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Agent Orange1 Denis
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Agent Orange1 Denis


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Agent Orange

Agent Orange

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Agent Orange By: Mark, Andy and Dennis
  • 2. What is Agent Orange?
    • Agent Orange is a herbicidal defoliant
    • Named for the orange band on the 55 gallon drums it was shipped in
    • Used to destroy the NLF cover in the jungles of Vietnam
    • An estimated 20million gallons dropped on Vietnam from 1961-71
    • Part of operation Ranch Hand
  • 3. Operation Ranch Hand
    • Herbicidal warfare program employed in Vietnam
    • Agent Orange was the most commonly used among the “Rainbow Herbicides”
    • The plan was by using the herbicides it would reduce the cover of the Vietcong forcing them in to open combat
    • The herbicides would be sprayed from airplanes and helicopters
  • 4. Herbicides
    • Used to kill the foliage of plants
    • Made with a chemical called Dioxin
    • Now dioxin studies have shown that it makes those exposed to it in high doses more susceptible to cancer and other viral diseases
    • Of all the herbicides used in Vietnam only the least used contained no dioxin
  • 5. The Rainbow Agents
    • There are six agents all together; orange purple, pink, green, blue, and white
    • Only the first four contain Dioxin. Blue and white were made of a different compound
    • The map shows how much of each was used in what province of Vietnam
    • (the type of agent is represented by its first letter)
  • 6. Manufacturers of Agent Orange
    • Dow Chemicals-
    • Monsanto
    • Diamond Shamrock Co. ,Hercules Inc., Uniroyal Inc., T-H Agricultural & Nutrition Company, and Thompson Chemicals Corporation .
    Statement by Dow Chemicals
  • 7. Lawsuits
    • Since the 80’s there has been Vietnam Vets suing the manufactures of Agent Orange
    • The largest settlement for the Veterans was in 1984 for 180 million dollars
    • Calculate that out its 1,200 for only the most effected Vets
  • 8. Agent Oranges Effect on Vietnam
    • 1 million victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam.
    • In villages sprayed by defoliants they have 2.4 % birth defects compared to the national average of .6%.
    • 10% of Vietnam had been sprayed by defoliants.
    • Vietnam has rehabilitation centers such as Friendship Village ,
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