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Amy Slides


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Slides from Amy Kline of MCG Jazz, for the 2-26-09 Presentation "Get a Plan: Online Social Media & the Arts."

Slides from Amy Kline of MCG Jazz, for the 2-26-09 Presentation "Get a Plan: Online Social Media & the Arts."

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Traditional Uses of Social Media Amy Constantine-Kline Customer Relations Manager, MCG Jazz
  • 2. “ Social Networks in Plain English”
  • 3.
    • Businesses use social media to get in touch with or communicate with their audience.
    • My Basics:
      • Social network
        • Myspace
        • Facebook
        • LinkedIn
      • Photo & Video Sharing
        • Can be done on most of the social networking sites
        • Youtube
        • Flickr
        • Vimeo
      • Microblogging
        • Twitter
        • Jaiku
    • To quote Bobby Johnson, Chief Engineer of Facebook, social media is about putting “The Power of Trusted Referrals” to work
  • 4. Myspace vs. Facebook vs. LinkedIn
    • Not mutually exclusive
    • Used very differently by different groups
    • "LinkedIn is the office, Facebook is the barbecue in the backyard, and MySpace is the bar" – LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman
      • Social networks
        • Myspace
        • Facebook
        • LinkedIn
  • 5. Myspace
    • Myspace works well as an extension of your website and a great place to house media if your own site can’t
        • Great for musicians, artists, etc.
        • MCG Youth students tell us that the place to be is still Myspace.
        • Allows for HTML to manipulate your page to look like your website
  • 6.  
  • 7.  
  • 8. Facebook
      • Facebook works well for developing conversations between friends & fans
        • Pages vs. groups
          • Pages allow for apps and are searchable on Google
          • Pages can be advertised on Facebook
          • Groups allow fans to invite other fans to join the group
          • Groups only allow up to 5000 members; pages allow for unlimited fans.
  • 9. Facebook Group
  • 10. Facebook Page
  • 11. LinkedIn
      • LinkedIn is meant connect you to others who share common business interests
        • Members that work for the same company or share similar business goals or interests can form groups
        • Great forum to ask business-related questions
        • LinkedIn Polls – free to poll your contacts or ask the LinkedIn population using a pay-per-response format
  • 12. Video Sharing
    • Short-attention span theatre – 3 – 5 minute videos showcasing your work
    • Flip Video Cameras are a fun, cheap tool to help you get started creating videos to post
    • Youtube is the most common site although is making a fight for the #1 spot
      • MCG Jazz has a Youtube channel where we post concert & master class footage
    • Myspace & Facebook also host video and have their own players
      • MCG shares video on Facebook, but it is more casual video of audience surveys at events, staff goofing off, parties, etc.
    • Vimeo has a great, clean look and is considered the leader in HD video
  • 13. Photo Sharing
    • Facebook is now the #1 photo sharing site. Facebook Photos has more than double the unique visitors as Flickr.
  • 14. Photo Sharing
      • Facebook has limitations on photo: no editing capabilities
      • & a limit on how many photos you can post
      • Facebook does allow for photo tags, letting your friends & fans know when they are in a photo that you have posted.
    • MCG has a “pro” account on Flickr. For $24.95 per year it allows you unlimited space.
      • MCG uses Flickr to host / share our TV spots, press photos as well as all event photos.
        • A combination of both our Facebook photos & Youtube videos
      • CAPA Columbus photo contest
        • Flickr group was already using the venues.
        • I just asked for their photo submissions
          • 200 photos received
          • Prizes: free tickets to upcoming shows and photo credit
          • All submissions can be viewed here:
          • Winners can be viewed at
  • 15. Twitter
    • Unsure of whether my Twitter followers are an MCG audience or my personal audience
    • A great place to share breaking news & offers
      • Comps & discount offers
      • Contests
    • A great place to find breaking news & assistance
      • If I need technical help, I ask Twitter first
    • Twitter has become an extension of me. I speak in my own voice & hope that my voice conveys the mission of MCG Jazz
  • 16. Costs Associated with Social Media
    • Pro memberships on some sites will run you between $20 - $100 per year
      • Flickr - $24.95 per year
      • Vimeo Plus - $59.95 per year
    • Advertising your group on Facebook
      • CAPA -- $200 “bought” me 50+ new members
      • MCG Jazz - $17.50 “bought” me 20 members
    • Biggest commitment is your time.
      • Keeping everything current and interesting is challenging, especially during your off-season
  • 17. What’s next & how does it grow?
    • Training our current audience
      • How to renew online
      • Tied to a social media training
    • Reaching our new audience
      • Add our social networks to all of our print materials, websites & eblasts
      • Host social networking events at our venue
    • Niche Sites
      • Jazz Vision
      • Pittsburgh Jazz Network
  • 18. Fun Tools to Enhance Your SocMed Experience
    • Twitter.grader & Facebook.grader – Find your ranking among the top users
    • Twitter Karma – Who you’re following vs. who’s following you
      • Great when your Tweet stream becomes too congested.
    • Causes App – Create a Cause for your Facebook page, find supporters & raise money
    • – Creates a short, easy-to-remember address for your Facebook page
    • StumbleUpon
      • Add your company site to allow other stumblers to find you