Fall 2013 Syllabus: Social Media in Public Relations


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Senior Seminar in Public Relations applying strategic communication principles effectively to use of PR tools and techniques in the domain of social media. Students gain a hands-on insight into how social media is shaping public relations practice and build a professional portfolio. Engages students as social media consultants to achieve their community non profit client's objectives and in personal branding.
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Fall 2013 Syllabus: Social Media in Public Relations

  1. 1. Course Policies and Meeting Schedule: Fall 2013   ‘ Fall 2013: CMAT 490 – Communication Seminar: Social Media in PR Tues/Thurs, 11:00AM—12:15AM | TETC 116B Course Policies   Course Website: http://drvinitaagarwal.com/ [QR Code below]| @vinitaagarwal | My Classes Course Twitter Hashtag: #VASocialMediaPR _____________________________________________________________________________ Instructor Contact Information: Dr. Vinita Agarwal Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Office: Fulton Hall 272 Email: vxagarwal@salisbury.edu OH: T/TH: 1:45PM—2:30PM, W, 11:00 AM—02:30 PM and by appointment _____________________________________________________________________________ Prerequisite CMAT 101 and 102 with grades of C or better. Course Description CMAT 490—Social Media in PR will involve the study of strategic communication principles guiding social media planning and integration using tools such as blogging, podcasting, YouTube, Facebook, RSS, Pinterest, and Twitter to identify and engage key influencers. Students gain knowledge and experience in strategic implementation of social media initiatives in PR contexts such as social media crises, corporate communications, issues management, and reputation management. CMAT 490 is an enhanced course, requiring intensive study in any one area of speech or communication studies, ideally in the student’s track. Substantial research paper/academic project and class presentation are required. Learning Objectives This course provides students proficiency in understanding and integrating the principles and practice of PR with the social media strategy and planning process. In this course, I utilize a service-learning approach that promotes learning through community engagement. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to: i. Demonstrate responsiveness and engagement with social media networks ii. Leverage social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to accomplish public relations goals CMAT 490 Senior Seminar: Social Media in PR | Dr. Vinita Agarwal
  2. 2. Course Policies and Meeting Schedule: Fall 2013   iii. Develop and curate content for your key publics by applying Web 2.0 principles in textual-, visual-, audio-, and video-based contexts iv. Using a service-learning pedagogical approach, the students design social media strategy for a nonprofit client through systematic research, goal-setting, monitoring, content optimization, and benchmark measurements to a. Utilize organizational resources to achieve public relations goals b. Engage key publics through social media applications and services c. Build social media presence among key target publics d. Measure the effectiveness of social media strategy Required Textbooks (Available through the Salisbury University Bookstore) Ø Safko, L. (2010). The social media bible: Tactics, tools, and strategies (3rd ed.) New Jersey: Wiley. (Abbreviated: S) Ø Scott, D. M. (2011). The new rules of marketing and PR: How to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases & viral marketing to reach buyers directly (3rd ed.). New Jersey: Wiley (Abbreviated: DMS) Recommended Ø Goldstein, N. (Ed.). (2011). The Associated Press stylebook and briefing on media law. Fully revised and updated Ed. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books. Ø Barger, C. (2012). The social media strategist: Build a successful program from the inside out. McGraw Hill Equipment Policy Extensive use of technology will be required. You may use the Marantz audio flash recorder for audio recordings or video flip cameras for video recordings. These will be checked out (using your SU ID) from Media Services (Room 334, TETC, Hours: TR, 9 AM—11 PM, Fridays, 9 AM—5 PM and closed on Saturdays). This is available only for a day (late returns fined). Copyright Statement The content (lectures, assignments, handouts) are the property of the instructor and protected under copyright law. You may not publicly distribute or display or share my course materials or lecture notes without my written permission. Teamwork In the spirit of a service-learning approach, along with your team members, you will serve as a social media consultant team to design, implement, and evaluate a social media plan for a non profit client organization in the community. In the case of special circumstances, non-performing team members may not receive credit for work completed by other members. Attendance and Participation Attendance is mandatory. Your effective participation will, of course, be directly proportional to the quality of your portfolio work in the class. Course Ethos As advanced PR students, I will expect professional behavior standards corresponding to those in the professional world. From my end, I will strive to provide each of you with the resources and guidance necessary to achieve the course objectives. I encourage you all to make use of my office hours and availability to assist you with your learning objectives. Any personal accommodations made during CMAT 490 Senior Seminar: Social Media in PR | Dr. Vinita Agarwal
  3. 3. Course Policies and Meeting Schedule: Fall 2013   the semester will be at my discretion weighing individual circumstances against the principle of fairness to other class members. Deadlines, Late Policy, and Make-Ups Deadlines are critical for professional success in today’s work environments, and paramount for PR professionals. Here are a few general guidelines: ⇒ Monitor your grades. ⇒ All grade assignments will be taken as final one class period after the graded assignment has been entered on Grade book in My Classes. ⇒ Do not discuss grade-related matters at end of class or via email. ⇒ Late assignments will be assessed a late penalty downgrading it by a letter grade for each class period it is late and will not be accepted after two class periods from the due date. ⇒ You are responsible for making up any missed work or content. Support Services For trouble with your connection, access to the course website or the materials therein please contact IT at 410-677-5454, at TETC Room 113 or via email at helpdesk@salisbury.edu. Office of Student Disability Support Services (OSDSS) The OSDSS provides guidance, access to resources, and accommodations for students with documented disabilities including: medical, psychiatric, and/or learning disabilities, and/or mobility, visual, and/or hearing impairments. They can be reached at 410-677-6536. Academic Integrity The CMAT department expects you have read and understand the University’s policy as described in the Student Policy on Academic Integrity in your SU Student Handbook (www.salisbury.edu/Students/handbook/welcome.html) and thereby agree to honor these standards. Academic dishonesty as a serious offense and ALL incidences are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, separation from the university. Grading Policy My assignment grading follows a broad rule-of-thumb: “C” work barely meets the basic criteria outlined, “B” work does a competent/acceptable job of meeting the criteria outlined, and “A” work not only does an excellent job of meeting the criteria, but also surpasses expectations to demonstrate creative application of the content. “D” work is substandard and does not meet one or more of the basic criteria outlined for the assignment. Assignment Description In the spirit of service-learning ethos, the assignments employ individual and collaborative assignments that will give you the opportunity to apply public relations principles in real-world social media strategy development and planning. Through the assignments you will gain a hands-on experience with the tools and tactics at your disposal in the Web 2.0 PR world today. Ideally, you will utilize the assignments to build your social media portfolio as well as successfully engaging and achieving a community NPO’s goals. Detailed handouts available on the course website. ⇒ Blogging (100 points total). You will utilize blogging as a tool to carve your thought leadership on a PR issue of your choice. The break-up will include: o Micro-blogging (50 points total). You will maintain a micro-blog on a content management platform (e.g., Twitter) on your selected PR content area. You are required to Tweet or otherwise engage in engaging content creation at a minimum of 5 times a CMAT 490 Senior Seminar: Social Media in PR | Dr. Vinita Agarwal
  4. 4. Course Policies and Meeting Schedule: Fall 2013   o week (7—10 times is desirable). In addition, you will also participate through re-tweeting or replying to others tweets. You will be required to create an account or, if you already have one, to submit the number of followers you currently have and tally the end of the semester. Blogging (50 points total): You will maintain a Wordpress and a Tumblr blog on a PR content area of your choice. The idea is to compare and get a feel of the strengths of each platform and to optimize content delivery based on the channel. Through your blogs you will also regularly curate and present PR content relevant to your issue on the DMS readings of the day. You will also regularly engage with your peers’ blog comments. ⇒ Social Media Tactics & Tools Mini-Projects (60 points total): Six mini-projects focusing on one social media tactic will assess your ability to incorporate feedback in your overall social media strategy implementation. These mini-projects include: (a) timelines and visual mapping, (b) Slideshare, (c) podcasts, (d) Flicker, Pinterest, and Instagram, (e) Vine or Instagram video, and (f) Screencasting. ⇒ NPO Social Media Integration Project (65 points). This course incorporates a service-learning pedagogical approach. In small teams, you will work with a community-based nonprofit organization assigned to you. In this semester-long project, you will schedule regular meetings with the client, research, design, and implement (with client, peer, and my approval) your social media plan. You will also evaluate your plan’s success and present it to us, the client, and invited faculty/community. ⇒ Personal Branding (50 points): Through the semester, you will work toward building your personal branding social media portfolio website utilizing Web 2.0 tools. The coherence, resonance, and relevance of your personal brand will be assessed. ⇒ Social Media Portfolio (25 points). Your social media plan and evaluation including blogs, micro blogs, social media mini-projects critique to class. This should be submitted as a website that links to our course website. Grading Assignment Total Points Ø Blogging and Micro Blogging 100 Ø Social Media Tactics & Tools Mini-Projects 60 Ø NPO Social Media Integration Project 65 Ø Personal Branding 50 Ø Social Media Portfolio 25 _________________________________________________________ Total 300 _________________________________________________________   Grade Breakdown A= 90.0% & above; B= 80.0%-89.0%; C= 70.0%-79.0%; D= 60.0%-69.0%; F= 59.0% & below v Important Semester Dates: Aug. 26th—Dec 6th: Session dates | Aug. 26th: First day of classes| Aug. 26th—Aug. 30th: Add/drop| Sept. 2nd: Labor Day | Oct. 14th: Advising begins | Oct. 17th: Midsemester | Oct. 25th: Last day to Withdraw with a grade of (W) | Nov. 15th: Deadline for CMAT 490 Senior Seminar: Social Media in PR | Dr. Vinita Agarwal
  5. 5. Course Policies and Meeting Schedule: Fall 2013   application for May 2014 or Aug. 2014 Graduation | Nov. 27th –Nov. 30th: Thanksgiving Break | Dec. 7th: Reading day| Dec. 9th—Dec. 13th: Finals week| Dec. 14th: Commencement CMAT 490 Fall 2013: SOCIAL MEDIA IN PR Readings Assignments WEEK # 1 INTRODUCTIONS Introductions, Syllabus, Ch1 (S)—What is social media? ü Readings for TR Meeting (T) Aug 27th (TR) Aug 29th (T) Sept. 3rd (TR) Sept. 5 WEB 2.0 Ch. 3—Emailing (S) Ch. 2—New Rules & 13—Effective Writing (DMS) Ch. 16—Social Networking (DMS) *Tools & Tactics WEEK # 3 WIKIS Ch. 7—Wiki (S), Ch. 23—Social Media Trinity (S) Ch. 3—Reaching Directly (DMS), Ch. 4—Wiki and Social Media (DMS) *Tools & Tactics th (T) Sept. 10th (TR) Sept. 12 SOCIAL MEDIA & PR Ch. 2 (S); Ch. 1 & 5 (DMS) *Tools & Tactics WEEK # 2 BLOGS Ch. 6—Blogs (S), Ch. 13—Microblogs (S), & Ch. 17— RSS (S); Ch. 17—Blogging (DMS) *Tools & Tactics th (T) Sept. 17th (TR) Sept. 19th SEO & THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Ch. 18—SEO (S), 19—SEO Marketing (S), Ch. 22— Analyze Existing Media (S); Ch. 11—PR Plan (DMS) & Ch. 12—Thought Leadership (DMS) Ch. 22—SEO (DMS) *Tools & Tactics WEEK # 4 MOBILE MARKETING Ch. 20—Mobile (S), Ch. 21—Interpersonal (S); Ch. 8— Going Viral (DMS), Ch. 10—Real-time PR (DMS), Ch. 15—Mobile Marketing (DMS) AUDIO Ch. 9—Podcast (S), Ch. 10—Audio Sharing (S), Ch. 24— Integrating Strategies (S); Ch. 6—Podcasting (DMS: pp. 81—85), Ch. 18—Podcasting (DMS: pp. 258—262) *Tools & Tactics WEEK # 5 AUDIO ü Blogs ü Tumblr & Wordpress ü Twitter ü RSS ü ü ü ü Tweeting FB Blog interactivity Email NPO clients ü Timeline ü Personal branding media ü Thought leadership analysis ü Map your profile #Timelines; Client Intros ü Strategic Comm.— Message Targeting ü Social Media Integration ü Podcasting ü Audio Sharing CMAT 490 Senior Seminar: Social Media in PR | Dr. Vinita Agarwal
  6. 6. Course Policies and Meeting Schedule: Fall 2013   (T) Sept. 24th (TR) Sept. 26th (T) Oct. 1st (TR) Oct. 3rd (T) Oct. 8th (TR) Oct. 10th (T) Oct. 15th NPO and Slideshare CLIENT MEETINGS Meet with NPO clients for Webinar presentation WEEK # 6 IMPLEMENTATION & MEASUREMENT Ch. 25—Identify Resources (S), Ch. 26—Implementation & Measurement (S) WEBINAR Audio mini-project demo WEEK # 7 VIDEO Ch. 8—Photo & Image (S) & 11 (S) *Tools & Tactics VLOGGING Ch. 11—Vlogs (S); Ch. 6—Video (DMS: pp. 75—80) & Ch. 18—Vidcasting (DMS: pp. 251—257) *Tools & Tactics WEEK # 8 VIDSHARING Ch. 12—VidSharing (S) & Ch. 14—VidCasting (S) *Tools & Tactics ü #Slideshare NPO Presentations due ü NPO Client meetings ü In-class work ü ü #Audio Webinar class Feedback ü Set up #Flickr and Instagram feed for NPO ü In-class group work ü NPO: Video on “Relationships” NPO: Create a Vine on “Engagement” (T) Oct. 22nd MEDIA RELATIONS Ch. 7—News Releases (DMS), Ch. 19—News Releases (DMS), Ch. 21—Media Relations WEEK # 9 CLIENT MEETINGS NPO Client meetings (TR) Oct 24th FEEDBACK Class Feedback ü #Video Mini-Project demo WEEK # 10 WEB SITES Ch. 9—Website Content (DMS); Ch. 15—Virtual Worlds (S), Ch. 16—Virtual Gaming (S) ü Check ‘em out and preview! (TR) Oct. 17th (T) Oct. 29th ü Engage a prospect for your clients (TR) Oct. 31st Individual group meetings WEEK # 11 ü Group Updates (T) Nov. 5th Present NPO overview ü # Screencast (TR) Nov. 7th WEB SITES Ch. 4—Web Pages (S), Ch. 5—Internet Forum (S) ü Websites CMAT 490 Senior Seminar: Social Media in PR | Dr. Vinita Agarwal
  7. 7. Course Policies and Meeting Schedule: Fall 2013   *Tools & Tactics WEEK # 12 (T) Nov. 12th WEB SITES Personal web sites. Social media integration ü Set up personal Websites WEB SITES Ch. 14—Web Content (DMS), Ch. 23—Make it Happen (DMS) *Tools & Tactics WEEK # 13 ü Personal Websites (T) Nov. 19th Individual Personal Branding work day ü Personal Branding (TR) Nov. 21st Group NPO Work Day ü Group work day (TR) Nov. 14th WEEK # 14 (T) Nov. 26th NPO Social Media Integration Project Presentations ü Social Media Client Project Presentations (TR) Nov. 28th Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 27th—Nov. 30th) WEEK # 15 ü No Class J (T) Dec. 3rd NPO Social Media Integration Project Presentations ü Client Presentations (TR) Dec. 5th Final Week Dec. 9th –13th NPO Social Media Integration Project Presentations ü Client Presentations Mon, December 9th, 10:45AM—1:15PM Social Media Portfolio CMAT 490 Senior Seminar: Social Media in PR | Dr. Vinita Agarwal