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EDGE Preview Presentation for Bill Hart
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EDGE Preview Presentation for Bill Hart


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Quick EDGE preview conversation

Quick EDGE preview conversation

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  • Let me show you how and why EDGE changes everything It changes your success levels It makes your job easier It makes borrowers and Realtors trust you and like you faster It give you more confidence It improves the level of service and value that you deliver to your clients over night The mortgage business has never been more challenging in many ways and at the same time it’s never been more exciting – Now it’s time for the EDGE experience
  • The EDGE experience is… The fastest path to trust It’s helping you ask all the most important questions And it created a predictable wow experience three times faster than the average “pre-GFE” conversation currently – most LO’s take 30 minutes to ask key questions, pull together a rate quote and present the options to a borrower – with EDGE you create a better experience and you can easily to it in just 10 minutes – it make your job easier and delivers more value to borrowers
  • It’s never been easier to help Realtors sell homes with financing strategies – just 6 simple steps and your Realtors will be saying WOW.. Now it’s time to meet EDGE and see for yourself
  • Transcript

    • 1. + ? =
    • 2. To convince you that evangelizing EDGE to your clients and fellow coaches at BC is the most important thing/tactic you can do to help clients reach higher levels of success this month My goal today…
    • 3. is being adopted by top lenders 24 top lenders have rolled out EDGE over the past 4 months 203
    • 4.  
    • 5.  
    • 6. FHA vs. Conventional 30 year fixed purchase loan
    • 7. It gave your presentation a personal touch, which is difficult to match via standard email. Additionally, listening to a 3 minute video is much easier as compared to reading a lengthy email
    • 8. I love it!!!! Fantastic – you are ahead of the curve!!! And awesome! Great tool to send to my clients …is it easy to change the price
    • 9.  
    • 10. Changes Everything .
    • 11. The formula for More Leads & Referrals
    • 12. Let’s drill down into the formula
    • 13. What’s the difference between an average and great presentation?
    • 14. Average Loan Officer
    • 15. Loan Officer
    • 16. Who would you rather do business with? vs. Mr. Average Mr. Edge
    • 17. If you were a Realtor who would be your Preferred Lender? vs. Mr. Average Mr. Edge
    • 18. Checklist for CREATING EDGE VIDEO
    • 19. Checklist for MARKETING EDGE VIDEO
    • 20.  
    • 21. Now that you have a GREAT PRESENTATION you need ACTION
    • 22. Mr. Average Mr. Average
    • 23. Mr. Edge Mr. EDGE Husband Wife Advisor
    • 24. Mr. Edge Mr. EDGE
    • 25. Mr. Edge Mr. EDGE
    • 26. Mr. Edge Mr. EDGE
    • 27. Mr. Edge What would be the value of a perfect presentation of a great story to all your REALTOR relationships?
    • 28. Mr. Edge What would be the value of a perfect presentation of a great story to all your PAST CLIENT relationships?
    • 29. Changes Everything . + Perfect Presentation Easy to share
    • 30. Meet
    • 31. More Leads & Referral IDEAS
    • 32. More Leads & Referral IDEAS
    • 33. More Leads & Referral IDEAS
    • 34. More Leads & Referral IDEAS
    • 35. Checklist for CREATING EDGE VIDEO
    • 36. Checklist for MARKETING EDGE VIDEO
    • 37. Ingredients to a perfect presentation
    • 38. 8 Simple Steps Borrower experience... Predictable Success
    • 39. The Perfect Presentation
    • 40. Assumptions & Details
    • 41. Short & Long Term Impact
    • 42. Graphs & Charts
    • 43. Video
    • 44. 6 Simple Steps Realtor Experience... Success Simplified
    • 45. Meet
    • 46. “ EDGE is an absolute game changer, it’s the most valuable tool for loan officers I’ve seen in my career “ Todd Duncan
    • 47. Stunning Charts & Graphs Easier to understand for everyone
    • 48. LIVE powers a WOW experience Better win ratio and more referrals
    • 49.
      • Start using EDGE for only $89 monthly or $895 annually
      Your Breakthrough .
    • 50. “ Fired off an EDGE wow presentation to a client last night…they totally got it…it visual just cut through all the nonsense and struck them at their wallet…REALLY COOL!! I'm LOVING Edge!” Tracy Cavanaugh
    • 51.   What I love about EDGE reports is that they are easy on the eye.  You can look at the charts and graphs and tell exactly what the report is saying within seconds .   Brent Sute in Tuscaloosa, AL
    • 52.   EDGE is a game changer today in meeting with your clients today, either face to face, on the phone or on “their” computer. EDGE will move them off the fence and into your pipe. .   Jim Sahnger in Jupiter, FL
    • 53. “ I think Mortgage Coach Edge is a game changer for loan officers who are serious about closing more loans each month.  It is incredibly easy to use, provides in depth analysis, highly visual reports, and offers the ability to share the information in a variety of ways that my clients and partners love.  Edge has quickly become an essential resource that I now use for all my consultations.   EDGE is an absolutely brilliant tool!”  Dustin Hughes in Lake Oswego, OR
    • 54. “ I think EDGE is fantastic.  Edge puts all the calculations I do short hand into an easy process.   The presentation is clean and easy to read.   I love it! I was so excited I showed my wife last night.” Aaron Kayser Herndon, VA
    • 55. “ In our ever changing financial world Mortgage Coach's  EDGE  platform is THE vital tool to bring clarity and value to our clients . ” Paul Walton in Benicia, CA
    • 56. "Dave, I had my first customer presentation this morning. I was able to show my client the advantage of going to a 20-year loan versus staying in a 30 yrs. The graphics of EDGE sealed the deal . It reminds me of the great line from Denzel Washington in the movie Philadelphia "explain it to me like I'm a 6 year old". In a nutshell that's what EDGE does for our clients. This is the best tool I've had in 14 years as an originator . Mega kudos to you and the MC staff.” John McAdams in Prince Frederick, MD
    • 57. “ Edge works the way we do, ask the right questions in the right order and win your clients respect.  The feedback and results have been amazing .” Dan Rawitch, Petaluma, CA
    • 58. “ EDGE is an absolute game changer, it’s the most valuable tool for loan officers I’ve seen in my career “ Todd Duncan, San Diego, CA
    • 59. “ As a manager I'm concerned about a consistent sales message across my loan officer team. With Edge I now have a tool that allows me to feel confident that each LO has a process to follow that results in great looking easy to understand presentations to their customers every time without me having to micro manage their every move. It's easy to use, logical and very customer friendly . Our customers love the simple and elegant presentation of the key information needed to make an informed decision now .“ Jim McQuaig in Herndon, Virginia
    • 60. “ EDGE is without a doubt the best resource a manager can use to get Loan Officers from Zero to Hero in no time at all. More importantly, it systematizes EVERY loan presentation made to borrower’s to ENSURE consistency, accuracy and competency , EVERY customer receives the same experience REGARDLESS of who presented the facts and figures.“ Ron Quintero, Laguna Hills, CA
    • 61. “ The ease of flow and interactive web presentation creates a unique presentation to customers setting you apart. I love EDGE! ” Jeremy Forcier Sonoma, CA
    • 62. Your Breakthrough .