Internet sources to make money online with my space


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Internet sources to make money online with my space

  1. 1. Internet Sources to Make Money Online with MySpace There are numerous sources to make money online with MySpace. To diversify is one great option for Internet marketers. Here are some sources of products that you can market through MySpace: Affiliate marketing You can link to from this popular profit sharing company. You could select products and promote then. You could choose from a plethora of products .They also provide widgets and product graphics to help you promote. One very good example of these is Google Adsense. Webhosting companies, blogging communities are also into affiliate marketing. Multi Level Marketing or MLM This is similar to affiliate marketing but different in the commission scheme. In MLM, you can earn up to the third generation of buyers, depending on what the company offers. You can make money online with MySpace by enlisting other members to become MLM down lines. Direct advertisers You can accept direct advertisers to display their product ads in your page. Companies also prefer it because it is cheaper and they can observe readily the performance of their product ads. Bloggers/website owners A blogger may request you to post his site’s URL or product widget. He will compensate you in cash or kind. If the owner is your friend, you can have a reciprocal posting for both. This is called reciprocation. Sites providing services Webhosting sites, Domain name, and PayPal offer handsome premiums or packages. You can simply copy their code and post them in your site or MySpace page. Provide your own product This is the best scenario. If you have a previous offline business, you can now market it online. If you have your own product, you will be very motivated to promote and market it. Having all of these as your sources, there is no longer a need to use more. You can now make money online with MySpace.
  2. 2. Why not take a look at how to use Facebook to you own advantage. Click the link below to see what else you can do. CLICK HERE to see more easy steps on how you can start today using social networking sites to build your wealth. Terry Shadwell