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Basic overview of the main ideas of Islam

Basic overview of the main ideas of Islam

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  • 1. Introduction to Islam
  • 2. Why Should We Know About It?fastest growing faith in the world---1.2 billion followersthird largest faith in the United States and growing...U.S. government is spending millions to fight wars in IslamiccountriesTime to end stereotypes and misconceptions!
  • 3. Key TermsIslam = submission or devotion to GodMuslim = one who submits to God (Allah)jihadQuransunnahummahcaliphimam
  • 4. What do they believe?Five Pillars = basic guidelines for followers 1. Shahadah = Profession of faith 2. Salat = Ritual Worship 3. Zakat = alms 4. Sawm = Fasting 5. Hajj = Pilgrimage
  • 5. Different Branches of Islam Sunni Shia, Shii, Shi’ite Shiite (Wahhabi) Sufi (whirling dervishes)
  • 6. What they do NOT support• random violence or terrorism •fundamentalists • Wahhabi Islam-----------> Qu’ran clearly states violence must be proportional to the threat
  • 7. Who Started It? Muhammad • “the praised one” •brief bio •preaches around 613 C.E. •initial reaction• unintentional revolutionary http://z.about.com/d/atheism/1/0/x/e/MuhammadTeaching.jpg
  • 8. The Qu’ran, Quran or Koranmeans “to recite”114 chapters or suras which aredivided into versesin Arabic = language of Godcontests
  • 9. What do they believe about the af terlife? God judges *individuals* from the Book of Deeds Heaven: mansion w/garden, rivers, and beautiful ppl Hell: endless pain, suffering and torment
  • 10. Where did it start? Story of Abraham and Sarah Old Testament and Quran Islam and Judaism are cousins Muhammad was born in Mecca
  • 11. Where is it practiced?Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and the United States ***the ummah***
  • 12. Where do they worship?the mosque: religious center,school and sometimes a courtno pictures, statues orimages on the wallsinscriptions 2,000+ mosques in the U.S.nichesinksseparation of genders
  • 13. Similarities to Christianitymonotheism some Muslims support saintsbelieve in Abraham,J.C.*,Mary, Moses and Adam judgement daydifferent branches weekly holy dayeternal Heaven and Hell “people of the book”angels (2 per person!) God’s #1 attention extremists