Social Media Roundup June 2012


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Social Media Roundup June 2012

  1. 1. Social Media Trends/Updates June 2012Covered only Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google+ Note: highlighted only important updates
  2. 2. Twitter Bird Gets a Makeover !Twitter’s trademark “little blue bird” just got amakeover.All Twitter official buttons will be automaticallyupdated.If anybody using any previous Twitter bird logoon their website or any other areas update thaticon with the new revamped logo. Image Courtesy:
  3. 3. Facebook update: FBML apps won’t work!FBML apps are set to stop working as part of the removal ofFacebook Markup Language (FBML). Facebook alsoannounced that it will remove the live stream plugin from theplatform in favour of the comments box.Some old page tab applications and very early canvas gamesthat have not been migrated to the new format will have“FBML Removal” migration enabled.It will be possible for developers to disable the migration andre-enable FBML until July 5, when FBML will be removedcompletely.The social network began recommending iFrames overFBML. Image Courtesy: in March 2011, page admins were no longer beable to install new FMBL apps.
  4. 4. Facebook Launch New App Center!Facebook launched App Center, a modifieddashboard that aims to improve app discoveryMore than 600+ social apps currently being added onthis dashboardAps categorized into three parts. All, Web, andMobile section. Image Courtesy:
  5. 5. Facebook Twitter Integration!“The updated Twitter for Facebook integrationnow includes usernames, URL, hashtags, photos@mention and more are cross-posted toFacebook.To implement this functionality youll have to editthe settings in your twitter profile section andconnect with Facebook and agree to its routinepermission prompt.After that youll see all of your tweets appear asstatuses in Facebook.
  6. 6. Facebook Wordpress IntegrationThis integration will helps users toShare their blog content directly fromWordpress to their Facebook timelineor pages.Now users can perform following activities throughthis new plugin help- Social Publishing- Mentions Image Courtesy: tagging friendsWith the help of this plugin user can addsome other widgets like- live activity feed- Recommendations- customizable like, subscribe- send button and a comments box.How to installFollow the instructions blog for completeguide how to setup new wordpress facebookplugin
  7. 7. New Twitter tailored trends!Twitter Just Made Trends More RelevantTwitter is rolling out “tailored trends” featurewhich help users see more relevant topics in theirDiscover tab and top trends list.Tailor trends based on your location and thepeople you follow.The location is default according to your twittersetting, so if you want to find out what trending inUS or UK then just change your location.
  8. 8. Twitter’s Expanded Tweets feature!Twitter new “expended tweets” feature allowing users tosee more interactive content for instance news stories,video galleries and audio clipsInteractive experiences such as content previews, viewimages and play videos inside tweets from certainpublishers.Partner websites listed in the announcement were “TheNew York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, DerSpiegel Online, WWE, Buzzfeed, TMZ, BET’s 106 & Park,Lifetime, Dailymotion. Image courtesy:
  9. 9. Facebook launches portal page to helpusers follow Olympic Games andathletes!Facebook has launched the Explore London 2012 page incollaboration with the London 2012 Olympics to help usersfind and Like pages related to the games.the dashboard includes:-- Links to the main Olympics pages- Athletes- National teams and sports. .Now people can explore their favourite athletics, favouriteteam and sports and stay updates on latest Olympic news. Image Courtesy:
  10. 10. Facebook acquires facial recognition face recognition aps identify and tag people in real time.According to TechCrunch reports that the acquisition price wasaround $100 million.Facebook latest mobile camera app doesn’t include this feature,maybe Facebook revamp something after this acquisition. Image Courtesy:
  11. 11. Facebook gives Like buttonfunctionality to third-party mobileand web app buttonsFacebook recently announced that Mobile and webapp developers can now build custom buttons thatfunction similarly to Facebook’s traditional Likebutton.For example, Instagram and Foursquare use hearts intheir mobile apps. Now instead of those actions beingseen within the app only, they can be published toFacebook without any additional steps. Further, whena user Likes their friend’s photo or story using thenew Like action, the friend will receive a Facebook Image Courtesy: insidefacebook.comnotification about it.
  12. 12. Facebook Allows Editing Comments!Now, Facebook allows you to directly edit your commentwith an option right there simply click small pencil signright side of your comment section. It gives you an optionto delete or edit your comment directly.You can also see your editing history for a comment
  13. 13. Facebook privacy issue:Facebook hide users’ emailaddresses, favouring its ownEmail.Recently Facebook has set up its emailaddress necessary for everyprofile without any intimation. And hideusers third parties email address. May be thereason behind it to promote its ownmessaging feature.How to fix it Image Courtesy: Facebook.comHeres how to easily fix the problem.Click "About" on your profile and scrolldown to your email address. Click "Edit" tochange them.Click on the circle next to your Facebookemail address and change its setting to"Hidden From Timeline".Click on the circle next to your other emailaddresses and change their settings to"Shown On Timeline".Click the Save button at the bottom of theEdit popup
  14. 14. Facebook Username changingfacility!Admins can easily change their page username onceagain without having to submit a username changerequest to Facebook.Now You don’t need to fill up username changingcontact form.Simply follow the steps to do the changes: Edit Page–> Update Info –> Basic Information –> ChangeUsername. Image Courtesy:
  15. 15. Google New Event Feature !Google+ has a new feature: support forcreating and managing events.The most interesting feature is a "partymode“ this feature automatically bringstogether all the photos taken by theguests."Once youve enabled Party Mode onyour mobile device, all of your newphotos get added to the event in real-time. And as more guests turn on PartyMode, more pictures will instantlyappear to fellow invitees.Google+ Events also integrates withGoogle Calendar
  16. 16. Facebook ‘Voice’ Feature!Recently Facebook added Voice link, feature foradmins that make it clear positing as a user or thebehalf of brand pages.It provides the ability to switch from individual tobrand page and brand page to individual users,just only simple click.The new feature appears as a blue horizontal baracross the top of the page.It could be helpful for page owners avoid mistakesto post different behalf.
  17. 17. Twitter Update Won’t Post on LinkedIn !Linkedin announced that Twitter would no longer bepartnering with us to cync updates from one site to theother.LinkedIn and Twitter have worked together since 2009 toenable the sharing of professional conversations on both Img courtesy: changes can I expect to see onLinkedIn?If you had previously synced your LinkedIn and Twitteraccounts, and selected the option to share Tweets onLinkedIn, those Tweets generated from Twitter will nolonger appear on LinkedIn. There will be no otherchanges to your LinkedIn experience.
  18. 18. Thank You Davender Bisht     