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Registration s teps

  1. 1. How New Students and Former PJC Students (have not attended in 5 yrs) Register<br />Step 1<br />Complete admission forms.<br />Submit official transcripts (if applicable).<br /> Sign in to speak to an academic advisor<br />Have testing requirements determined.<br />If Exempt From Testing or Met TSI*<br />Step 2<br />Go to Front Office and sign up to speak with an academic advisor. <br />An Advisor will:<br /><ul><li>Discuss your life and career goals and provide career information.
  2. 2. Explain about PJC degree and certificate programs.
  3. 3. Help you to learn about academic standards and college policies and procedures.
  4. 4. Make appropriate referrals.
  5. 5. Issue a degree/certificate plan.
  6. 6. Register you for classes or refer you to online registration.</li></ul>OR<br />3. You may be eligible to register yourself online using Campus Connect if you have met TSI. However, you are encouraged to consult with an advisor prior to registration. You may need prior approval from an advisor before registering on line for math courses.<br />If Required to Test<br />Go to the Business Office Counter to arrange to take the ACCUPLACER test. (Cost $25) <br />After you have tested – take Accuplacer results to Front Office and sign in to see an academic advisor<br />An Advisor will:<br /><ul><li>Discuss your life and career goals and provide career information.
  7. 7. Explain about PJC degree and certificate programs.
  8. 8. Help you to learn about academic standards and college policies and procedures.
  9. 9. Make appropriate referrals.
  10. 10. Issue a degree/certificate plan.
  11. 11. Register you for classes or refer you to online registration.</li></ul>*“TSI met” means you have passed all sections (reading, writing and math) of a TSI approved test or completed a required developmental sequence.<br />
  12. 12. How Current Students Register<br />Steps to Register<br />If you have not met the TSI* or if you are enrolling for certificate courses, go to the Front Office and sign in to speak with an advisor. Please print off an unofficial PJC transcript prior to signing in. Begin reviewing the Schedule of Classes to become familiar with course options.<br />An Advisor will:<br /><ul><li>Discuss your life and career goals and provide career information.
  13. 13. Explain about PJC degree and certificate programs.
  14. 14. Help you to learn about academic standards and college policies and procedures.
  15. 15. Make appropriate referrals.
  16. 16. Issue a degree/certificate plan.
  17. 17. Register you for classes or refer you to online registration.</li></ul>OR<br />If you have met the TSI*, you may be able to register yourself online using Campus Connect. However, you are encouraged to consult with an advisor prior to registration. You may need prior approval from an advisor before registering on line for math courses.<br />*“TSI met” means you have passed all sections (reading, writing and math) of a TSI approved test or completed a required developmental sequence.<br />
  18. 18. HOW TO REGISTER ONLINE<br />To be eligible to register online, you must have been enrolled at PJC within the last calendar year, have passed all sections of TSI, have no holds on your college records, and have completed 12 or more semester hours.<br /> <br />NOTE: You may need prior approval from an advisor before registering on-line for math courses.<br /> <br />Steps to register online:<br />Go to the PJC web page at<br />Click on the Campus Connect link.<br />Locate the Student ID box. Student ID is assigned to you by PJC (no dashes, <br />Click on the ADD/DROP button of the main menu.<br />Click semester for which you want to register from the drop down box.<br />Click the drop down box and scroll down and choose the department button. For example, if you want to add an English class, you would choose the English Department button. Press the submit button.<br />Scroll down to the class you wish to register for and click the add button on the right hand side (blue button). The class will be added to your schedule. Your schedule will be displayed at the top of the page. To correct errors, depress the red drop button. <br />Repeat steps 7 and 8 until your class choices have been completed.<br />Exit to Main Menu.<br />Click on Account Status. Your schedule and estimated bill will be shown on this screen. The bill will reflect any financial aid that has been applied to your account.<br /> <br />dots, or spaces) Your PIN number is your birth date (MMDDYYYY) <br /> For example, January 7, 1979 would be: 01071979<br />Your registration is not complete until you have made payment. Payment can be made in person at the Paris campus Business Office, the Main office at Greenville Center, or the Main office at Sulphur Springs Tech Center. If you prefer, you may mail payment to: Paris Junior College, Business Office, 2400 Clarksville St., Paris, TX 75460. To make payment by credit card, please call the Business Office at 903-782-0232.<br />
  19. 19. OTHER CAMPUS CONNECT SERVICES<br /> Eligible students may register online using Campus Connect. In addition, students may access the following services through Campus Connect.<br /> <br />Course Availability<br />To check the availability of classes:<br />Choose the semester you wish to view. Press the submit button.<br /> <br />Class Schedule<br />Choose the semester you wish to view. Press submit button to view your schedule.<br />If you have registered for classes but they do not appear on your schedule, please contact the Records Office. You may contact Records at 903-782-0212.<br /> <br />Grade Report<br /> Select Grade Report button to view and print your grades for the current semester.<br />Paris Junior College no longer mails grade reports. To view grades for previous semesters, select unofficial transcript.<br /> <br />Unofficial Transcripts<br /> Choose the unofficial transcript button. Your record at Paris Junior College will be displayed. You may also print a copy of your records. <br />If you need an official transcript, contact the Records Office.<br /> <br />Financial Aid<br />Select the Financial Aid button to view your Financial Aid award.<br />
  20. 20. PJC Business Office  Hours: M-Thurs.8:00-4:30 Fri: 8:00-11:306500 Monty Stratton Pkwy.Greenville, TX. 75402-6500Phone: 903-454-9300Fax:<br />Important Dates:<br />Aug 5: Payments due for early register<br />Aug. 6:Early registration schedules <br /> dropped for nonpayment<br />Aug 30: First Class Day/Late Fee <br /> Charged <br />Refund Schedule:<br />100%: Before Aug 30<br />70%: Aug 30-Sep 20<br />25%: Sep 21-Sep 27<br />Nov 18: Withdrawal Deadline<br /> <br />Financial Aid Disbursements:<br />Pell Disbursement<br />Sep 22<br /> <br />Loan Disbursements<br />Sep 30<br />Oct 21<br />Nov 18<br />Visit the PJC Business Office for answers to the following questions:<br />How much do I owe for my classes?<br />When do I have to pay?<br />How can I pay for my classes?<br />Will I get a refund if I drop my classes?<br />When will I receive a refund/loan/Pell disbursement?<br />Payment is due upon registration.<br />Cash, Check, Credit Card (AmEx online only)<br />PJC Payment Plan /Complete at PJC Business Office<br />$25 fee<br />50% Down payment, due at registration<br />Two additional payments: 9.30.10; 11.22-10<br />FACTS Payment Plan/Complete online at<br />$25 fee<br />Log on to Campus Connect (ID Number/Birthdate MMDDYYYY)<br />Under Student Information, choose Review/Pay Account<br />Choose the term<br />Choose Pay by FACTS<br />Downpayment and number of additional payments vary; the earlier you sign up, the better the terms<br />
  21. 21. The Greenville Campus of Paris Junior College has an Academic and Financial Aid Advisor to answer all of your questions<br />SERVICES AVAILABLE<br />My name is John Shasteen. I have worked for Paris Junior College for 10 years. Having worked my way through college (Cooke County College and then UNT), I know what it is to juggle school, work and family. I know the questions you have and maybe some you haven’t thought of asking. I am here to serve you, period. <br />I am your one-stop resource center for student services. Whether it is related to financial aid, academic, career/major decisions, study skills or just general guidance, I am here for you. I am looking forward to seeing you and helping you reach your educational goals. <br />John Shasteen<br />Academic Questions:<br />What classes should I take? What major should I choose? What about a degree plan? There is someone on this campus to assist you….<br />Financial Aid Questions:<br />How can I get money for college? How do I apply for financial aid? How can I stay eligible for financial aid? We have someone to assist you…<br />General Questions:<br />How many credit hours should I take? How can I register for classes? How do I build a semester schedule? Again, there is someone at the Greenville campus to assist you!<br />Simplifying IT<br />
  22. 22. Important Dates Fall 2010<br />May 24 thru Aug 5–Early Registration<br />Aug 5 –Early Registration payment due<br />Aug 6 –Early registration schedules dropped for non-payment<br />Aug 24 –On Campus Registration<br />Aug 30 –First Day of Class/late fee charged for non-payment<br />Nov 18 –Last day to drop withdrawal<br />Dec 13-17 –Final Exams<br />
  23. 23. Campus Connect Information<br />Go to PJC website<br />On the left side click campus connect<br />Then click on or off campus connect<br />Put your student I.D. in without any dashes xxxxxxxxx<br />Pin number is your Birthday: mmddyyyy<br /> <br />Under Student Information:<br /> <br />Demographic Data<br />Your address, phone # etc. you can check and correct if wrong<br /> <br />Review Pay Account<br />Select the campus you attend and the semester we are in (Fall, Spring, SumI or II). You can view how much you owe, or scroll to the bottom and pay by facts.<br />Under Registration<br />If you are eligible to register on line you can add/drop your classes (before the semester starts, once school start you will need to add/drop in the front office)<br />You can view your class schedule<br />Course availability<br />Grades at the end of each semester<br />Unofficial transcript<br />Review Financial Aid<br />Dispersible Amount<br />This is the amount<br />You received.<br />Awarded Amount<br />This is the amount awarded for a Full Time student.<br />12 hrs Fall & Spring<br />6 hrs. for Summer<br />Date Awarded<br />Date you were approved for Financial aid or Loan.<br /> <br />Date Accepted<br />Date you signed your award letter.<br />Transmitted Amount<br />Amount your classes and books cost. (Anything you charge makes this amount)<br />Take the dispersible amount and subtract it from transmitted amount, this will give you the amount that should be distributed to you in the form of a check. (Pell disbursement)<br /> <br />Accept/Decline Aid<br />You can accept or decline your Financial Aid or Loan<br />
  24. 24. WEBCT Login Information<br />WebCT is the online learning portal in which online and hybrid courses are delivered. <br />Section number that begin with 6 indicate an online course Sections with G/P/S indicated a hybrid courses. Most often online courses require students to take proctored exams at testing centers and not considered self paced. Hybrid courses are ones in which traditional lecture and online learning will be used to complete course requirements. <br /> <br />Go to PJC website<br />On the left side click WEBCT<br />Then click on or off campus WEBCT<br />Put your student I.D. in without any dashes xxxxxxxxx<br />Pin number is your Birthday: mmddyyyy<br /> <br /> <br />Upon opening WEBCT a list of your current INTERNET or HYBRID courses will appear.<br />Click on the selected course. <br />Be sure to read the course Syllabus and open emails in each class and respond accordingly. <br />Remember you must log into each of your online/hybrid courses.<br />
  25. 25. Paris Junior College Greenville Campus <br />Greenville Campus <br />6500 Monty Stratton Parkway, Greenville, TX 75402 (West end of Terrell/Lion’s Lair Road) <br />Phone ---903-454-9333 Fax --- 903-454-3380<br />Services Available at the Greenville Campus: <br />See an academic/financial aid advisor <br />Complete college admissions <br />Access the PJC testing center <br />Access the PJC library <br />Get a copy of transcript (unofficial) <br />Order an official transcript from the main campus <br />Records office <br />Get verification of enrollment & copy of schedule <br />Apply for graduation <br />Get help with Campus Connect <br />Get a copy of PJC catalog <br />Get a copy of schedule of classes <br />Get a copy of PJC calendar/student handbook <br />Get your student ID number. You will need it to <br />get into Campus Connect or WebCT<br />Things every student should know:<br />Grades are not mailed; you will view your grades using Campus Connect <br /> You have one year to challenge a grade that you think is incorrect. Contact the Records Office for the specific procedure to challenge a grade. <br />If you repeat a course, the last grade you receive is the one calculated in your grade point average. <br />If you receive an Incomplete grade (X), you have until the end of the next long semester to complete the course requirements. If you do not complete the course, the grade will be changed to an F. You do not re-enroll in the class to complete the X. <br />To withdraw from a course after the semester begins, you must see your instructor or academic advisor to obtain a withdrawal form. <br />Students receiving financial aid must contact a Financial Aid Advisor before withdrawing from courses. <br />Students may be limited to six course withdrawals during their undergraduate career. Please refer to the Student Handbook for details concerning Section 51.907 of the Texas Education Code. <br />Students who repeat a course for a third or more time may be charged an added fee of $50 per semester credit hour. <br />Due to the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, information about you is not released to parents (or others) without your written permission. Contact the Records Office if you would like to complete a form allowing your parents (or others) to access to your records. <br />You must have all official transcripts and/or other admissions documents on file in the Records Office by the end of your first semester. A hold will be placed on your records if all documents are not received and you will be unable to enroll again or receive an official transcript <br />
  26. 26. Financial Aid for College<br />Financial aid is money that can help you pay for your college expenses. The State of Texas, Federal government, community organizations and Paris Junior College all have money available to assist with the expense of college. You may receive Grants, Scholarships, Loans or college work study. <br />Everyone should apply each year in March or April. The only way to find out what you are eligible for is to apply by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa/ed/gov . <br />Get a FAFSA worksheet from the financial aid office and complete the worksheet with the requested information. Then log into a computer at www.fafsa/ed/gov and enter the information from the worksheet into the computer and submit it to the federal government. Make sure you put PJC’s school code 003601 on the application so that the financial aid office at PJC will receive the processed information. <br />When your financial aid application (FAFSA) is submitted on-line to the department of education, it is processed and an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) number is calculated. This number is the amount that the Department of Education says that your family should be able to contribute towards a year of college based on the information that you submitted on your FAFSA. This is the number that will be used to calculate what kind of financial aid and how much you will be awarded. <br />After your financial aid is processed in the Paris Junior College financial aid office (usually takes 2 weeks) you will be mailed an award letter stating what kind of aid you have been awarded and how much for each semester that you were awarded. In some cases, you will receive a request for additional information before the award can be made. Submit all requested information as quick as possible to allow your application to continue processing. <br />You should read and answer the questions in the middle of the page, and sign and return the award letter to the Financial aid office in Paris. <br />Everyone is awarded financial aid based on Full time (12 hours per semester). However, if you choose to take less hours than that, your award will be reduced proportionately. For example, if you enroll in 6 hours, you would get half of the amount you were awarded. <br />If you apply for financial aid early and accept your award before registration, your tuition and fees will automatically be paid by your financial aid. If you have money left after that, you may charge your textbooks and supplies at the PJC bookstore during the week of regular registration. This amount will also be subtracted from your total award for that semester. Room and Board or any other charges will then be subtracted from the remaining amount of your financial aid. Any monies remaining will be given to you about 3 weeks after the semester starts in the form of a check. The business office will post signs telling when and where to pick up your financial aid checks. <br />
  27. 27. EOC can help…..<br />Are you an adult who has thought about returning to college or perhaps enrolling in college or vocational training for the first time? Are you at a loss about where to go or how to begin? The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) has been developed to respond to the increasing educational needs of adults. Advisors are available to provide individuals with help in three basic areas: financial aid, admissions, and career planning.<br />New students who are 19 years or older and have never attended college or not attended in the past year can be assisted by Daniel Parham. Please complete an application for Admissions & Residency Form and sign in to see EOC – Daniel Parham<br />
  28. 28. Early Admission for High School Students/Dual Credit<br />High school students who have passed sections of THEA or are exempt may be admitted upon written approval from the high school administration. <br />Paris Junior College, through cooperative agreements with area high school officials, has established a concurrent enrollment program for high school students. Eligible students are enrolled at PJC for a reduced course load not to exceed two college courses per semester while completing high school graduation requirements. These students may enroll in either academic or vocational areas and have the option to study in the college’s day or evening program. Before enrolling at PJC, students must supply a transcript and an official letter of permission from their high school principal or counselor for each year they are enrolled. Dual credit students must meet THEA requirements.<br />Are you still considered a High School Student? Flossie Arnold will be glad to assist Early Admission/Dual Credit Students. She is also the admissions advisor and an academic advisor on the Greenville Campus. Please sign in on the Academic Advisor sign in to see Mrs. Arnold<br />
  29. 29. Do you need to make a schedule or course change to an upcoming semester??<br />Schedule/course changes should be made prior to first day of class. Reduction of credit hour load will be refunded according to the PJC Refund Policy<br />