Domestic adoption as a response to the orphan crisis


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orphan conference for Aschalew

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Domestic adoption as a response to the orphan crisis

  1. 1. DOMESTIC ADOPTION AS ONE OF THE BEST RESPONSES TO THE ORPHAN CRISIS IN ETHIOPIALocal Home for Each and Every Orphaned and abedoned child!
  2. 2. What is Seed Adoption Project?General Objective: It is a project designed to promote and implment domestic adoption in Ethiopia. It is all about finding local and loving homes for orphaned and abendoned children of EthiopiaFinding and living the link among:The Church + The Gospel + Adoption
  3. 3. Specific Objectives of the Project• Create common understanding on the extent of the orphan crisis in Ethiopia• Identify the major root causes for the orphan crisis• Revealing our biblical responsibility to holistically care for and adopt orphaned and abendoned children• Design a joint strategy to address the orphan crisis at the national level through the cooperation of evangelical churches
  4. 4. Specific Objectives• Develop effective strategies that facilitate holistic care and local adoption of orphans into Christ- loving and forever families at a local, grassroots level• Build a common forum of evangelical churches to share information, experiences, and best practices for sustainable orphan care and support• Raise financial and non-financial resources locally for orphan care and adoption
  5. 5. Ethiopia – Target country Why Ethiopia:- 5.5 million orphans -900,000 HIV/AIDs orphans - 275,000 HIV positive orphans -100,000 orphans in Addis Ababa alone Existing Capacity: 20% of the total population are Evangelical Believers -16 million Evangelical believers attending 35,000 local churches - Gudifecha practice (traditional and infromal adoption) among the oromo ethinic groups that has 38% share of the total population . We can built on this practice
  6. 6. What has Been Done so far through Seed Adoption Project ?1. Organized Seed Adoption Ethiopia 2011 workshop 530 senior pastors and thier respective wives attended the Seed Adoption workshop) The workshop was conducted in three strategic cities of the country ( Addis Ababa (200) , Nazereth (180) and Awassa (150)2. Pre-adoption training organized for 37 committed adoptive families3. Home studies conducted for all 37 committed adoptive families4. Ten completed domestic adoption applications submitted to the court and other concerned goverment offices for review and approval of the same5. Four of the domestic adoption applications were fully approved by Enemorena Ener District Cour and child placements were made accordingly following the court order
  7. 7. Barkot: The First Adopted Child The First Adoptive Family : Elias and Haregweyen
  8. 8. Konjit: The Second Adopted Child The Second Adoptive Family Minas Biruk and Helina Tezera
  9. 9. The Third Adopted child - Atatwork The Third Adoptive Family: Rahel and Tewodros
  10. 10. The Fourth Adopted Child: Ruhama The First adoptive family adopting thier second child
  11. 11. Three of the adopted children with thier respective families
  12. 12. Thank you!!!