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Making a difference-Columbia State Community College-August 2013
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Making a difference-Columbia State Community College-August 2013


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I made this presentation to over 200 faculty and staff at Columbia State Community College in Columbia, TN in August 2013.

I made this presentation to over 200 faculty and staff at Columbia State Community College in Columbia, TN in August 2013.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Talent Acquisition Talent Development Making a Difference… Fall Convocation August 19, 2013
  • 2. “We Speak Your Language” Who am I? • Husband of 1 • Father of 2 • Friend of many • Player-coach • Cause person
  • 3. “We Speak Your Language” Who is Columbia State? • Two Year College • Nine County Region • Five locations: – Columbia-Franklin-Lawrenceburg- Lewisburg-Clifton • Access and Commitment to all • Part of sixth largest higher education system in the nation
  • 4. “We Speak Your Language” Who do we serve?
  • 5. “We Speak Your Language” Our Challenges • 32% of TN adults have some type of degree-This puts TN 43rd in the nation. • Gov. Bill Haslam's goal: – 55% of adults in TN earn college degrees by 2025 • Roughly 65% of residents attend college – Completion is an issue… • Nashville State “free college” option
  • 6. “We Speak Your Language” Potential Remedies • Dual enrollment increase • Community College enhancements • Labor education alignment program • Strategic Partners – Western Governors University
  • 7. “We Speak Your Language” So What does this mean?
  • 8. “We Speak Your Language” Getting their attention
  • 9. “We Speak Your Language” How you can make a difference • Delight your customers • No surprises • Get them talking • Become irreplaceable
  • 10. “We Speak Your Language” Creating “legendary” service • Becoming a “Category of One”-Joe Calloway – Ask more Questions – Always keep your cool – Stop talking and Just Go
  • 11. “We Speak Your Language” Raving Fans-Ken Blanchard • Decide what you want- CSCC vision • Discover what the Customer wants- students • Deliver the vision Plus more
  • 12. “We Speak Your Language” Empowering Customer Service Employees • Get Started-Connect front line to strategy • Empower-Teach people to think for themselves • Experiment to Implement-allow flexibility • Eliminate Barriers-break down hierarchy Source: Harvard Business Review July 2013
  • 13. “We Speak Your Language” Key Points! • Vision • Strategy • WIN • Flexibility-Accountability • “The Extra Mile”
  • 14. “We Speak Your Language” What will success look like?
  • 15. “We Speak Your Language” Legendary Service
  • 16. “We Speak Your Language” Customer Service in Higher Ed • How do institutions see students? – Students as learners (72%) • How do students see institutions? – Students as customers (51%) – Students as learners (29%) Students were almost twice as likely to see themselves as customers versus learners! How are/will you address this? Source: NASPA 2007
  • 17. “We Speak Your Language” More “Whys” • High school graduation numbers are somewhat stagnant through 2014 • Increased options (remember earlier slide) – You need to know ALL of your competitors….
  • 18. “We Speak Your Language” Making a Difference You make a difference in the life of each student How you serve them is evolving
  • 19. “We Speak Your Language” What “legends” do we have for serving others?
  • 20. “We Speak Your Language” Next Steps • Breaking into 10 groups • Facilitated discussion • Return to Cherry Theater • Report from each group • See you in 40 minutes!
  • 21. “We Speak Your Language” Dan Ryan Principal