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Power Fence Trophy6 Power Fence Trophy6 Presentation Transcript

  • Proven and Effective
    • Tested by the Department of Defence in the United States and the Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom
    • Successful performance under Special Forces and SAS attack trials
  • The Challenge
    Utilities are critical infrastructures that affect the whole country. Key challenges that face the utilities sector stem from multiple sources including deregulation, increasing demand and significantly terrorism, vandalism, theft and even the weather. A successful attempt to disrupt electricity and water would have devastating effects on national security, the economy and every Filipino’s way of life. The responsibility of utility companies towards staff, public and the environment is therefore a primary concern and constant challenge.
    Enormous losses incurred on infrastructures, damaged due to terrorist attacks on lines and towers puts immense pressure on distribution utilities and generation assets to beef up its security systems and programs.
    An if one will consider the loss in potential business opportunities arising from service interruptions resulting from these attacks, losses to the distribution utility would simply be staggering.
  • The Solution
    Since the early 1980’s a variety of utility companies around the world have relied upon PowerFence systems from Gallagher Security Management Systems to safeguard their sites improve response times and their ability to provide uninterrupted service to its customers.
    PowerFence systems provide perimeter security fencing solutions for utilities which:
    • Deter attack through sending a regulated, non-lethal, electric pulse around PowerFence perimeter fence systems;
    • Detect intrusion attempts on the perimeter fence;
    • Meet stringent safety criteria, providing safe and humane solution;
    • Are easy to maintain, repair and upgrade
    • Can be networked and remotely monitored via TCP/IP
  • What do we Protect
    Key Critical National Infrastructure
    • Harbours and Ports
    • Airports
    • Power and Gas Distributors
    • Water Treatment Facilities
    • Waste Treatment Plants
    • Refineries and Tank Farms
    • Telecommunications Facilities
    • Nuclear Power Generation Sites
    • Prisons & Correctional Facilities
    • Military Bases and Installations
  • Insite Study – National Grid UK
    National Grid is a prime example of how the PowerFence system provides optimum perimeter security in the electricity industry. National Grid is the owner of and operator of the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales, carrying power from the generators to the regional network operators. This network consists of over 300 substations, 7,000 km of overhead lines and 650 km of underground cable, providing a secure and reliable electricity transmission system in United Kingdom.
    Safety and security and continued regard for the environment remain over-arching priorities in the planning and operation of the network.
    In May 1993, following a number of forced, unlawful entries in National Grid’s High Voltage Electricity sub-stations, a decision was taken to improve perimeter security.
    National Grid followed recommendations from the Government Security Advisers (GSA) to install a PowerFence from Gallagher Security Management Systems. The system was installed in various sites considered to be high risk areas.
  • Insite Study – National Grid UK
    PowerFence system’s reputation for low rate of false alarms and robustness was particularly important to National Grid. Since its installation, the PowerFence system continues to meet National Grid’s security needs in over 150 sites:
    • It has predominantly solved their problems of theft and vandalism – saving thousands of pounds per attempt;
    • PowerFence systems provide a complete deter and detect solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    • It has met stringent legal and health and safety criteria, and;
    • It has reduced the need for and cost associated with guards
    Meeting this criteria, the PowerFence system enhances National Grid’s ability to meet its commitments.
    “The system paid for itself in less than 12 months”
    - National Grid
  • A Serious Solution that Works
    PowerFence systems are non-lethal, electric fence solutions specifically designed for security applications
    • Psychological deterrent
    • Non-lethal shock
    • Anti-Climb
    • Anti-Penetration
    • Anti-Leverage
    • Alarms on attack
    ‘No other single system can do this.’
  • Perimeter Protection
    No further security breaches
    A safe and secure environment for people
    Protection of intellectual property and assets
    A total perimeter security solution, which effectively detects and deters intruderswithoutfalse alarms.
  • Perimeter Protection
    Enhancement of your image among your own customers and public;
    Ensures that all regulatory safety requirements are met;
    Customised to meet your specific challenges;
    The payback starts from day one;
    Reduce stress!
  • Unaffected by the Environment
    • Unaffected by wind, rain
    heavy snow, sleet, fog,
    birds or animals.
    Operation In Cold Environments
    UK & USA
  • Deterrent Shock is Safe and Humane
    The main effect of the deterrent shock feature of the Gallagher Perimeter PowerFence™ is psychological.
    We are taught from a young age not to touch or get to close toelectricity. This respect or fear, depending on your perspective, keeps virtually everyone away from the Perimeter Power Fence™.
    Those who do touch the fence, typically do so only once. They receive a short, painful, but safe and humane electric shock.
  • International Standards
    IEC 1011 - International Electro-technical Committee
    BS EN 60335-2-76 - European and British Standard
    EN 61011 - European Norm Standard
    NZ 6203 - New Zealand Standard
    AS 3129 - Australian Standard
    UL 69 - North American Standard
    CSA 103 - Canadian Standard
    CEE 5 - Cenelec Standard
    IEC 335/1 - International Electro-technical Committee
    NZ 6200 - New Zealand Standard
    AS 3200 - Australian Standard
    NZ 6100 - New Zealand Standard
    AS 3100 - Australian Standard
  • Why is it safe?
    Exceeds International Standards
    • EN safety standards
    • IEC safety standards (BS EN 60335-2-76:1999)
    • CE approved and Kema tested
    • Gallagher Group Ltd
    Code of Practice
    • Indemnification
    • Trained accredited
  • How does it work
    7kv Energy
    Pulse Duration 350ųs
    Between Pulses
  • How does it alarm
    Alarms are programmed to occur after missing between 1 to 10 pulses
  • Configurable options
  • Gallagher Group
    • Established 1938
    • Privately owned
    • Security systems, animal management systems, fuel dispensing systems
    • Exports > 75% to more than 100 countries
    • Successful, financially sound - consolidated global turnover > $120 million
    • 650 employees in NZ,
    + 350 globally
    Head Office,
    New Zealand
  • Extensive R&D Capability
    Approx. 70 people in R&D:
    • Hardware Engineers/Testers
    • Software Architects/Engineers
    • Testers
    • Project Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Technical Writers
    • Product Support
  • Modern Manufacturing Facilities
    Injection molding
    PCB Manufacturing
    Electronic Assembly
  • Gallagher Security ManagementSystems
    Gallagher Security Management Systems (GSMS), a division of Gallagher Group
    Gallagher Group, 70 years researching & developing electric fence systems
    GSMS markets a suite of security systems including:
  • Why Choose Gallagher
    • Because our systems are designed to accommodate the needs of our customers today & in the future
    • To benefit from GSMS expertise & knowledge of security systems
    • We are professional, friendly people who strive to provide excellent support services to assist channel partners & customers achieve their goals
    • We have a proven track record of quality, innovative products
    • We provide intelligent systems capable of sharing information with other business applications (e.g. HR, ERP, building management systems)
  • National Grid, UK
    Transco, UK
    WaterCare Services, NZ
    Port of Auckland, NZ
    PowerFence Sites
  • SA Water/United
  • Gas providers - British Gas
    “…..has proven the most effective
    and reliable system available.”
    - British Gas
  • PowerFencePerimeter Fence Components
    A total perimeter security solution
  • PowerFence Perimeter Fence Components
    High Conductivity Wire
    Fence Integrity Monitor
    Breakaway Insulator
    Pull Through Insulator
    Sleve Insulator
    Digital Volt Meter DV2
    HV Gate Switch
  • High Speed Configuring
    Compatible with Dual Pulse
  • PowerFenceTrophy Fence Controllers
    Fence Controllers to
    monitor and control the perimeter fence
  • Dual Pulse Controller
    Double Voltage- High voltage between any pair of adjacent wires providing 14kv
    Near double Energy- 4.8 joules vs. 2.8 joules means double the output energy.
    Twice the detection- revolutionises the way future fence installations are installed especially corrections and high risk sites.
    Enhances vertical zones.
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    Each Trophy Fence Controller monitors and controls up to 3 Fence Zones
    A GBUS device in the FT system
    Encrypted communications with FT Controllers
  • FIM Low Voltage Unit
    FIM – Fence Integrity Monitor no sensation detection
    This device enables the end user to maintain a 24 hour 7 day a week low-voltage detection of their PowerFence™ perimeter, even when the active pulse of the high-voltage energiser is turned off.
  • Internal Power Supply LED
    Optical Front Tamper
    High Voltage Transformers
    Relay Output Connectors
    Balanced Inputs
    Aux. DC Out
    Aux. DC In
    Fence Connectors
    “Power OK” LED
    Connection for Internal Battery
    Optional PowerFence Trophy Output Board for output expansion
    Fence Cable Entry Point
    Optical Safety Isolation
    Area for Internal 7Ahr Battery
    PowerFence Trophy Fence Controllers
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad
    Alarm keypad for effective alarms management onsite
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad
    Communications Indicator
    Back-lit graphical LCD screen
    Five lines of usable text
    Displays status of alarm zones
    Context sensitive keys
    Back-lit soft touch keypad
    One step logoff key
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    How they work - Fence Zones
    Fence Zones are configured to control (turn on / off) separate sections of the system
    This enables a Fence Zone to be disarmed while the remainder of the site is fully armed and secure
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    How they work – electrical pulses
    Regulated electrical pulses are sent around the PowerFence™ which give a short, safe shock
    The pulses are monitored in
    each Fence Zone, activating
    an alarm if intruders persist
    in climbing, cutting or tampering
    with the fence
  • PowerFence Trophy FT
  • System Architecture
    Trophy FT provides a scalable networked perimeter security solution
    Can be configured to control and monitor unlimited fence zones, sections of the perimeter fence.
    Achieved through High Level Integration with Cardax FT
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad
    Cardax FT Command Centre + PowerFence Trophy FT High Level Integration
    PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller
    PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller
    PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller
    PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad
    Cardax FT Controller
    Cardax FT Workstation
    Site firewall
    PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controller
    Cardax FT Controller + Dialler
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    Zone Identification
    Each fence output can be used to monitor and control a separate Fence Zone
    In the event of a security breach, the system will identify the Fence Zone, enabling a suitable response to be quickly coordinated
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    High Voltage Zone Separation
    If an intruder attacks one zone of the fence, the remaining Fence Zones will not be affected and will continue to be armed with full deterrent.
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    Fence, Earth & Battery Voltage Monitoring
    Through monitoring the voltage, the Trophy FT Fence Controller detects if the system is compromised and will raise the appropriate alarm.
    Fence Voltage Report from Cardax FT Command Centre
  • Fence operating correctly (No maintenance required)
    • Zone with vegetation challenge
  • Fence with short green Vegetation & loose joint clamps (will need maintenance soon)
  • Fence with a metallic hazard sign that arcs against it. (Needs maintenance now)
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Keypad
    A keypad for PIN entry and arming and disarming alarm zones
    Reflects real-time information on Fence Zone voltages & the status of Alarm Zones/Inputs
    Operator privileges apply e.g. view & acknowledge alarms
    Menu driven with ‘soft keys’ to prompt the next step
  • PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    Smart Battery Backup
    In the event of mains power failure to any one or multiple Fence Controllers, the system will automatically switch over to the back-up battery system.
    The system will monitor the duration of the power failure and the condition of the battery.
    As battery voltage drops, the system reduces the power consumption of the total system in order to increase battery life while still maintaining full site security. Warning generated.
    If the battery voltage drops below the minimum threshold, an alarm will be generated.
  • PowerFence™Trophy FT Fence Controllers
    Pulse Synchronization
    Enables multiple Trophy FT controllers to be integrated within one security system
    Ensures that the Trophy FT system operates within international safety standards for pulse frequency through synchronizing pulses with neighboring zones.
  • Performance criteria
    Deterrent, When armed the attacker will receive the regulated pulsed deterrent from the system under the following conditions.   Touching a pulsed wire and alternative pulsed wire simultaneously  Touching a pulsed wire (while being connected to ground earth)  Touching a alternative pulsed wire (while being connected to ground earth) Detection, The detection portion of the system will create an alarm under the following conditions: Climbing on the wires, Cutting of wires, Shorting the wires.                         Alarm,The detection portion will provide detection with no false alarms due to normal environmental conditions, when installed and maintained according to the Gallagher COP. Additional alarms will be created by the following events: Unauthorized removal of the fence controller cover.
    Disconnection of keypad from fence controller.
  • System Maintenance
    Preserve your investment in security & maintain security
  • A Professional Solution
    TheGallagher PowerFence Code of Practice ensure the following are followed:
    Minimum installation standards
    Strict safety, installation and operation requirements
    Option to have system certified
    Recommend perimeter fence audits included in regular security maintenance programme.
  • Opportunities for Integrated Security
    Perimeter security, electronic access control, intruder alarms, interfaced to DVR, Building Management, Intercom, Elevator and Resource Management Systems …
  • Integration &Interfacing
    Cardax FT Core Features
    • Access Control
    • Intruder Alarms
    High Level Integration with PowerFence Trophy FT
    Interfaces for
    • Sharing people data
    • Sharing facilities data
    • Sharing event data
    • Interfacing with biometric systems
    • Interfacing with surveillance systems
    • Interfacing with Management systems
    • Human Resource
    • Payroll
    • Evacuation
    Trophy FT
    • Facility booking systems
    • Resource scheduling
    Visitor Management
    Closed Circuit Television
    Digital Video Recorders
    • Elevator HLI
    • Digital Intercom HLI
    • BMS
  • Integration &Interfacing
    Elevator systems
    • High Level Integration has been achieved with Kone and Otis systems
    • Schindler system is a future candidate
    • The LiftPro system is also available to support integration of lift systems
  • Integration &Interfacing
    Digital Intercom systems
    • High Level Integration has been achieved with Jacques Digital Intercom systems
    • Jaques is an Australian product used heavily in correctional and government sites
    • Infrastructure in place to support other vendors as opportunities arise
  • Integration &Interfacing
    Resource Scheduling
    • Ability to import access control schedule changes from 3rd party booking systems
    • High Level Integration has been achieved with Syllabus Plus™ room and resource scheduling system from Scientia
  • Integration &Interfacing
    • Gallagher Group has acquired a minority stake in Biometric Technologies New Zealand Limited
    • GSMS is in discussions with BTL regarding high level interfaces between their biometric solutions and Cardax FT
  • Integration &Interfacing
    • GSMS distributes SAGEM Fingerprint Readers through Cardax dealers
    • GSMS is currently developing a high level integration with SAGEM Fingerprint Readers
    • support for seamless fingerprint enrolment and template management via the Cardax FT interface
  • Integration &Interfacing
    Three primary interfaces:
    • XML Interface for cardholder and schedule data e.g. for HR systems
    • OPC Events & Alarms Interface for event data e.g. for building management systems & DVR
    • Event Input API for receiving event information e.g. for building management systems, duress systems
  • Integration &Interfacing
    XML Interface for cardholder data
    • Cardholder data managed in one system, changes reflected automatically in Cardax FT
    • Create people records as Cardax FT Cardholders and assign them access
    • Significantly minimises data entry time, cost and errors
    • By using our standard interfaces, integration has been achieved with systems from multiple vendors such as SAP® and Oracle®
    Cardax FT Command Centre
    External Database of People
    (Employee, Student, Customer, Contractor)
    XML Import
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    3rd Party System
    (BMS, CCTV, Payroll, T&A)
    OPC Events
    Integration &Interfacing
    OPC Interface for event data
    Automatically Export Cardax FT events as they occur to any 3rd party (OPC compliant) system. These systems receive OPC events and alarms; the application manages processes thereafter
    • Building Management and Process Control
    • Remote Alarms Management (Contact ID)
    • Time and Attendance
    • CCTV
    • DVR
  • Integration &Interfacing
    DVR systems
    Integration has been achieved with systems from multiple vendors including …
  • Introducing Cardax FT
    The platform for
    integrated site security
  • About Cardax FT
    Cardax FT = Fully featured electronic access control
    & intruder alarm system + platform for integration
    Incorporate any combination of:
    Interfaces for imaging systems
    Interfaces for elevator and building management systems
    Interfaces for sharing cardholder data
    Electronic access control & PhotoID
    Intruder alarms
    PowerFence Trophy FT
    Interfaces for biometrics
  • About Cardax FT
    Microsoft Windows operating platform
    Microsoft SQL database options
    OPC enabled to share event information
    XML interface to share cardholder data
    Encrypted communications
    Internet compatible
    Upgradeable and scalable solutions
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Server/Workstation Software
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    System Management Software
    Configure site & system components
    Configure events & alarms, alarm instructions & action plans
    Monitor & process alarms through alarm windows & site plans
    Configure operator privileges
    Retrieve & report system information
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Access Control - Cardholder Management
    Manage cardholders by name, not by a card number
    64 Personal Data Fields
    Store cardholder images, signatures etc
    Can import and export cardholder data (including images)
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Access Control -
    Access Groups
    Alarms Zones
  • Access Control -
    • Ability to design and produce photo identification cards for cardholders
    • Create custom designed card layouts
    • Integrated cardholder management tool
    Cardax FT Command Centre
  • Access Control
    Cardholder Challenge
    • To compare a cardholder image against a live image from a third party system
    Cardax FT Command Centre
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Configurable Item Names and Icons
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    System division
    • System division enables a site to be divided amongst operators for system management and monitoring
    • An operator can only see / manage their division
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Site plans
    Graphical representation of the site
    Linked hierarchical layers
    Reflect real time status e.g. alarms
    Can perform operations e.g. overriding the operation of a door
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Comprehensive audit trail
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Alarms Management
    Comprehensive system-wide alarms management
    Fully integrated intruder alarms
    Action Plans and Escalation can be assigned to events in the Cardax FT system
    Alarm Instructions can be assigned to alarm
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Flexible searching and ad hoc reports through the Find Window
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
    Report Templates
    Access Group
    Site Configuration
    Contact ID Assignment
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
  • Cardax FT Command Centre
  • Cardax FT Online Manager
    Security management, anywhere, anytime
  • Cardax FT Online Manager
    Web Interface to Cardax FT
    Distributes the responsibility for the management of cardholder and alarms data
    Thin Client/Server, multiple logins over the Internet
    System division and operator privileges apply
  • Cardax FT Online Manager
    Web Interface to Cardax FT
    Simple reports available
    Support PDAs for mobile security guards
    Supports Visitor Management
    Integrates with Cardax FT audit trail
  • Cardax FT Controllers
    TCP/IP Intelligent
    Field Controllers
  • Cardax FT Controllers
    Cardax FT Controllers 3000 & 5000GL
    Make security decisions in the field independent of the Command Centre
    Communicate over standard TCP/IP
    Protection against malicious network attacks
    Downloadable software
    Controller 3000-8R
  • Cardax FT Controllers
    Cardax FT Controllers 3000 & 5000GL
    Onboard memory
    Support small to large transaction rates
    Can communicate peer-to-peer, facilitating system flexibility and redundancy
    Flexible and efficient configuration options
    Controller 5000-GL
  • Cardax FT Controllers
    Supported with options for I/O expansion & Reader Connections, e.g.
    GBUS Universal Reader Interface
    8-Input Expansion
    I/O Expansion
  • Cardax Readers
    Cardax FT Intelligent Door Terminal (125KHz, Mifare)
    Cardax Prox Cool Grey (125KHz, Mifare)
    Cardax Prox Charcoal (Mifare)
    Cardax FT Prox Plus (125KHz, Mifare)
    Cardax Prox Cover (Mifare teardrop)
    Cardax Prox Plus /IDT Cover (125KHz, Mifare)
  • What is a Cardax FT Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)?
    An optional purchasing arrangement
    where a single annual fee provides all
    Cardax FT Command Centre software
    updates for the following 12 months,
    renewable annually
  • Benefits of Cardax FT Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs)
    Keep pace with…
    Evolving Microsoft® operating systems
    Cardax FT Command Centre core feature and performance enhancements
    Updating IT or electronic security interfacing technologies
    New optional Command Centre licensable features
    New optional Cardax hardware devices
    Sign your Cardax FT SMA Agreement within
    60 days of purchasing Command Centre and
    the first year SMA is included free of charge.
  • Shell Australia
    Port of Tauranga, NZ
    Reliance, India
    Australia Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation
    University East Anglia, UK
    Xstrata Mount Isa Mines, Australia
    Cardax Sites
  • An Invitation
    If you are visiting New Zealand,
    we invite you to visit our Head Office
    & manufacturing facilities in Hamilton
  • Thank you for the opportunity to present to you.
    Further information about Gallagher Security Management Systems, Cardax and PowerFence can be found at: