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  • 1. We CARE about You, Your Business And Your Bottom Line! Locations San Diego - Headquarters 5657 Copley Drive San Diego, CA. 92111 Orange County Los Angeles 15265 Alton Parkway 17700 Castleton Street Irvine, CA. 92618 City of Industry, CA.91738 Silicon Valley Oakland 3065 Olcott Street 7700 Edgewater Drive Santa Clara, CA. 95054 Oakland, CA. 94621
  • 2. About Mr Copy A Proven Track Record Mr Copy has a strong team of professional consultants and experienced, trained, and certified technical engineers who are focused on helping our customers meet their business objectives. Since 1994, our team has worked with thousands of customers across the West Coast. We have built our business with a specific focus on establishing long- term relationships by delivering a high level of customer service. In a Mr Copy has five locations to highly competitive environment, our professional services continue to be serve you: in demand. Today, some of the customers that we work with include Nuvasive, DJ Orthopedics, & Marvell Semiconductors. San Diego Our mission is to deliver customized and scalable solutions that will reengineer your business process to optimize your Digital Asset Orange County Management (DAM). Los Angelas San Jose Experienced Professionals Oakland You can be assured that the recommendations you receive from Mr Copy are based on years of experience. Tenured document management professionals staff our team. You benefit from systems designed by Our goal is to provide Certified Document Imaging Architects. Our proposals are developed comprehensive, easily understood document and implemented with the advice of certified network professionals. management solutions to our clients. Managed Print Services Group Our consultative approach is what sets us apart. Mr Copy’s PrintCARE Division is a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to understanding and making recommendations for desktop network printing environments with the goal of streamlining toner and services to save you substantial amounts of money.
  • 3. Do you know what you are really spending on printing? More and more organizations are taking the time to look at their printing environment and ask how they can identify opportunities to save money or boost productivity. The solution isn’t just about the best equipment, such as reliable end-user devices and high-quality print supplies. Optimizing a printing and imaging network for maximum efficiency, manageability and cost effectiveness requires a balanced mix of imaging and printing equipment along with an integrated print infrastructure and efficient network control. PrintCARE Print Management removes Mr Copy specializes in helping companies lower their document the hassle of expenses and leverage value from their business processes. purchasing print cartridges and Our Print Management Programs offers: servicing printers. We can handle it all for one low cost per page. The Mr Copy PrintCARE Print Management Program covers all of your existing printers for one low cost per page. End the hassle and expense of purchasing multiple types of print cartridges and paying for service on laser printers. We’ll take care of your toner, maintenance kits and any service issues on your printers. You receive one invoice reducing the time involved to manage your printer fleet and allowing you to control costs by printer, department or location. Accurately budget for future growth and cost containment. Contact me today for a no cost print assessment The PrintCARE Assessment is a proven system to determine cost-saving and process improvement opportunities in your organization.
  • 4. What are your expenses to Produce a Print? Example Cost for an HP LaserJet 4050 Printer… HP 27X (C4127X) Toner Cartridge, High Yield • Yields up to 10,000 pages at 5% Toner Coverage • $128.99 Each 110-Volt Maintenance Kit HP® C4118-67909 • Yields up to 200,000 pages • $234.99 At 2,000 Pages Per month the HP LaserJet 4050 Printer averages $98 per year in additional parts or service calls. How Much Can You Save by Switching to printCARE? Without Print Management With PrintCARE Print Management HP LaserJet HP LaserJet 4050 Series 4050 Series B/W Laser Printer B/W Laser Printer Average Volume 2,000 Average Volume 2,000 Toner Fill Toner Fill Monthly Savings for Percentage Cost Per Page Percentage Cost Per Page one Printer 5% Toner Coverage 1.78 Cents 5% Toner Coverage 1.7 Cents $1.60 10% Toner Coverage 3.07 Cents 10% Toner Coverage 1.7 Cents $27.40 15% Toner Coverage 4.36 Cents 15% Toner Coverage 1.7 Cents $53.20 25% Toner Coverage 6.94 Cents 25% Toner Coverage 1.7 Cents $104.80 35% Toner Coverage 9.52 Cents 35% Toner Coverage 1.7 Cents $156.40 50% Toner Coverage 13.3 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 1.7 Cents $232.00
  • 5. Toner Page Fill Examples… Monochrome Business Letter Newsletter Monochrome Excel Spreadsheet 5% Coverage 20% Coverage 15% Coverage Business Report Powerpoint Slide Marketing Flyer 25% Coverage 28% Coverage 32% Coverage Magazine Layout 11 X 17 Marketing Flyer 72% Coverage 49% Coverage Above representations are for example purposes only. Example Sources are www.lexmark.com, www.hp.com, www.xerox.com.
  • 6. Example Industry Average Black Cost Per Print (Without Print Management) HP LaserJet HP LaserJet 2300 Series 4050 Series B/W Laser Printer B/W Laser Printer Average Volume 1,000 Average Volume 2,000 Fill Percentage Cost Per Page Fill Percentage Cost Per Page 5% Toner Coverage 2.74 Cents 5% Toner Coverage 1.78 Cents 10% Toner Coverage 4.72 Cents 10% Toner Coverage 3.07 Cents 15% Toner Coverage 6.67 Cents 15% Toner Coverage 4.36 Cents 25% Toner Coverage 10.6 Cents 25% Toner Coverage 6.94 Cents 35% Toner Coverage 14.6 Cents 35% Toner Coverage 9.52 Cents 50% Toner Coverage Not Typical 50% Toner Coverage 13.3 Cents 70% Toner Coverage Not Typical 70% Toner Coverage Not Typical HP LaserJet HP LaserJet 4350 Series 5200 Series B/W Laser Printer B/W Laser Printer Average Volume 3,000 Average Volume 4,000 Fill Percentage Cost Per Page Fill Percentage Cost Per Page 5% Toner Coverage 1.73 Cents 5% Toner Coverage 2.06 Cents 10% Toner Coverage 2.98 Cents 10% Toner Coverage 3.72 Cents 15% Toner Coverage 4.22 Cents 15% Toner Coverage 5.39 Cents 25% Toner Coverage 6.71 Cents 25% Toner Coverage 8.71 Cents 35% Toner Coverage 9.20 Cents 35% Toner Coverage 12.1 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 12.9 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 17.1 Cents 70% Toner Coverage Not Typical 70% Toner Coverage Not Typical HP LaserJet HP LaserJet 8150 Series 9050 Series B/W Laser Printer B/W Laser Printer Average Volume 4,000 Average Volume 10,000 Fill Percentage Cost Per Page Fill Percentage Cost Per Page 5% Toner Coverage 1.46 Cents 5% Toner Coverage 1.33 Cents 10% Toner Coverage 2.47 Cents 10% Toner Coverage 2.23 Cents 15% Toner Coverage 3.46 Cents 15% Toner Coverage 3.13 Cents 25% Toner Coverage 5.46 Cents 25% Toner Coverage 4.93 Cents 35% Toner Coverage 7.46 Cents 35% Toner Coverage 6.73 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 10.4 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 9.43 Cents 70% Toner Coverage Not Typical 70% Toner Coverage Not Typical Note: Example Print Costs are for illustrative purposes only. Actual print costs may vary. Print Costs were calculated using Compass TCO Analyzer, Web cost for Toner at www.hp.com, www.staples.com, www.officedepot.com. Cost includes any applicable maintenance kits and industry average parts and labor per year based on volume. Hardware Cost is not included.
  • 7. Example Industry Average Color Cost Per Print (Without Print Management) HP Business InkJet 2300 Series HP Color LaserJet Color InkJet Printer 3700n Series Color Laser Printer Average Volume 500 Fill Percentage Cost Per Page Average Volume 1,000 20% Toner Coverage 13.6 Cents Fill Percentage Cost Per Page 30% Toner Coverage 19.2 Cents 20% Toner Coverage 17.8 Cents 40% Toner Coverage 23.5 Cents 30% Toner Coverage 24.4 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 32.0 Cents 40% Toner Coverage 29.1 Cents 60% Toner Coverage 40.6 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 34.8 Cents 70% Toner Coverage 53.5 Cents 60% Toner Coverage 40.4 Cents 80% Toner Coverage 70.6 Cents 70% Toner Coverage 46.3 Cents 80% Toner Coverage 51.7 Cents HP Color LaserJet HP Color LaserJet 4700 Series 5550 Series Color Laser Printer Color Laser Printer Average Volume 2,000 Average Volume 4,000 Fill Percentage Cost Per Page Fill Percentage Cost Per Page 20% Toner Coverage 11.6 Cents 20% Toner Coverage 15.5 Cents 30% Toner Coverage 16.7 Cents 30% Toner Coverage 20.8 Cents 40% Toner Coverage 21.8 Cents 40% Toner Coverage 26.0 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 26.9 Cents 50% Toner Coverage 31.3 Cents 60% Toner Coverage 31.9 Cents 60% Toner Coverage 36.5 Cents 70% Toner Coverage 37.0 Cents 70% Toner Coverage 41.8 Cents 80% Toner Coverage 42.1 Cents 80% Toner Coverage 47.1 Cents Cost Per Page Detail Example HP Color LaserJet 3700 Series Producing 1,000 Color and 500 Black Pages Per Month Toner Coverage Estimated at 30% Color and 5% Black Consumable Type Cost HP's Yield @ 5% Effective Yield Cost Per Page Monthly Cost Black Toner Cartridge $132.99 6,000 3,000 $0.0443 $22.17 Cyan Toner Cartridge $170.00 6,000 3,000 $0.0567 $56.67 Majenta Toner Cartridge $170.00 6,000 3,000 $0.0567 $56.67 Yellow Toner Cartridge $170.00 6,000 3,000 $0.0567 $56.67 Color Drum $174.00 20,000 20,000 $0.0087 $13.05 Transfer Kit $67.00 60,000 60,000 $0.0011 $1.68 Maintenance Kit $80.00 60,000 60,000 $0.0013 $2.00 Average Parts & Labor $118.00 Per Year $9.83 Total Cost to Produce 1,000 Color and 500 Black Pages Per Month 22.55 Cents $218.72
  • 8. printCARE monitoring Live Device Monitoring & Fleet Reporting Provides; • Device Life Count • Device History and Usage Information • Financial/Budget Forecast Reports • Live IT help Desk Support Supply Monitoring Provides; • Proactive Delivery of all Device Consumables Live Device History Provides; • All Service and error History • IT Support View to All devices
  • 9. Bring Green into your office scheme… with the Xerox Phaser® 8560MFP and Phaser® 8560 printer The Xerox solid ink imaging process is the most environmentally friendly way to put an image on paper. From its nearly waste-free printing process to its safe, toxin-free solid ink sticks, it was made with the earth in mind. Leaves no trace behind. Consider this — solid ink images are printed onto a rotating drum and offset onto paper in just one pass of the print engine. This Xerox-exclusive imaging process results in nearly 100% ink-to-page transfer efficiency during normal printing. Fewer replaceable units. Less to throw away. Think you’re done with a consumable when it needs to be replaced? Not with laser / LED devices. When a laser printer runs out of toner, you are still left with big, bulky print cartridges that need to be disposed. Not to mention other items such as fusers, fuser oil and imaging units. Solid ink printers, on the other hand, utilize compact solid ink sticks with no casings. So when you run out of ink, there’s nothing left to throw away. The bottom line? Solid ink printing generates 90% less waste during use than a typical color laser product.
  • 10. Move over print cartridges. Here comes something leaner. Because solid ink sticks are smaller than those cumbersome print cartridges, they’re easy to store. And there’s less packaging to recycle. How Does Solid Ink Stack Up? 1. Color Ink Type Handling 2. Cost per page 3. Environmental 4. Ease of Use 5. Technology Cost Solid Ink Solid Sticks Clean Low Low Very Easy Laser Dry Toner Can Spill Low High Complex Ink Jet Liquid Can Leak Low Medium Easy Dye Sublimation Transfer Roll Clean High Medium/High Easy Full Color Networked Prints at 30 PPM And only 10 Cents Per Page!
  • 11. Our Process Step 1 Printer Inventory and Meter Readings Date • Walk Through with Floor Plans, Printer Inventory and Local Reads • Network Scan of Print Devices with Data Collection Agent Step 2 Review and Compile Cost Data Date • Most recent Invoices on Printer Toner, Maintenance Kits, and Repairs • OR Agree Upon Estimate Methodology Step 3 Workflow Assessment Date • End User Interviews • Second Meter Readings Step 4 Financial Assessment Date • Mr Copy printCARE Team to Analyze Findings Off-Site Step 5 Validate Date • Meeting to review findings and validate current costs Step 6 Recommend Date • Presentation of Executive Summary Solutions and Recommendations Step 7 Implement Date • Schedule Implementation of Agreed Upon Solutions Non-Disclosure PrintCARE is a program of Mr Copy, and no part of the process may be revealed to any persons outside of the named parties. The survey findings are proprietary information and are to be held in strict confidence. The Snapshot process and the resulting Executive Summary will provide decision support in how to best manage documents. Mr Copy will evaluate your organization’s document processes, technology, and related costs with the outcome of improving your organization’s utilization of technology to manage document costs effectively. Mr Copy Date Client Authorization Date
  • 12. For More Information and to request a printCARE assessment visit; www.mrcopy.com