Securing Your Warehouses
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Securing Your Warehouses






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Securing Your Warehouses Securing Your Warehouses Presentation Transcript

  • Securing Your Warehouses Presented by Secure Fence Philippines, Inc. Gallagher Security Management Systems’ PowerFence TM and Cardax TM as security enhancements to your security program
  • Overview
    • Warehouse and cargo theft creates substantial economic losses, however many incidents are not formally reported and media attention is rare. Warehouse goods and cargo are stolen either by employees or by external offenders.
    • Worldwide, losses have been estimated at US$ 30 billion a year, and incidence is on the increase. According to the US General Accounting Office, 1980 (GAO), indirect costs –such as investigation and insurance payments – can cost between two and five times the cost of direct losses.
    • As this type of crime may occur in any part of the supply chain process it is regarded as a supply chain crime.
  • The Iceberg Effect: The True Cost of Supply Chain Crime $30 Billion in Direct Costs Loss of Merchandise $60 Billion + In-Direct Costs Lost Sales Lost Reputation Fraudulent Refunds Insurance Costs Investigative Cost Re-order Costs Paying Claims Administrative Costs Product Diversion * The above figures do not include the added costs associated with security controls or law enforcement.
  • What are the Vulnerable Areas in the Merchandise Pipeline? Retail Store Distribution Center / Manufacturer Supplier Modes of Transportation Distribution Center / Warehouse
  • Supply Chain Crime - Factoids
    • Average value of single cargo theft - $500k
    • Trucking companies and their facilities (warehouses, etc.) experience the majority of all reported losses (85%), followed by maritime, rail and air.
    • Approximately 80% of cargo/warehouse thefts are perpetrated by internal employees, or involve some internal collusion.
    • Pilferage is the most common form of theft.
    • The FBI estimates that most stolen cargo remains in the possession of those who stole it for less than 24 hours.
    • Cargo theft is not in the public spotlight, it is regarded as a victimless crime and therefore it usually do not carry severe sentencing.
    • A kilo of heroin is worth the same as a kilo of Pentium chips. Organized crime is going after the chips and other cargo because the criminal penalties are less severe.
    • Today, you can knock off a truck with Php 50m worth of cargo and the courts can treat it as a misdemeanor.
    • Rob a bank for Php 1,000, and it’s a major crime.
    Supply Chain Crime - Factoids
  • Supply Chain Crime - Factoids
    • Stealing loaded trailers off the street, from trailer yards and from behind stores.
    • Bribing the security guard at the gatehouse of a Distribution Center (DC)
    • “ Selling or trading” their trailer for drugs or other considerations.
    • Receiving dock (DC or store) personnel in collusion with the driver.
    • Pilferage - associates concealing (“Mule”) product on their person and stealing every day.
  • Supply Chain Crime - Factoids
    • “ When the freight is moving, no problem; when it stops, that is when the problems start.”
    • “ Cargo at Rest is a Cargo at Risk.”
  • What PowerFence TM can do To Reduce Warehouse Losses?
    • Gallagher Security Management System’s PowerFence TM is the global leader in perimeter security fencing with over 70 years in researching and developing the world’s leading perimeter security fence systems. It is the choice electric fence by freight and storage facilities in their target hardening security measures.
    • Deter attack through sending a regulated, non-lethal, electric pulse around PowerFence TM perimeter security fence;
    • Detect intrusion attempts on the perimeter fence;
    • Meet stringent safety criteria, providing safe and humane solution;
    • Are easy to maintain, repair and upgrade;
    • Does not generate false alarms.
  • What PowerFence TM can do To Reduce Warehouse Losses?
    • Add credibility to your warehouse site. Clients will see your company is serious about protecting their valuable goods;
    • Operate reliably 365 days a year in all weather conditions;
    • Act as a strong visual deterrent to would-be thieves;
    • Be safe for employees and customers on site;
    • Separated high voltage zones
    • Can complement and interface with existing security surveillance (CCTV), security patrols, access control and alarm systems.
  • Other benefits
    • Reduce administrative and manpower expenses on security;
    • Provides a path to Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) compliance;
    • Reduction in insurance expenses;
  • A Serious Solution that Works
    • PowerFence systems are non-lethal, electric fence solutions specifically designed for security applications
      • Psychological deterrent
      • Non-lethal shock
      • Anti-Climb
      • Anti-Penetration
      • Anti-Leverage
      • Alarms on attack
    • ‘ No other single system can do this.’
  • What do we Protect? Key Critical National Infrastructure
    • Harbours and Ports
    • Airports
    • Distribution warehouses/storage
    • Power and Gas Distributors
    • Water Treatment Facilities
    • Waste Treatment Plants
    • Refineries and Tank Farms
    • Telecommunications
    • Nuclear Power Generation
    • Prisons & Correctional Facilities
    • Military
  • The PowerFence FT perimeter security system
    • Gallagher technology has successfully secured hundreds of cargo storage sites across Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Because, cargo losses and terrorism are serious concerns that affect us all, it is of prime importance that these cargo warehouse sites are secured.
    Proven and Effective Tested by the Department of Defence in the United States and the Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom and performed successfully under Special Forces and SAS attack trials
  • System Architecture
    • Trophy FT provides a scalable networked perimeter security solution
    • Can be configured to control and monitor unlimited fence zones , sections of the perimeter fence.
    • Achieved through High Level Integration with Cardax FT
  • Cardax FT Command Centre + PowerFence Trophy FT High Level Integration Cardax FT Workstation Site firewall Cardax FT Controller + Dialler PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad Cellphone PDA PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller Cardax FT Controller
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    • Zone Identification
    • Each fence output can be used to monitor and control a separate Fence Zone
    • In the event of a security breach, the system will identify the Fence Zone, enabling a suitable response to be quickly coordinated
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers High Voltage Zone Separation If an intruder attacks one zone of the fence, the remaining Fence Zones will not be affected and will continue to be armed with full deterrent.
  • Fence Earth & Battery Voltage Monitoring Through monitoring the voltage, the Trophy FT Fence Controller detects if the system is compromised and will raise the appropriate alarm. Fence Voltage Report from Cardax FT Command Centre PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad
    • Menu driven with ‘soft keys’ to prompt the next step
    • A keypad for PIN entry and arming and disarming alarm zones
    • Reflects real-time information on Fence Zone voltages & the status of Alarm Zones/Inputs
    • Operator privileges apply e.g. view & acknowledge alarms
  • PowerFence ™ Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    • Pulse Synchronization
    • Enables multiple Trophy FT controllers to be integrated within one security system
    • Ensures that the Trophy FT system operates within international safety standards for pulse frequency through synchronizing pulses with neighboring zones. Only Gallagher PowerFence Trophy energizers have this safety feature.
  • Video on Electric Fences Reporter tries to test a Gallagher PowerFence Security Fence
  • Thank You!