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  • 1. The Earth’s Climate Zones
    CLIMATE: the pattern of weather of a place over many years
    TEMPERATE ZONE: Found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle (Northern Hemisphere) and between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle (Southern Hemisphere)
    POLAR ZONE: An area north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle
    TROPICAL ZONE: Area between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer
    PRECIPITATION: the falling of moisture such as rain and snow
  • 2. Climate zones
    Atlas: Page 128
    You will need:
    Red, Blue, Green colors
    Label and write latitudes for:
    Tropic of Cancer
    Tropic of Capricorn
    Arctic Circle
    Antarctic Circle
    Using your definitions, color in the three Climate Zones. Use this key:
    Temperate: Green
    Polar: Blue
    Tropical: Red
  • 3. Honduras
    El Salvador
    13. South Africa
    14. Mozambique
    15.  Uganda
    16.  Kenya
    17.  Eritrea
    18.  Pakistan
    19.  Moldova
    20.  Solomon Islands
    21.  Jamaica
    Country List
  • 4. Population Density
    Economic Activity
  • 5. Climate
    Geographers divide earth into climate zones
    Each zone has a different pattern of precipitation and temperature
    This pattern is shown on a climagraph
    Bars show monthly precipitation
    Curved line shows temperature per month
  • 6. 12 different Climate zones
    Ice Cap
    Marine West Coast
    Humid Continental
    Tropical Wet and Dry
    Humid Subtropical
    Tropical Wet
  • 7. Population Density
    Use textbook page 34-35
    Answer, in complete sentences, in class notes:
    What is population density?
    How does a geographer calculate the density of a place?
    How does population density affect how people live?
    List the 5 categories for population density and list at least two cities that fit into each category using the maps around the room.
  • 8. Population Density
    What is it?
    A measure that tells us how crowded a place is
    Higher number= more crowded the place is!
  • 9. New York City: 26,000 people per mile!
    Mongolia: 4 people per mile
    Population Density
  • 10. Different ways of showing population density
    NY Times Map
  • 11. Population Density
    On your index card, next line down:
    Using the absolute location of your country, write down the population density of your country.
  • 12. Economic Activity: Land and resources
    How do people USE the land they live on?
    It is different because everyone uses the land they live on to meet their needs
    Examples: farming, mining.
  • 13. Economic Activity: Land and resources
    Economic activity depends on a country’s resources
  • 14. Economic Activity: Land and resources
    Other resources:
    Fossil Fuels (oil, coal, natural gas), uranium, moving water= provide fuel and power
  • 15. Land Use
    Hunting and Gathering
    Subsistence Farming
    Commercial Farming
    Nomadic Herding
    Livestock Raising
    Commercial Fishing
    Trade and Manufacturing
    Each should have a picture, definition, and example!
  • 16. Example:
    Hunting and Gathering: people hunt for animals and gather plants for food.
    Example: hunters in Greenland