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    T presentation T presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Company Introduction Name Title Date
    • Agenda Introductions Telligent Overview • Company Profile • Collaboration and Community Telligent Product Portfolio • Telligent Evolution Platform • Platform Capabilities • Analytics Capabilities Customer Success Stories Questions & Next Steps March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 2
    • Telligent Overview Telligent is an enterprise collaboration and community software company providing a fully-integrated platform with rich analytics and essential integration capabilities to companies worldwide. Platform Core Values Key Statistics • Telligent Evolution 1. Customers come first. Period. • Founded in 2004 Flagship Products 2. Honesty. Always. • History of innovation • Telligent Community 3. Accountability for all we say and do. • Secured Intel as an investor in 2008 • Telligent Enterprise Corporate Office • Telligent Analytics • Privately-held Dallas, TX USA 17950 Preston Road, Suite 310 Leadership (877) 492-9484 Patrick Brandt, CEO Europe Office pbrandt@telligent.com 271 Regent Street Rob Howard London, England, W1B 2ES Founder and CTO +44 (0)203 178 3010 rhoward@telligent.com March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 3
    • A History of Innovation Named Platform of Tim O’Reilly Telligent User the year by coins Web 2.0 Conference InfoWorld MySpace.com Intel Capital Release of Telligent Telligent is founded becomes a customer commits $20m Analytics 3.0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Community Server Andrew McAfee Harvest 1.0 Release of Telligent 1.0 launches coins Enterprise 2.0 launches Enterprise 2.0 and Telligent Community 5.0 50th employee Evolution 1.0 launches March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 4
    • Listen, Engage, Measure Telligent helps customers transform information into knowledge by connecting the various information silos that exist within organizations. Telligent customer portfolio includes over 3,000 customers Listen Engage Measure Listen to customers, Collaborate internally Set KPIs and measure employees, & & externally against clear goals partners… March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 5
    • Market Forces Are Converging Enterprise IT Social computing is driving organizations to re-think how they deliver Enterprise IT services, while traditional technologies – how we think of communication Enterprise 2.0 today – is changing rapidly. Analytics Social Traditional Computing March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 6
    • Connect People and Information Systems View of Information Content Purpose The business value of Enterprise 2.0 is a transformation of information silos into integrated information services. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 7
    • …Empowers People 1 Individual 2 Strong Ties 3 Casual Ties 4 Potential Ties 5 No Ties March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 8
    • Unlocks the Untapped Potential Typical workgroup Breadth of Insight Potentially valuable insights Insights from known individuals Breadth of Community March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 9
    • The Telligent Platform System Integrators / Telligent Partners An essential collaboration platform that allows Value Added Resellers (3rd Parties) organizations to create Application Exchange interactive applications to Platform Vendors (3rd Parties) help them listen to and engage their internal and external customers. The underlying infrastructure provides world-class integration, Enterprise Integration scalability, and security that millions of people depend on daily. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 10
    • Product Portfolio An external-facing community application that enables organizations to listen to, learn from and improve conversations with customers. An internal collaboration software application that promotes a productive and efficient corporate culture. The first comprehensive analytics program that allows organizations to quantify user engagement both inside and outside of their communities. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 11
    • Extend, Build, and Create Robust APIs and Extensions for connecting and extending the platform within the enterprise and to existing IT investments. HTML / JavaScript / Java, PHP, .NET Microsoft .NET Embedding Embedding <object >… REST Implementation </embed></object> APIs Type Widget <iframe /> Open Internal Level of Effort Low Low Medium High Purpose Simple Embed Extend Integrate March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 12
    • Full Creative Control MSNBC National Breast Cancer Foundation Reader’s Digest Brand Republic March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 13
    • World Class Platform and Applications Forums, Blogs, Wikis, and More Rich and Extensible User Profiles Activity Streams Social Tools Badges Recognition And more… March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 14
    • Integration Capabilities Single Sign-on Internationalization APIs support any authentication system Language independent and right-to-left support Active Directory, Sun LDAP, custom, etc. Widgets, APIs, and more Enterprise Integration Examples Easily drag-drop or embed widgets Built to integrate with your environment Widgets Drag-and-Drop + Embed March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 15
    • ANALYTICS CAPABILITIES March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 16
    • Monitor Key Discussions By Source Volatile Topics Details by various sources What you didn’t know was important What Are the Active Topics? Measure Sentiment Are they good or bad discussions? • Are these positive or negative mentions? Not Just Internally… March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 17
    • Individual Topic Tracking Topic Sources Track an unlimited number of topics Drill down into topic mentions Sentiment on Topic Mentions Good or bad perception? March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 18
    • User-Generated Content By Application What Is Popular? Details by application usage Where are people spending their time? Create vs. Edit Application Breakdown Easier to edit than to create… • See how people are contributing through different tools What Content Is Important? • Where are moderators spending time • What content is accessed most frequently March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 19
    • Track, Measure, and Manage Track Answer Rates Who Are My Top Answerers? What is the experience for a new user? Who are the users that are helping? Track Reply Rates How Is Content Being Used? • Answers and replies are different, but both are useful Track Time-to-Solution • Entire site & group level • Measure both best and worst, so you know where to spend your time March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 20
    • Know Your Influencers Dashboards What Type of Community… Identity trends over time Social Fingerprint™ provides prescriptive view Influencers and More… 8 Different User Type Categories Gladwell states, "Ideas and products and • Influencer, Asker, Answerer, Connector, messages and behaviors spread like viruses do." Originator, Commenter, Spectator, Moderator You Can Know Your Influencers • Find users, drill into reports • Break down users by role or by group March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 21
    • Engagement, Not Just Page Views Web Analytics Dashboards Traditional Page Views What the business expects to see (Page Views) The language of ROI today Visitor Analysis Drill Down into the Data Detailed insight, true engagement Explore and answer the “why” March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 22
    • Customer Relationship Management View User Engagements Through Web Analytics * Explore web analytics to understand where customers spend their time Drill Into Web Sessions Customer? Prospect? Expert? Explore and answer the “why” Explore and answer the “why” * End user analytical data can be anonymized for privacy purposes March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 23
    • CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 24
    • Drive Sales Listen “… we have created a vibrant user community and a powerful Develop a community site sense of partnership between Cadence and its customers.“ that encourages content Peter Simonsen development and Group Director of Enterprise Web Strategy, Cadence Design Systems integrates with existing business practices. Engage An easy-to-use, scalable site that integrates with Microsoft applications for full community functionality. 20,000+ new members in three months 7,000 visits & 30,000 page views Measure per day A dramatic increase in user Community contributes 18% activity demonstrated of overall site traffic through increased customer engagement. 100% increase in forum posting activity 20% increase in average visit length March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 25
    • Connect Influencers Listen Provide an integrated community experience for Microsoft ASP.NET developers. Engage Product team, Microsoft MVPs, users, authors, and more all come together to share experiences. Measure Who is influential? Who can help the ASP.NET team get the message out about their technology? March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 26
    • Connect Employees & Increase Productivity Listen “We already have some departments utilizing PeopleConnect as the sole means of distributing content to employees.” Improve collaboration and productivity across the Joe Schueller enterprise by connecting IT Innovation Manager, Procter & Gamble employees and integrating applications. Engage Telligent Enterprise connects employees around the globe and integrates with standard business applications. 1,500+ new members per month Measure Virally increased to 34,000 Success of initial through implementation deployment drives company-wide launch. Facilitates collaboration within all of P&G March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 27
    • Understand Sentiment & Tailor Messages Listen “I know what’s going on in the my community now. Telligent Provide a safe & secure Analytics allows us to measure the overall sentiment and location where women tailor messages to the community, while connecting 1-on-1 can share experiences and successes. with those members who may be hurting.” Kevin Williams, Director of Marketing, NBCF Engage Private communities that enable social groups to be formed. Measure Monitor the community for problems and respond vs. waiting for the problem to escalate. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 28
    • Enhance Digital Marketing Listen Increase awareness and interaction with the brand and product online. Engage Create a community site to foster interaction between customers and the company and encourage content development. 234,000+ unique user profiles Measure A significant increase in 275,000 user discussions user-generated content and site traffic. 720 authentic user stories 30% of all traffic was community led March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 29
    • Customers Helping Customers Listen Provide a global community solution that allows Dell to monitor its brand and users across the board. Engage Numerous community sites that support multiple languages and provide rich analytics on user influence and brand sentiment. The Challenge 1. Original approach was tool centric 2. No metrics or measurements Measure 3. Desired a platform Utilize the data gleaned from the community to Benefits Today improve customer 1. Consolidated customer community experience and quell 2. One platform potentially harmful issues. 3. Measure, analyze, and predict 4. Part of the sales process March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 30
    • 99% of Support Questions Answered by Community Members Listen Provide a community for users to socially engage and new users to easily integrate themselves. Engage A robust community application that could be easily integrated within its existing application. Results Measure 1. Goozex has seen a 50% reduction in customer service Improve customer support requests. through a better 2. 99% of support questions are answered by members. understanding of 3. Community members were able to create services customer needs and that were not part of the original business plans but wants. still fit their needs. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 31
    • Gain Insight Instantly Listen Improve customer interactions between each other, game assets, and developers. Engage Create an easily usable community in which administrators can post various types of content to bolster user engagement. • 500,000 unique users served Measure • 2.5 million pieces of content Instant customer feedback • More than 100,000 visitors to “No Known was used in product Survivors” – a mini-site within development to cater towards customers needs deadspace.ea.com and wants. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 32
    • Support Brand Standards Listen Implement a standardized social network platform for various sites across all interactive elements. Engage Focus on corporate standards and extension of global interactive media activities through increased brand engagement. • Has seen a three-fold increase in monthly traffic to the community area of the site. Measure • Was awarded the PPA Best Business Web Maintain a unified Site Award in 2008. platform across the company’s network of sites. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 33
    • Add Membership Value Listen Promote a centralized online gathering place for members all over the country. Engage Develop a community platform to allow for the expansion of member services and encourage member collaboration. Measure Community participation • Community participation has nearly has reached all time highs doubled since implementation. as well as received • Community now has the ability to expand positive feedback from a large number of members. beyond simple threaded discussions and easily manage the back end. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 34
    • Increase Effectiveness of Online Marketing “Telligent Community serves our community well. The passion, Listen the relationship building, and the sense of belonging in the Drive magazine Taste of Home community have really come to life with the new subscription sales by tools and flexible platform of Telligent Community.” integrating print and online formats. Renee Jordan General Manager, TasteOfHome.com Engage A community platform that drives traffic site and advertising revenue by allowing user interface and relationship building. Measure Increased traffic 166% to 2 million Realized a significant spike monthly unique visitors in site traffic and brand buzz as well as an increase 150,000 forums entries posted in offline sales. in the first two months 22% increase in online search in the first two months March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 35
    • Build Excitement and Buzz “Working with Telligent has allowed us to create an easy-to- Listen use EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 4 Website that actively Build anticipation in the online gaming community engages our sports gaming community. Within just a few for the new product weeks, we have already seen significant engagement.” release. Matt Tripepi Online Marketing Manager, EA Sports Engage A community site that connects developers and gamers in real time, including a high-powered blog to easily share and distribute content. Measure Greatly increased viral “buzz” for the game launch with an impressively high number of visitors. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 36
    • Scalable Support Solution “Telligent helped us build more than just a community. They helped us build an entire business, including platform and Listen strategy.” Provide a cost-friendly, easily manageable Sue Sonday confusion-free customer Community Strategist, Microsoft support experience. Engage Create a single, integrated site for all of their customers’ community, content, and support needs. Measure Lowered support costs, while increasing page site traffic by over 350%. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 37
    • Self-Supporting Online Community “We wanted to blow up the definition of ‘colleague.’ Traditionally, the definition of ‘colleague’ extends only as far Listen as your personal network.” Provide better customer support at every stage of a Devashish Saxena complex sales cycle. Former Director of Global Internet Marketing, Texas Instruments Engage Connect engineers to one another to gain design support, share industry knowledge, and resolve complicated issues. Measure Engagement and content of this site has continued to grow while moderation remained flat. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 38
    • Why Telligent? History of Platform Surpassing Market + + Customer Focus + Clear Vision = Customer Needs Strategy Innovation + Help Address Key Business Challenges • Accelerate innovation • Increase customer engagement • Improve support • Discover information and people • Collaboration over global time zones • Identify influencers • Report on ROI metrics We want to be your partner, not merely your vendor March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 39
    • Brands That Trust Telligent Telligent customer portfolio includes over 3,000 customers March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 40
    • Questions March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 41
    • ©2010 Telligent Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Telligent and its symbol are registered trademarks or trademarks of Telligent Systems, Inc. Other company and product names mentioned herein are property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are subject to change without notification and are the property of and cannot be reproduced without the written permission of Telligent . The contents of this publication are not a commitment by Telligent to provide the features and benefits described. March 24, 2010 Telligent Confidential Page 42