mix Decisions Width - number of different product linesConsistency Length - total Product Mix - number of items all the product within the lines lines offered Depth - number of versions of each product
  13. 13. WIPRO BPO• Wipro BPO employs over 22,000, of whom 3,150 are at its Hyderabad campus.• Founded in 2002, Wipro BPO has operations in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Navi-Mumbai (Belapur) Greater Noida, Mysore and Kochi in India. It also has offices in Shanghai and Cebu in Asia and Curitiba in Brazil and Wroclaw in Poland. It has 44 clients in segments such as banking & capital markets, insurance, travel & hospitality, hi-tech manufacturing, telecom and healthcare.
  14. 14. Product Mix of Wipro SOFTWARE LIGHTING &FMCG SOLUTIONS Computer BPO TRANPORT solutions Soaps Laptops Foods Street WASE lights Deodorants Desktops Baby diapers Dumper Printers TORCHES Shampoo CPU,UPS AND MOUSE CFL & Agarbatties Battery
  17. 17. CONT’D…
  18. 18. CUSTOMERSNortelBoeingCiscoEricssonIBMMicrosoftPrudentialSeagateSony,Win driverToshiba
  19. 19. WASE WASE (Wipro Academy of SoftwareExcellence ) is globally ranked 2nd amongthe most mature Corporate Universities.The Directorate of IT & SS, University ofKashmir in collaboration with Wipro isorganizing the State-wide recruitment drivefor fresh graduates
  20. 20. Thank You!!!