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Dnl hg, goudal louise, metayer mariotti cédalise , déan morgane, cours du lundi
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Dnl hg, goudal louise, metayer mariotti cédalise , déan morgane, cours du lundi

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  • 1. Irish culture, DNL histoire Métayer-Mariotti Cédalise, Goudal Louise, Déan Morgane
  • 2. Irish language • The official language of Ireland is the irish since the 1st January 2007. • It’s a celtic language and it’s speak only in Ireland but only 2% speak irish and 98% speak english.
  • 3. • Some irish words : * hello = dia duit * goodbye = beannacht * thank you = buíochas a ghabháil leat
  • 4. Irish music • Irish music was developped since the Antiquity. • Further to irish migrations on the XIXe century, she was spread out in the USA and the England. • The principals irish instruments are for instance the fiddle, the uillean pipe or the bordhan.
  • 5. The uillean pipe : It’s an irish cornemuse. The fiddle
  • 6. The bordhan : It’s a percussion, typical of Ireland. It’s a drum. Celtic harp : It’s the symbol of Ireland. It’s on european coins.
  • 7. Irish dance • The story of irish dance is roams but she was know lasting irish migrations at XIXe century. • Irish dances are also very specific. There aren’t traditionals dress up but it’s the clothes who was wear by farmers.
  • 8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jaiPPrtXho
  • 9. Irish sports • 1) Gaelic football Gaelic football is one of the most popular sport in Ireland. It’s a mix on the football and the rugby. It’s play by a team of 15 players and it’s play with the hands and feet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbbt7p7DKes
  • 10. 2) Hurling The hurling is also a famous sport in Ireland. It plays with a cross name’s hurley used to bang the ball. He is considered like the most fast team sport. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgEMvRrOCRI The gaelic football and the hurling are the two principals sports of Ireland. They are a lot of common points like our rules, the ground, the number of players, the goals …
  • 11. Irish symbols The clover is a national and religious symbol. He was use by St Patrick. He was very quickly match with St Patrick and Ireland. Celtic harp is also the symbol of ireland. She is represented on the coat of arms of Ireland.
  • 12. • St Stephen day St Stephen day is celebrate on the 26 december. It’s a day where the irish spend the day with our family. They go listenning Christmas songs singing on the street and drinking on pubs. The children go out of doors to doors with a little bird for win some coins.
  • 13. • The Samain The Samain is Halloween. Raising to 500 BC, this evenement was very important in celtic life, they enter in communication with the deaths, during one night. To the celtic, the year was ponctuated in 4 times : - Imbolc celebrated in the spring - Beltane celebrated in the summer - Lugnasad celebrated the autumn - Samain celebrated the winter It was the celtic New Year’s day. There were a lot of rites and legends about this celebrate like Jake O’Lantern.
  • 14. • St Patrick’s day On the 17 of March, it’s St Patrick’s day. It’s one of the principal celebration of Ireland. On this day, all of the Irish go in the street to do party and meet on pub. They are wearing only green clothes because it’s the color of Ireland. St Patrick’s day is celebrate on 5 days, from the 16 March to the 20 March. During the festival, there is a lot of animations whose the big parade of Dublin. St Patrick’s day isn’t celebrate only in Ireland, she is also celebrate on the USA rest from the irish migrations.