Ss Vietnam Board 4


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Student review for Vietnam assessment.

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Ss Vietnam Board 4

  1. 1. Vietnam: The Board Game
  2. 2. The Rules <ul><li>The goal is to acquire as many different colored marks on your soldier’s ID tag as possible. Once you have all the colors, attempt to get multiple marks in each color. </li></ul><ul><li>You do this by landing on one of the colored stars and, while on the star, answering a question correctly. </li></ul><ul><li>When you do this, you will mark your card with the color of marker associated with that star. </li></ul><ul><li>When a question is asked, ALL will write answers down on individual sheets. One person will roll; anyone who answered the question correctly will move forward the number of spaces with the roll. </li></ul><ul><li>If you land on a BATTLE card, select a card and do as instructed. Some cards may benefit you, others will not. </li></ul>
  3. 3. What was that called? <ul><li>This was Nixon’s term for lessening the level of US involvement and increasing the responsibility of the South Vietnamese </li></ul>Vietnamization
  4. 4. Question: the O’Doyle category <ul><li>During World War II, what country ruled Vietnam? </li></ul>Japan
  5. 5. Picture this… <ul><li>What/who are these monks protesting? </li></ul>Diem
  6. 6. Question: The O’Doyle Category <ul><li>Who lost at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu ? </li></ul>The French
  7. 7. Question <ul><li>Our side or their side? </li></ul><ul><li>Vietcong </li></ul>Their side
  8. 8. Question: Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I was the North Vietnamese leader who sought US support at the end of World War II .” </li></ul>Ho Chi Minh
  9. 9. Question: Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I subscribed to the Madman Theory…but they didn’t buy it.” </li></ul>Richard Nixon
  10. 10. Question: Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I love playing dominoes…heck, I’m going to develop a theory based on dominoes.” </li></ul>Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower
  11. 11. Question: Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ As president I could not afford another Cold War defeat…so I increased our ‘advisors’ from 700 to 16,000.” </li></ul>John F. Kennedy
  12. 12. Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I was the US president when Diem was assassinated.” </li></ul>John F. Kennedy
  13. 13. Question <ul><li>Our side or their side? </li></ul><ul><li>National Liberation Front </li></ul>Their side
  14. 14. Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I won the 1972 election.” </li></ul>Richard Nixon
  15. 15. Question <ul><li>For over 1,000 years, what country ruled Vietnam? </li></ul>China
  16. 16. Picture this… <ul><li>In what year is this occurring? 1968, 1972, 1975? </li></ul>1975
  17. 17. Picture this <ul><li>At what university did this occur? </li></ul>Kent State
  18. 18. Where in the World? <ul><li>The USS Maddox was “attacked” here </li></ul>The Gulf of Tonkin
  19. 19. By the numbers… <ul><li>What is the significance of this number? </li></ul><ul><li>25% </li></ul>The percentage of US soldiers who were drafted in the Vietnam war
  20. 20. Really or not really? <ul><li>A higher percentage of US soldiers were drafted in World War II than were drafted in Vietnam. </li></ul>Really
  21. 21. Chicken or Egg? <ul><li>Which event came first: Gulf of Tonkin Incident or My Lai Massacre </li></ul>Gulf of Tonkin
  22. 22. By the numbers… <ul><li>What is the significance of this number? </li></ul><ul><li>19 </li></ul>The average age of the US soldier in Vietnam
  23. 23. Question <ul><li>Our side or their side? </li></ul><ul><li>Charlie </li></ul>Their side
  24. 24. Question <ul><li>I shot Bobby Kennedy; who am I? </li></ul>Sirhan Sirhan
  25. 25. Question <ul><li>Where was Martin Luther King shot? (City and State) </li></ul>Memphis, Tennessee
  26. 26. Question <ul><li>I was the Democratic presidential nominee in 1968; who am I? </li></ul>Hubert Humphrey
  27. 27. Picture this…. <ul><li>During what event is this occurring? </li></ul>Tet Offensive
  28. 28. Picture this… <ul><li>What event just took place? </li></ul>My Lai Massacre
  29. 29. Question: Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ Congress granted me the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.” </li></ul>LBJ
  30. 30. Really or not really? <ul><li>The highest levels of US troop involvement occurred during the Richard Nixon presidency. </li></ul>Not really
  31. 31. Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I won the 1968 election.” </li></ul>Richard Nixon
  32. 32. By the numbers <ul><li>What is the significance of this number? </li></ul><ul><li>58,000 </li></ul>The number of US soldiers killed in action
  33. 33. What’s the word? <ul><li>This was the name of LBJ’s bombing campaign on the North… </li></ul>Operation Rolling Thunder
  34. 34. What was that called? <ul><li>This was the name of the attack by the North on the South once American troops had left…this brought about the fall of Saigon </li></ul>Ho Chi Minh Offensive
  35. 35. What’s it called? <ul><li>This was the supply line from the north to the south </li></ul>Ho Chi Minh trail
  36. 36. What was it called? <ul><li>This was the North Vietnamese attack of over 100 cities and 12 military bases </li></ul>Tet Offensive
  37. 37. Chicken or Egg? <ul><li>Who came first: Johnson or Nixon? </li></ul>Johnson
  38. 38. Chicken or Egg? <ul><li>Who came first: Truman or Eisenhower? </li></ul>Truman
  39. 39. What was that called? <ul><li>This was the name of Nixon’s bombing raids on Cambodia and North Vietnam. </li></ul>Operation Linebacker I and II
  40. 40. What’s the term? <ul><li>This was William Westmoreland’s term for the number of dead Vietcong </li></ul>Body Count
  41. 41. Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I worked to negotiate a truce with North Vietnam under the Nixon administration.” </li></ul>Henry Kissinger
  42. 42. What was that called? <ul><li>Daniel Ellsberg published this in 1971, which exposed that the government was deliberately misleading the American public: The ___________ Papers </li></ul>Pentagon
  43. 43. Follow the Leader <ul><li>“ I widened the war by bombing Cambodia.” </li></ul>Richard Nixon
  44. 44. What was that called? <ul><li>When the My Lai Massacre was revealed, Lt. ________ _________ was put on trial for the ordering the slaughter of the villagers. </li></ul>William Calley
  45. 45. Need a date? <ul><li>What happened on January 27, 1973? </li></ul>A cease fire occurred/Paris Peace Accords
  46. 46. Need a date? <ul><li>What happened on August 4, 1964? </li></ul>The 2 nd alleged attack on the USS Maddox