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Connecting New Homeowners to your Community for over 80 years!

Connecting New Homeowners to your Community for over 80 years!



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    Welcome Wagon Sales Presentation Welcome Wagon Sales Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • “Your Comm CommunityPartner” The New Welcoming New Homeowners For Over 80 Years!
    • Johnson Re sidence New Homeowners spend more in year one of a move than any other year...
    • “Your Community Partner” Welcoming New Homeowners For Over 80 Years.
    • 3 marketing targets your customer your competitor’s customer Whose customer nobody’s customer... yet. will they become?
    • who they are & why they buy Families moving into your neighborhood are GREAT new customers! growing family getting married They are: • Creditworthy • Spenders • And, they’re establishing new relationships NOW! empty nesters job relocation
    • great prospects for your business • Average new homeowner household income is $88,119. Source: MRI Consumer Research • Average family stays in their home 8.2 years! Source: United States Postal Service • 77% of new homeowner families have 2 or more children (of households with 2 adults). Source: Beta Resource • How much does your average customer spend in one year? • How many family members would use your business?
    • our welcome gift: touchpoint 1 Personalized with new mover name 98% deliverable High open rate Remains in the home long after the move
    • Pinpoint: touchpoint 2 rist Shop Jerri’s Flo angements •Fresh Arr • Gifts •Balloons •Weddings s hy Design • Sympat Delivery W orldwide •Local & 15632 5632 523.123.456 • Sampl etown, NY 123 Sampl etown Ave We 20% uOFeF Any P rchas Excludes Weddings & Wire Ord er om s help you oristshop.c www.jerrifl follow-up!
    • especially for you: touchpoint 3 PRSRTTSTD PAID PRSR STD AUTOGE NY U.S. POSTA HICKSVIL E PAID LE, P STAG . 68 PO T NO U.S. MI PER WAGO N WELCOME ite 500 n Road, Su 245 Newtow P.O . Box 9101 001 NY 11803-9 Plainview, LEAVE CARRIER SPONSE IF NO RE ESPECIA For You f ro m L LY John andeeHelen Johnson 90 days after the Str t 123 Main A 12345-00 00 let wn, US eto n, Sample ow IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIIIIIIIIII IIII II III IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIII Gift Book welcome offers feedback survey card
    • new movers list available Stay in touch with these families
    • welcomewagon.com online listing Color logo and your business information Map and driving directions
    • Multiple touchpoints to the new families PRSRT STD PRSRT STD PAID p U.S. POSTAGE, NY st Shop AUTO HICKSVILLE PAID U.S. P POSTAGE 68 NO. Jerri’s Flori PERMIT WAGON WELC WELCOME 500 Road, Suite 245 Newtown Johnson Residence nts geme P.O. Box 9101 Plainview, NY 11803-900 1 •Fresh Arran CARRIER LEAVE E • Gifts IF NO RESPONS •Balloons •Weddings LY • Sympathy Designs e Delivery ES PE CI AL •Local & Worldwid For You 523.123.456 n, NY 15632 • Sampletow from Johnson letown Ave John and Helen d 123 Samp t Street 00 123 Main 12345-00 etown, USA Sample wn, IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Sampleto IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIII IIII I IIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII 20% OFF & Wire Orders Weddings Excludes floris tshop.com www.jerri New Family Gift Book Pinpoint Especially Mailing Online Arrives in your Shortly after 30/60/90+ Days For You List Available Business Listing neighborhood the move 90 Days after the For Follow-up Ongoing Gift Book Monthly Benefits You’ll Receive: • Exclusivity • Easy follow-up with Pinpoint • Featured Online Listing with • Welcome Offer and Especially For You map and directions • High-Impact Display Ad • Monthly List of new movers for follow-up
    • Where are home buyers spending their money? The information in this profile was compiled from the responses of home buyers surveyed throughout North America. The results provide greater insight about the home buyer market. Beta Research Corporation, an independent market research company, conducted the survey using standard research procedures. Products, Services and Professionals needed within the first year in their home. MERCHANTS SERVICES MAJOR ESSENTIALS Apparel/Shoes 70.5% Auto Repair 54.0% Automotive Vehicle 18.0% Auto Parts 49.0% Cable TV 70.6% Furniture 67.3% Bagel Shop 37.0% Carpenter 17.3% Major Appliance/ Bakery 46.3% Carpet Cleaner 26.2% Electronic Purchases 82.9% Bank 71.3% Cleaning/Maid Service 13.9% Mattress/Bed 33.5% Bath/Linen 62.3% Electrician 23.9% Window Treatments 56.7% Bookstore 49.2% Hairstylist/Barber 63.1% Camera/Photo Processing 49.7% Landscaper/Lawn Care 27.4% Card/Gift/Candy 58.5% Painter/Paper Hanger 17.1% PROFESSIONALS Car Wash 56.6% Pest Control 20.9% Accountant 23.2% 83.9% of College/Adult Education 16.5% Pet Grooming/Boarding Attorney/Lawyer 16.1% home buyers Convenience Store 62.6% (of those with pets) 32.1% Dentist 73.3% plan major Cosmetic/Beauty Products 47.2% Plumber 23.7% Family Physican 67.4% Department Store 80.2% Trash/Garbage Removal 51.0% OB/GYN 43.8% improvements. Discount Department Store 72.6% Travel Agent 18.6% Pediatrician Dry Cleaner/Laundry 68.7% TV Satellite 9.7% (of those with children) 48.1% Florist 43.5% Vet/Animal Hospital Garden Center 58.8% (of those with pets) 58.6% Hardware 73.1% HOME IMPROVEMENTS Health/Athletic Club 19.5% 83.9% of home buyers plan major Lighting 35.5% improvements. INSURANCE PRODUCTS NEEDED Lumber/Building Supplies 62.3% Bath/Kitchen Remodel 34.8% IN THE FIRST YEAR Overall, 71.1% Mailing/Shipping 40.7% Deck/Porch Addition 30.7% Overall, 71.7% of movers indicated they will of movers Paint/Wallpaper 62.6% Fencing 26.3% need a variety of insurance products. Pet Supplies Floor Coverings 37.7% Homeowners 61.2% indicate they will (of those with pets) 78.7% Heating/Air Conditioning 16.9% Auto 31.3% need a variety Pharmacy 74.3% Home Extension 5.3% Hazard 19.9% of insurance Picture Framing 33.2% Inground Sprinklers 11.2% Home Warranty 17.6% products. Produce Store 45.2% Landscape Renovation 55.2% Life 10.4% Sporting Goods 24.1% New Windows/Doors 26.7% Supermarket/Grocery 84.9% Roofing/Siding/Insulation 14.6% Tire 25.3% Security/Alarm System 15.8% Video 58.7% Shrubs/Bushes/Trees 55.2% Wine/Liquor 48.5% Swimming Pool 7.7% Major Appliance/ Electronic Purchases 82.9%
    • Who is the New Homeowner? AGE TRAVEL HABITS Principal male adult 38.6 89.9% traveled at least 1 time in the past year Principal female adult 37.5 31.7% traveled 6 or more times in the past year AFFLUENT DINING HABITS $71,300 is the average annual income 63.7% dine out 1 to 4 times per week 26.7% earn over $75,000 41.7% order take-out food 1 to 4 times per week 11.6% earn over $100,000 LEISURE TIME EDUCATED PET OWNERSHIP HOBBIES AND 52.7% of males and 51.1% of females are 63.1% own pets college educated 35.6% have dogs INTERESTS 33.3% have cats PROFESSIONAL 69.2% of households with children have pets Art 21.6% 41.3% of home buyers are executives, business owners, Bowling 16.9% professionals (excluding doctors), sales & marketing, PHILANTHROPIC & RELIGIOUS PRACTICES Cars 16.2% teachers. 89.1% make donations to various organizations 50.3% are men 55.0% donate to religious organizations Computer/Internet 46.7% 33.6% are women 58.8% have or will become affiliated with Cooking 47.3% a religious institution Crafts 41.9% MARITAL STATUS Fitness/Exercise 44.7% 73.9% of home buyers are married INVESTMENTS Annuity 12.6% Gardening 46.5% CHILDREN Bonds 18.6% Golf 29.1% 77% of households with two adults have children CDs 20.3% Hunting/Fishing 21.6% The average household has 2 children IRAs 39.0% 33.8% have children 2 years and under Money Market 27.3% Movies 63.5% 33% have children between 3-5 years old Mutual Funds 47.6% Music 56.9% 49.6% have children between 6-12 years old 401(K) 48.9% Photography 18.1% 26.9% have children between 13-17 years old Stocks 37.7% Reading 63.2% FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER OFFICE EQUIPMENT Sewing/Needlework 23.1% 38.1% are first-time home buyers 81.8% have office equipment in their homes Skiing 14.2% 12.7 % have members that work primarily from Tennis 10.2% PREVIOUS RESIDENCE a home office If owned previous home, lived there 7.2 years Copier 12.0% Racquetball 3.2% If rented previous home, lived there 3.2 years Fax Machine 22.3% Theater 28.5% Modem 50.2% Water Sports 17.1% AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE OWNERSHIP Personal Computer 66.1% 57.2% own or lease 2 automotive vehicles Computer Printer 59.3% 14.8% own or lease 3 or more automobiles
    • The time is NOW NOW! Yo Yo Community Partner Your Comm