Gamification of Greene County


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Gamification of Greene County

  1. 1. AGENDA How gamification can boost rejuvenation of tourism 1 Improving tourism infrastructure… 2 Cross advertizing various businesses, developing common strategies to increase tourism volume … 3 Bringing Modern Technologies, creating new workplaces …
  2. 2. From Greene CountyTourism Association report
  3. 3. FINANCIAL Goals(from GC Tourism Association report)
  4. 4. is the use of game mechanics and game design techniques innon-game contexts. Typically gamification applies to non-game applicationsand processes, in order to encourage people to adopt them, or to influencehow they are used. Gamifications proponents argue that it works by makingtechnology more engaging, by encouraging users to engage in desiredbehaviors, by showing a path to mastery and autonomy, by helping to solveproblems and being more engaging, and by taking advantage of humanspsychological predisposition to engage in gaming.
  5. 5. Market analysis. “…M2 Research, an analytics firm in Encinitas, California, estimates that the “…Zynga, whose games account for $445m gamification market in 2011 was worth of Facebooks $3.7bn revenue in 2011, to about $100 million. By 2016, it could create FarmVille figurines with toy firm…” reach as high as $2.8 billion…” “… FarmVille cow symbol on Facebook. Zynga, the US firm behind the game, has a market value of $9.7bn (£6bn), which may increase after the Hasbro deal…”“…There is a another very interesting kind of relationship“formation” going on in MMORPGs. Many MMORPGgamers play with a romantic partner or a family member. About “…Gamification typically involves applying16% of male players and 60% of female players play with a game design thinking to non-game applicationsromantic partner, and about 25% of male players and 40% of to make them more fun and engaging.female players play with a family member. Many of these Gamification has been called one of the mostplayers say that playing together has changed their real-life important trends in technology by severalrelationships in unexpected ways…” industry experts. Gamification can potentially be applied to any industry and almost anything to create fun and engaging experiences, converting users into players…” “…Gamification - Gaming gets serious…”
  6. 6. Adaptation
  7. 7.
  8. 8. /
  9. 9. How do we start 1 Present “Gamification” concept to county departments Create focus group and get research budget 2 3 Discuss possibilities with developers of Great Wolf, Friar Tuck and other potential investors. Setup direct connections with major game development companies and social networks 4 5 Involve students into research and get ideas from youth Populize ideas between gaming community, businesses and create suggestions bank. 6 7 Design Greene County main character and write general story line Contact Retail businesses, design souveniers, clothing specific to GC character 8
  10. 10. Help needed from many agencies 1 3 5 Legislature Tourism Chamber of Association Commerce 2 4 6 IDA Economical Resorts and Students, Stores Development Restaurant Owners, Association Manufacturers, and volunteers
  11. 11. Few of our Ideas $ Resorts GC Character Treasure Hunt Game Incentives • New and redesigned • Online/Offline Game • Unified character, • Game items and Anchor Resorts designed to be common for design bonuses from retail specializing in new educational and fun. schemes, souveniers, purchuses Computer Gaming • Linked to modern cell events, games and presentations, • Game developers phone tracking and more… attractions, developers bonuses, prizes, etc stands having gaming terminals • Stories about character • CC rewards appliable to in various host locations linked to historical events • Hosting various online games and magical scenarios. conferences, social network “neighbors”, “alliances members”, etc. • Offline stands for online games Those are just a few ideas on possible Gamification in Greene County. With a proper budget, companies specializing in Gamification could be contacted and develop more specific ideas
  12. 12. Resort (like Friar Tuck or Great Wolf) Welcome to the world of Magic .. • Our idea is to combine futuristic and magical style in resort decorations and style • Resort should consist of around 400 efficiency studios rooms and 2- 3 bedroom units for families • Resort ammenities should include water, indoor and outdoor attractions, conference rooms and show stage. • Very important future is to have high speed fiber optic linesWhat is the Gimmic? available.• Today we live in the Computer World… Therefore we • Additional space required for showwould targe ALL computer population as a clientelle. Local rooms of various Game Developersor from other Countries. Children playing Wizard or stands.grandmas playing Farmville….
  13. 13. Why not in GC?
  14. 14. Greene County Character andStory Line• We’d like to propose todevelop common GreeneCounty character, which will beused in story lines, souveniers,shows, events, designelements, online games, etc• As an example, we could useGreen Elf as main figure• Story line could be in magicalstyle• Character could be a helper inTreasure hunt game, image onCC cards, promo items.• Various events like“Mister/Misses Elf”, shows, etc• Other examples: Rip Van Wincle, leprecon,gnome
  15. 15. Play & Stay with Us Welcome to our new Gaming Resorts of Greene CountyJoin Us…Date TimeYear round Day and NightLocationAll resorts
  16. 16. Clientele Conference spaces Arcade rooms and shows • Equipped for Games • Attracting visitors or area Midweek Specials for presentations, social hotels from ski areas and Locals, local events on networking meetings, camps for night weekends contests and world entertainment • Weddings, banquets, competitions birtday Parties, various • Virtual hunting, fishing, • Stands are designed and gallograms, laser tag wars events provided by various games • Local tournaments developers. New • Offline stands for popular technologies previews and online games. Like • Educational shows. sales. Maqiquest.
  17. 17. Where Revenue willcome from? Revenue • All age groups. Today’s gamer is a person 3-70 years old. • Local and worldwide tourists. Gaming is International. Social media uniting people from all over the world. • Tourists staying in base hotel, from surounding area accomodations, local population.
  18. 18. Credit Card Rewards Get Discount Get rewards points in Local stores Apply points to Use labels with favorite Games rewards codes on retail products Greene County Bank could be a participant of Gaming Rewards.
  19. 19. Treasure Hunt Tourism Game • Educational. • Fun for all ages • Sponsored rewards • GPS phones techology
  20. 20. Seasons – Year Round Great benefits of Greene County is location • Skiing Mountains • Hunting Forests • Fishing Lakes and River • Farming multiple Farms • Camping Woods, Lakes campgrounds • Hiking, Biking, Riding, Cycling,…. Let’s fLip some pages and move into the future !
  21. 21. Welcome to the World of Gamers !Our Goal is to combine resources of different agencies,put many heads together and come up with something,which would change outlook of travel industry.Developers are looking for ideas, people with ideas arelooking for funds. We hope that by popularizing If you are interested in development of this projectGamification concepts, we will be able to connect dots and participate in it, please contact Vitaliy Bobkov atand create something new and attractive for today’s 518-678-9643 or email to drvit@mhcable.comtravelers.